10 Most Shocking Occurrences of Public Nudity

Put clothing on. That’s the first rule of going out in public. Just do it with your private parts covered up. Most municipalities have laws that require you to wear clothing and even some beach area businesses will frequently advertise: “No shirts, no shoes, no service!” That’s how much society doesn’t want to see what most people don’t want to show.

Yes, as history has progressed, fashion has become more revealing to the point that the female celebrities at the 2015 Met Gala in New York City (one of the world’s premier fashion events) were accused of looking more naked than porn stars at public events. However, the basics were still covered (although scantily) that they didn’t cause a public nudity outcry.

Still, there are some people who have no problem showing the full monty in public and do so in the strangest places and under the strangest circumstances. Full nudity is actually so rare, that when these naked daredevils strut their stuff, it makes headlines and gets the attention they were craving when they decided no clothing might be a good idea. Take a look at 10 of the weirdest occurrences of public nudity and gawk along with us.

10 Streaking Through Boston’s Logan Airport

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Airports are hectic enough with people trying to get through security and make their flight, but imagine a violent naked man interrupting all that chaos with even more chaos. In 2014, Harvard student Cameron Skenk made his way into the ladies room, undressed completely, and crawled up into the ceiling’s crawl space, crashing through to the floor soon after. He then ran through the airport, assaulted an elderly man with the man's own cane, and then attempted to bite his ear off. Why he did this and why he did this naked has never fully been explained, but Skenk was charged with several offenses, including assaulting an elderly person, lewd conduct, and even attempted murder.

9 A Naked Wrestling Date

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Jessie Nizewitz should have realized what she was signing up for. The former stripper agreed to appear on the VH-1 reality series Dating Naked, but was not aware of just how much of her would be exposed until after the show aired. She and her naked date engaged in a naked wrestling match, with the camera getting a little too up close and personal with both her vagina and anus. Nizewitz wasn’t aware of any of this until she started getting texts and messages from friends letting her know exactly what they saw. She was horrified and even more horrified later that week when her grandmother wouldn’t even speak to her. She eventually sued Lighthearted Entertainment and Firelight Entertainment for showing just a "butt" too much.

8 Naked on Broadway

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New Yorkers have seen it all, but even a man naked in Times Square, right in the heart of the lullaby of Broadway, is enough to turn even the most jaded New York heads. When George Davis, a 2014 candidate for the San Francisco Board of Supervisors had a public statement to make, he did it in a very public way. He stripped naked, appeared in Times Square and called for an end to public nudity laws. The politician who perpetually runs, but never wins, says nudity is a way of expressing himself. The Times Square incident was not the first time Davis was arrested for public nudity, but it was the most public time because if it happens in Times Square, it’s sure to get attention.

7 Naked and Tanning

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While naked and tanning doesn’t seem like a horrible offense because people do it all the time, it is an offense when you just committed a crime and are tanning somewhere you’re not supposed to. Early in 2015, police discovered Virginia auto parts store had been broken into and later found the suspect trying to catch some artificial rays. A nearby tanning salon seemed to have a disturbance, so police checked it out and found Joseph Carl Bryant asleep in a tanning bed. Like Goldilocks from The Three Little Bears, he checked out several beds before finding one that was just right and then took a snooze.

6 Naked Under Water

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Committing a criminal act seems to make people want to commit another criminal act and take off their clothes. In 2013, police were chasing Raymond Kallenberger in Pennsylvania, suspecting him of armed robbery a state over in Maryland. Kallenberger was not going to break down easy and was determined to escape. So, he drove his carjacked minivan into the Susquehanna River, climbed out of its sunroof, and waved his underwear around. He then began dancing around naked, but had to give up the jig, so to speak, when the van began to sink and police were finally able to apprehend him.

5 Naked With a Parent’s Consent

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Not only was this girl naked with her mother’s consent. It was her mother’s idea and she encouraged it. The mother of Beijing actress Gan Lulu really wanted to find her daughter a mate, so she filmed her daughter naked, placed the video on the Internet, and it went viral. Some people insisted it had to be a publicity stunt for the daughter’s acting career, but both mother and daughter insisted it was a genuine attempt to find the young lady a date. To put all the naysaying to rest, the pair had to later make another YouTube video explaining why they made the first video to begin with.

4 Naked at a Sacred Site

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Buddhists take their sacred sites seriously, as do people from most religions. When people do something that calls negative attention to the site, they are going to pay and are not going to enjoy the outcome. In early 2015, Lindsay and Leslie Adams, two American sisters on tour in Cambodia, decided to take partially nude pictures in Cambodia’s Angkor Archaeological Park, where several sacred Buddhists spots lay. This was not the first time tourists have tried this, but the Americans got in some trouble, ended up with suspended prison sentences, a fine, and were banned from the country until 2019.

3 Naked on Sesame Street

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Ok, he could tell you how to get to Sesame Street, but he wasn’t quite naked on it. Instead, he was naked on another street. Northern J. Calloway, who played David on the children’s television series Sesame Street was one of the most popular players on the show, with David inheriting the beloved Mr. Hooper’s shop when Mr. Hooper passed away. Unfortunately for the actor, in 1980, he suffered from a psychotic episode when he ran from a friend’s house in nothing but a Superman shirt and was found by the police saying “I’m David of Sesame Street and they’re trying to kill me.” It turned out the actor was suffering from Bi-Polar Disorder and died in 1990.

2 Naked as an Out-of-Body Experience

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Sometimes the stress of too much public and media attention can become too much and that’s exactly what happened to one of the producers of the 2012 film, Kony 2012. The movie received much acclaim, but was also quite controversial due to its subject matter, a violent Ugandan rebel. A few months after the film’s release, activist and filmmaker Jason Russell suffered a public meltdown on a San Diego street where he was found naked. He spent some time in a psychiatric facility and after his release, he explained the entire episode was like an out-of-body experience and not anything like the real him.

1 Naked as a Cowboy

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Even when it’s frigid cold outside, some people just feel a need to be naked and won’t let a silly thing like a blizzard stop them. In Auburn Hills, Michigan, a man did just that. He ran down Highway 75 as the wind howled and the snow fell, wearing nothing but a black cowboy hat. The police chief on the case said the man was running naked as a result of Excited Delirium Syndrome, which is often triggered by illegal drugs like LSD. The people who suffer from this feel an extreme sense of overheating that prompts them to remove all of their clothing.

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