10 Most Shocking Rumors About Marilyn Manson

Rumors love Marilyn Manson and for this mysterious rock star, there are plenty of them. Manson has made quite a career using misdirection and shock to keep us interested, but nothing is as shocking as the rumors surrounding this entertainer. Here are the best (or worst) rumors about Marilyn Manson.

Born Brian Hugh Warner, Manson made his name in the nineties as one of the biggest rock stars of the decade. A dark persona mixed with catchy hard rock tunes made him not only popular, but a cult figure with millions of fans that have stuck with Manson through controversy, the Omega years and even today, as Manson continues to create and release new music.

There are so many rumors surrounding this enigmatic rockstar, here are some that didn’t make it, grouped into three categories. (NOTE: All of these rumors are false; most have been discredited by Manson himself in his autobiography, The Long Hard Road Out of Hell.)

First, the truly bizarre: Manson is also a porn star on the internet, but no one knows because he doesn’t wear his makeup and Manson once took a hamster and chopped off its feet.

Second, there are a lot of rumors related to family or death of family: His Grandfather is Walt Disney and Manson is the father of Lady Gaga. Crazy enough? How about, Manson murdered his band and parents and then went to the zoo and fed them to gorillas. One more – Manson murdered his pregnant wife, but took the baby and named it Lucifer Satan Damian for LSD.

Finally, there are a lot related to sex, here are a couple of those: Manson swallowed so much semen he had to pump his stomach. Manson has the words “Eat Me” tattooed on his penis. Enough? Well, actually we’re just getting started; here are the 10 most shocking rumors about Marilyn Manson.


10 Manson Hired Nic Cage to Be Him


Around 2008 there was a rumor that instead of showing up for public events, Manson would hire actor Nicolas Cage to show up and pretend it was him. I like this rumor for a number of reasons; first, I guess the assumption is that anyone with a small head can play the part of Manson. Obviously this would never work, for starters if Nic Cage is going to play a rock star, it would be Elvis, this is pretty clear. Also, it would take five seconds for anyone to know it was Nic Cage, the first four seconds would be him talking up Gone In Sixty Seconds and the next second would be something like, "wait no one liked that movie except, hey are you…"

9 Manson Had His Girlfriend's Eye Removed


This one is shocking, disturbing and just plain gross. The rumor is that Manson had his girlfriend’s eye removed so he could have sex in her eye socket. It is not noted whether this would be a one time event or ongoing. Another similar rumor was that Manson sewed on a piece of a tongue from a cow so he could give more pleasure via oral sex. The biggest problem with the rumors of course is visualizing them, not to mention the impossibility of both. Regardless, Manson’s fans (or critics) clearly believe the rock star is incapable of enjoying himself through more traditional, or natural sexual acts.

8 Manson Cut Off a Toe to Inject Heroin

Although Manson has admittedly been a drug user for most of his life (even today he believes part of the reason he is healthy is due to past drug use, making germs afraid to come into his body), it is not true that he cut off a toe to directly inject heroin into his veins. I couldn’t find where Manson supposedly cut off his toe, but I’m guessing the rumor is either back stage or on stage – a lot of mutilation rumors appear to start and end there with Manson. Another drug rumor is that the tattoos of eyes on Manson’s arms are targets for injecting heroin. Again, this is not true, or at least not the intention of the tattoos.

7 Manson Murders Animals During Concerts


There are two rumors that fit this one. First, during a concert Manson threw a puppy dog into an energized crowd that tore it to pieces. This is wrong in so many ways and I’m sure “dog people” would have had Manson locked up (Fact: Dog/Animal activist groups are more powerful than some (most) religions).  The second rumor was that Manson once threw a baby chicken into the audience. The story is that Manson stopped the show and said he wouldn’t start the concert unless someone bit off the head of the baby chick. Again, there is no chance this would get by without severe consequences had this incident actually occurred.

6 Manson Had Three Ribs Removed

This is probably one of the most well known rumors. Did you ever hear the story about Manson, how he had three ribs removed so he could give himself oral sex? Probably, if not, welcome to the party. This rumor was so strong it had a follow-up rumor that was dependent on the first one. On stage, Mason would masturbate orally and spit his semen onto the audience. This is not true, but just to be safe I would bring one of those tarps like audience members had for the watermelon comedian, Gallagher. I mean, if you don’t want to get hit with watermelon, you surely don’t want to be sprayed with Manson’s bodily fluids, probably.

5 Manson Cut Off One Of His Nipples


I like this one because this would be the ultimate "I’m so rich and bored I don’t know what to do next" action. The rumor is that Manson cut off one of his nipples and than took the nipple and sewed it to his belly button (I guess covering it?). The funny thing about this is that if true (it’s not) Manson could have done a HBO mini-series on the prep, operation and then performing his first show. My guess is he would unveil his new nipple button right before the song “Beautiful People.” The other problem with this rumor is that then Manson would have to cut off something else to cover up the place where his nipple used to be. The cycle would continue on…

4 Manson Almost Made a Christian Band


Since Manson first started he has been accused of practicing Satanism, promoting Satan and being Satan himself. So it’s funny when the rumor that Manson and Smashing Pumpkins leader Billy Corgan were discussing putting together a Christian band. Had this happened (it didn’t) this could have been like the time Hulk Hogan turned from good to evil and then back to good. Except of course, this would be the opposite, turning from evil to good and of course, back to evil. The other challenge would have been getting these two to work together; both seem to be pretty controlling when it comes to their music. Maybe God would have brought them together, probably not.


3 Manson and Paul Pfeiffer Are The Same Person

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Remember Kevin Arnold’s nerdy friend on The Wonder Years? Of course you remember Paul Pfeiffer. Right after Manson’s career blew up this rumor came out and it is clearly my all-time favorite. By the time Manson released the album Antichrist Superstar, the actor, Josh Soviano had grown up from the show so it was conceivable from a timing perspective that this could be true. Of course it wasn’t, but that would have been one of the great entertaining shockers of all time. Whoever started that rumor should be working for The National Enquirer because that was a Grade A rumor I still enjoy today.

2 Manson Got Breast Implants


For his album Mechanical Albums, Manson took on an alter-ego known as Omega. The rumor is that he got breast implants during this time and then later had them removed. Not true, but if this was true it would be a total slam on all those actors winning Oscars for putting on a few pounds or bulking up. Hey man, look at Manson, he went the extra mile and got breasts for his role! Thankfully this (breasts for male alter-egos) was not a thing that took off, it would have been too disturbing to see Garth Brooks don a pair of knockers during his Chris Gaines years.

1 Manson Murders Patients at Hospitals


The rumor (I repeat again, rumor) is that Manson would go to hospitals, find patients in comas and disconnect them from any equipment keeping them alive. This was believed to be used as inspiration for his music. Obviously there are a lot of reasons this is not true, but just look at the logistics – someone looking like Manson is not getting too far without someone asking questions (unless maybe it’s Nic Cage). It’s improbable on many levels. There is no denying Manson is a dark guy who promotes his different ways through his music. That doesn’t make him a maniac and definitely not a murderer. He doesn’t murder hospital patients, he doesn’t mutilate animals and he doesn’t remove eyeballs from sockets for sex. Pretty sure about the last one…



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