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10 Most Shocking Ways Serial Killers Disposed Of The Bodies

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10 Most Shocking Ways Serial Killers Disposed Of The Bodies

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If you absolutely had to dispose of a body, how do you think you would go about doing it? There are a lot of ways out there that you may think are flawless, but as criminals find out time and time again, they aren’t as smart as they think. At least that was the case with these serial killers. Then again, they killed so many people that they were bound to slip up eventually.

It is one thing to kill someone and bury them, but what do you do when you are murdering someone every day? Well, as one serial killer tried, why not build a murder house? Another serial killer discovered what animal can eat through human remains and, trust me, it’s enough to make you feel sick.

These are not only 10 awful serial killers, but they’re all known for what they did to their victims’ bodies after they were dead. These are some of the worst people in history, and at times, it can get graphic but that just makes their methods all the more shocking and intriguing to read. For a breakdown of the deadliest serial killers of all time, check out our list here.

As a bonus fun fact, one of these killers is going to be portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio in an upcoming film!

10. Robert Pickton – Fed Them To His Pigs

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I am going to apologize right now if you’re in the middle of eating bacon.

Robert Pickton was a serial killer from Port Coquitlam, who was convicted in 2007 of murdering between 6 and 49 women. Before this, he was a multi-millionaire pig farmer… but those pigs had multiple purposes.

The crown stated that they had an undercover police officer pose as a cellmate, and found out that Pickton had killed 49 women and wanted to make it an even 50, but he got sloppy.

Despite that, it’s going to be hard to truly know the total number because Pickton fed his victims’ bodies to his pigs.

Pickton’s victims, often from the downtown east side (a low-income area), were often left to be eaten by insects and various pigs on the farm.

There was also a warning issued on March 10th, 2004 that Pickton may have ground up human flesh and then combined it with pork which was sold to the public.

9. Ted Bundy – Left Them To Be Eaten by Wild Animals



Ted Bundy is one of the most recognizable serial killers of all time. Born in Vermont, Bundy murdered somewhere between 30 and 36 women from 1961 to 1978.

Bundy would often charm his female victims, using his good looks to seduce and then murder them. Once dead, Bundy would occasionally revisit his crime scenes, performing acts of necrophilia. Included in this act was decapitation, which he did to at least 12 of his victims.

In order to dispose of the bodies, he would leave them in secluded areas, where they would be consumed by the wild animals in the area. That didn’t stop him from keeping several of the severed heads in his apartment for a short period of time after some of the murders.

8. John Wayne Gacy – Buried Them In His Crawl Space



Gacy was sentenced to death on March 13th, 1980 and was executed by lethal injection on May 10th, 1994. Before he was caught, Gacy murdered 33-34 boys from 1972-1978. His victims were often teenage boys, who he would convince to come back to his house, then strangle them. This proved to be quite handy, as Gacy decided to bury his bodies in the crawl space of his house. Gacy was originally going to store the bodies in the attic but with the crawl space, he would be able to completely seal the area off with concrete once he filled his killing space.

Nothing is quite creepier than imagining a house that has over 30 bodies literally buried right beneath your feet.

7. Clifford Olson – Was Paid To Reveal The Burial Sites

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Olson was a serial killer from Vancouver, who killed 11 people from 1980-1981. His victims were all children and young adults, ranging from 9-18 years old. Olson would often lure these people away, then strangle and rape his victims, and, on occasion, also bludgeon them. Unlike most people on this list, Olson’s victims were all found, so why is he here?

Clifford Olson makes this list because, to my knowledge, he may be the only serial killer out there that got paid for his crimes. After his arrest, police made a deal with him that they would pay him $100,000 to get the information as to where 10 of the victims were buried. Olson even told them were the 11th one was as a “freebie.”

The money was left in a trust fund for his son and his estranged wife, Joan. On top of this, Olson talked to the Toronto Sun about how he receives Old Age Security Payments from Revenue Canada for roughly $1,200 a month.

Olson passed away in 2011, after battling cancer.

6. Richard Ramirez – Removed The Eyes of His Victim



From 1984 to 1985, Ramriez murdered 14 people and, once arrested, expressed absolutely no remorse for his crimes. Most of his victims were left where they were killed.

Though why he makes this list is because of what he did to a victim on March 27th, 1985. Rameriez entered a home and killed Vincent Zazzara with a shot to the head. The sound of the gunshot awoke his sleeping wife, who was then tied up while he demanded to know where the valuables were.

While searching the house, she got loose and pulled out a shotgun, but it was not loaded. As a result, Ramirez shot her three times and then took a large carving knife from their kitchen… He proceeded to literally cut her eyes out (I believe the term is gouged…) and placed them in a jewelry box, which he took with him. The bodies were left to be discovered by their son, Peter.

Rameriez would often tie up and rape his victims before murdering them, requiring them to also “swear to Satan” that they were not hiding any more valuables in the house.

Perhaps, he didn’t care about disposing the bodies in original ways but that’s still one of the most shocking things that a serial killer has done.

5. Carl Panzram – Threw The Bodies To The Crocodiles

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From 1915-1920, Carl Panzram murdered anywhere from 5 to 22 victims. On top of this, Panzram stated in his jailhouse confessions that he had committed over 1,000 acts of rapes to both women and men. Panzram claimed that he was not gay per se, but that he would often rape these men because he wanted to dominate and humiliate them.

In 1920, Carl was able to step his game up and, after he stole a large amount of jewelry and a handgun, he bought a yacht. Carl would then sail to New York, where he would convince sailors to leave New York bars so he could take them on his yacht. On his yacht, he would then drug them, rape them and then shoot them. The bodies were then thrown off the yacht and into the Execution Rocks Light in Long Island Sound. The murders came to an end partially because the boat ran aground and sank. There was also an occasion when Panzram hired a rowing boat and six rowers, but unfortunately for them, he just wanted to kill them all. The six men were murdered, and their bodies were then allegedly thrown to the crocodiles.

He also had plans of trying to poison the entire city’s water supply with arsenic… Seriously, dude? Did he think he was in a comic book or something?

4. Dean Corll – Buried Them In Plastic Sheets



Have you ever hear the expression that you don’t take candy from strangers? You can thank Corll for that phrase. He murdered at least 28 boys from the years 1970-1973 in Houston. He earned the nickname the Candy Man because of his family’s ownership of a candy factory. On top of this, he often would give free candy to local children.

His victims would often be tricked into coming back to his house, where they were then either knocked out with alcohol, drugs, by force or, in some instances, Corll would convince them to put on handcuffs as a game.

The boys would then be stripped, abused, and after a few days killed by strangulation or gunshot.

The bodies were then tied into plastic sheeting and buried at one of the four locations that Corll had set aside.

To make things even more disturbing, in some instances, Corll wold force his victims to phone or write home to their parents to explain why they had run away from home.

3. William Bonin – Threw Them Across Various Freeways



Bonin may not be a name first name one thinks of when they hear “serial killer” but maybe he should be.

He committed roughly 28 murders from 1979-1980. His victims were often hitchhikers, who he would overpower and bind with wire/cord. They were then sexually assaulted, tortured and strangled, often with their own shirts. On one occasion, he forced his victim to drink hydrochloric acid. Another two victims met their end when Bonin rammed an ice-pick into their ear.

When he had committed all these murders, what was he going to do with the bodies? Well, why not just throw them along various freeways! I can’t imagine being that careless with a human body, but Bonin clearly did not care about having the bodies found.

2. Gary Ridgway – Buried His Bodies To Avoid Necrophilia



Gary may not be the most iconic serial killer in American history, but he is the one with the most victims. With 49 murders being confirmed to him and him allegedly admitting to over 70, there is no doubting that he is one bad dude. Gary would often dispose of his bodies in heavily wooded or secluded areas. Unlike others on this list, he needed the bodies to be accessible because he also enjoyed going back and having sex with the corpses.

If this isn’t uncomfortable enough, he would also, at times, pressure his wife to engage in public sex in locations where his victims bodies were later found.

Ridgway was good enough at hiding the bodies that by the time they were discovered, there was often only a skeleton remaining.

Ridgway admitted that he started to bury his victims towards the end of his killing spree because his urge to commit necrophilia was too strong to resist.

1. H. H. Holmes – Turned Bodies Into Skeleton Models For Schools



If you don’t know who H.H. Holmes is now, you will soon. Leonardo DiCaprio is set to play the serial killer in a movie that is being directed by Martin Scorsese.

So, just who is H. H. Holmes? Oh you know, just the guy who decided to build a murder house. Holmes opened up a hotel in 1893, which he made with the idea that it would be great for murders. He would even constantly fire contractors and workers, so that nobody but him would truly know the entire layout of the house.

The house also included doorways that opened to brick walls, stairways to nowhere, and doors that could only be opened from the outside. There was also a room that was completely sealed by brick, outside of a trap-door on the ceiling. This is where Holmes would leave his victims for days until they died of thirst and starvation. There were also several soundproof rooms that left air control in the power of Holmes, who decided once in a while to make the occupants suffocate.

When dead, the bodies were thrown into a metal chute or dummy elevator and put into the basement. The bodies were then broken down and crafted into skeleton models which were then sold to different medical schools. As a result, there were only 9 confirmed deaths and, while he confessed to 27, it is estimated that it could have been as many as 200.

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