10 Most Shocking Celebrity Family Feuds

During the holiday season, families are thrown together for a number of days. Skeletons are taken out of the closets, grievances are aired and old gripes are revisited. 'The most wonderful time of the year ' is also the time of year when family feuds are at the forefront of our consciousness.

All families have their own private turmoils. Perhaps that's because people that love each other the most are also capable of hurting each other the most. Or maybe it's because there's so much history between family members that there's a whole lot of baggage to attend to. Whatever the reason for family feuds, no one seems to fight quite as loudly and publicly as celebrities.

From lawsuits to social media rants, celebrity families seem to know how to take a family feud and turn it into a public spectacle. Occasionally, a celebrity family feud may end quickly. But most often, the feuds between celebrities and their families rage on for months, years, or even decades. No matter the length of time in which a celebrity and their family feud, the events that surround the disagreement are always laced with a dramatic flare that can only be created by the glare of the spotlight.


10 Bethenny Frankel and Bernadette Birk


Bethenny Frankel is known for her biting sense of humor as well as her SkinnyGirl empire. But privately, the former Real Housewives of New York and Bethenny Ever After star has dealt with difficult family issues. At the forefront of those issues is Frankel's mother, Bernadette Birk.

When Frankel's SkinnyGirl cocktail took off and began making millions, mom Birk went to tabloids, reporting that she was the one who had created the Skinny Girl recipe. Just recently, Birk has again put her and Frankel's difficult relationship into the media spotlight by calling Bethenny "vain" and reaffirming that she has no desire to mend the relationship with her daughter.

Frankel doesn't seem phased by her mother's attacks. She has also said, many years ago, that she does not have an interest in rekindling any kind of a relationship with her mother. Frankel has been very open about her difficult childhood with her mother, writing in her book, A Place of Yes, that her childhood was filled with, "eating disorders, alcoholism, mental illness, and violence."

9  9. Leighton Meester and Constance Meester


When stars come into tremendous wealth, family members in search of reflected glory and wealth come calling. Such is the case with "Gossip Girl" star Leighton Meester and her mother Constance Meester.

According to Constance Meester, Leighton broke a verbal agreement that the two made years ago. The 54 year old ex-con alleges that her daughter's recent refusal to pay her $10,000 a month to care for her ailing son has left her "destitute." She also alleges that Leighton pushed her to the ground and hit her several times.

Apparently, Constance Meester feels that the only way to get her daughter to continue paying her monthly stipend is to sue her for a whopping $3 million. Leighton, who must have suspected her mother was preparing to sue her, filed her own suit, alleging that she did pay her mother $7,500 a month. However, instead of spending the money on her ailing son, Constance spent the money on plastic surgery, hair extensions, and Botox.

8 Nick Carter and Family


If you saw even one episode of "House of Carters" then you know that Nick Carter's family is in a constant state of turmoil. Although the reality show may have entertained viewers, it was only a glimpse of the dysfunctional family dynamic that Nick has experienced throughout his life.

As a child, Nick was the caretaker of his younger siblings and the unfortunate witness of constant brawls between his mother, Jane, and father, Robert. At the age of 12 Nick Carter seemed to be moving away from his family's addictive behavior when he struck the bigtime as a member of the teen pop group The Backstreet Boys.

By his teenage years, Nick began drinking. By his twenties, he was abusing prescription pain pills. Carter's downward spiral ended when he checked himself into a Tennessee-based rehabilitation facility, but this didn't end the conflict within his family. In an attempt to stay clean he removed himself from his family's lives. But in 2012 his younger sister, Leslie, overdosed on prescription pills, bringing the family issues back into Nick's life.

Although he wanted to attend his sister's funeral, his family members began blaming him for her overdose. This distress threatened to draw Nick back into his addictions so he chose to skip the funeral. He was publicly slated for this decision, and has since kept a safe distance from his family and their destructive behavior.

7 The Jonas Brothers


The Jonas Brothers were the most lyrically talented group of brothers to grace the pop charts in decades. They turned the heads of teeny boppers everywhere and grew into young men before the world's eyes.

But even the trio of singers, who got their start at Hollywood Records in 2007, have their troubles. At the peak of their success, "a deep rift within the band" reportedly emerged. Apparently, a rift deep enough to force the three young men to cancel their 2013 tour just days before it was scheduled to begin.

Rumors swirled that the bands falling out was possibly due to Kevin expecting his first child, Joe's "demons," and/or Nick's change in musical taste. Either way, the brothers are reported to be getting back together soon. It remains to be seen whether they will truly reconcile.

6 Candy and Tori Spelling


The Spelling family became famously wealthy through the late TV legend Aaron Spelling's creative genius. After his death in 2006, a huge rift formed between Spelling's daughter Tori and her mother Candy.

The disagreements first began as Tori believed her mother had been having an affair. This belief was based on accusations rather than substantial evidence. Things escalated when Tori went on to star in So NoTORIous, a sitcom spoof of her own life in which her "mother" is portrayed as a sadistic shopaholic.

Most recently, Candy Spelling reignited the mother-daughter feud by publishing a tell-all book entitled "Candy At Last". In the autobiography, she reveals her take on the events surrounding her and Tori's disastrous relationship.

5 Selena Gomez and Parents


Selena Gomez was an adorable Disney show star and pop star princess just a few years ago. But now, she has proven she's all grown up. Recently Gomez, 21, gave her mother and stepfather the axe as her managers. Apparently the star is now famous enough and old enough to need a seasoned and more professional manager.

Mandy and Brian were often critical of Selena's relationship with ex Justin Bieber as well as the directions in which she has chosen to take her career. With her parents out of her professional life, Gomez is on the hunt for a well-known manager who has more experience with A-listers.

4 Kate and Bill Hudson


Kate Hudson has made no secret of her distaste for her biological father, Bill Hudson. In a recent interview Kate made it clear that Kurt Russell, her mother's life partner, has always been her "father." And its not surprising that the star feels that way.

Goldie and Kurt became a couple in 1989 when Bill Hudson was barely in Kate's life. According to Bill Hudson, he was hurt by his daughter calling Kurt her father. He is also upset that he has yet to meet his grandchildren and he is making sure that he lets the world know of his pain through his recent book, "Two Versions: The Other Side of Fame and Family."


3 The Lohans


From drunk driving arrests to several very public meltdowns, Lindsay Lohan is a walking media disaster. Innumerable fights with parents Michael and Dina have surfaced over the past several years, and Lohan's erratic behavior appears to be a direct result of her parents' own immature actions.

There are several dozen examples of public Lohan family feuds, most notably a family argument that escalated into a 911 call. Michael Lohan called police to his ex-wife Dina's home after Lindsay telephoned her father, ranting about her mother's insane behavior.

According to, the family spat began after Lindsay and her mother Dina spent the night, and then a large portion of the early morning, partying in New York City. The Lohan clan hasn't gotten better at keeping their feuds out of the media over the years, and with Lindsay's consistently bizarre behaviour it doesn't appear they will be reconciling anytime soon.

2 Jay-Z and Solange Knowles


Never mess with the older sister, because there is always a younger, crazier sister standing behind her. This is a lesson that Jay-Z learnt when he got into a tussle with his wife's younger sister, Solange Knowles.

After a glittering evening at the Met Ball on May 5, 2014, an elevator ride turned into a very public brawl. Solange Knowles was apparently enraged over Jay-Z's close relationship to mutual friend, Rachel Roy. Solange's anger sparked an argument that escalated into her kicking and hitting Jay-Z several times in the elevator, as the trio was leaving the Standard Hotel.

The Knowles' camp released a statement in response to the public release of the footage, declining to comment on the motivation for the row. They stated that "the most important thing is that our family has worked through it."

1 The Jacksons


There is no family more notorious for their constant feuding than the Jacksons. From the family's rise to fame as the Jackson 5 to Michael Jackson's shocking transformation through the years, the Jackson family has always been surrounded by drama. Yet, they have always remained a tight unit, coming to each other's defense when needed.

That is, until the King of Pop's death in 2009 from propofol-induced cardiac arrest. At this time, fighting began in earnest between the Jackson siblings. According to E! Entertainment, Michael Jackson made it clear in his will that a monthly stipend - most likely a very large stipend -  should be paid to his mother. The matriarch, Katherine, is the guardian of Jackson's three living children, Prince, Paris and Blanket.

With a large sum of money in the mix, Michael Jackson's siblings - Jermaine, Janet, Randy, and Rebbie - have been fighting it out for their own share of Michael's fortune.


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