10 Most Mysterious Crimes Solved By Psychics

There are many things in this world that we just cannot explain. One of these supernatural occurrences that cannot ever be scientifically proven are people who are said to possess psychic abilities. A psychic is a person who claims that they can use ESP to seek out hidden information. Psychics, or people who claim they are psychics, can use their abilities in a variety of ways. Some psychics perform on stage, others use their talents to talk to the dead, and some use their abilities to solve crimes. Psychic detectives use telepathy, dowsing, and remote viewing to get information about a case that another detective without psychic abilities would have difficulty obtaining. Although many people are skeptical about the legitimacy of psychic detectives, there have been a number of cases where psychics have undoubtedly helped bring a murderer to justice or even helped find a missing person. Below is a list of 10 crimes that were solved by psychics. The psychics in these crimes provided police with invaluable information that enabled the solving of the crime. So whether you believe in the power of psychics or not, here are 10 cases where psychics actually helped with an investigation.

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10 Paula Brown 

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Paula Brown was a hairdresser who vanished in Sydney, Australia, after a night out with her friends. After her disappearance, Brown’s fiancé enlisted the help of psychic Philippe Durant to help find her. The psychic used a map, a plumb bob, and a piece of the victim’s hair in order to find the body. Eventually, the body was discovered by a truck driver less than two kilometers away from the area where the psychic had predicted it would be. Even though the body was found by chance, the police on Brown’s case still acknowledged the uncanny accuracy of the body’s location that was given by Durant.

9 Maria Scott 

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Maria Scott was a prostitute whose body was found seven months after her disappearance. Four and a half years after Scott met her untimely death, the lead investigator of the case, Jeffrey Little, asked for psychic Debbie Malone’s assistance in discovering more about Scott’s death. Malone was able to lead police to the cabin that Scott was killed in, but that’s not all. The psychic also found the murder weapon lodged in a drainpipe. In addition, Malone told police that she felt like the murderer had walked through her as she entered the cabin and explained that this was an action only ghosts are able to do. This was before Little told Malone that Scott’s suspected murderer had committed suicide.

8 Melanie Uribe 


Melanie Uribe was a nurse who was reported missing after she was absent from two days of work. While different searches were carried out to find the missing girl, clairvoyant Etta Smith decided that Uribe was not in an area where police were looking. Smith expressed that the victim was in a place like Lopez Valley, and near her home. So instead of waiting for the police’s assistance, Smith decided to do a little investigating and ended up finding the body of Uribe right before the police made their way over to the scene of the crime. Smith was detained and questioned but was later released after investigators caught the real killer.

7 Arthur Herbert 

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Arthur Herbert was the pilot of a plane that mysteriously disappeared in 1984. After a long search for Herbert and his three passengers, the search was called off. However, Herbert’s sister Jessica Herbert, wasn't quite ready to give up the idea of finding her brother. Herbert got in touch with psychic detective Noreen Renier from her ex-husband. The psychic was able to give the exact coordinates of the crash site and was even able to describe Arthur’s final moments to his sister. This case provides another example in which police acknowledged that a psychic played a vital role in the solving of a mystery.

6 Penny Serra 

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Penny Serra was killed on July 16, 1973, in Connecticut. After investigators ran into some difficulty in apprehending Serra’s killer, the lead investigator on the case decided to call in the help of psychic Pascarella Downey. Downey predicted that Serra’s murderer was most likely a mechanic and wore a nametag with the initial “E”. The psychic also said that the killer wouldn't immediately be caught but that blood would be his ultimate undoing. All of Downey’s predictions proved to be correct when 26 years later, a man named Edward was arrested for the murder of Serra after DNA blood testing linked him the crime. To top it all off, it turns out that Edward was in fact a mechanic when he took Serra’s life.

5 Murdered Teenage Girl, 1976

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When a young girl ran away in 1976, her parents were so disgruntled with the police investigation that they decided to enlist the help of psychic, Dorothy Allison. Allison was able to describe to the poor girl’s parents that their daughter was in a swamp and marshland. Allison went on to explain that in the marshland where the young girl’s body lay, they would find an abandoned car, and a rock with the letters “MAR” written on it. The psychic also said that the number 222 was important and that the girl was in water but had not drowned. True to the psychic’s vision, the young girl’s body was found by a group of teenagers in an area that Allison had described and in an oil drum that had the number 222 on the side. In addition, Allison predicted that the young girl had been murdered by her boyfriend. This information allowed police to find and apprehend the murderer.

4 Sylvester Tonet 

When Sylvester Tonet went missing, both his family and police were stumped as to where he might be. So to further the investigation, Tonet’s family decided to call in psychic Nancy Myer. When she joined the investigation, Myer told the family that Tonet was dead but that his death had not come out of violence. Myer explained that the 78-year old Tonet had gone out for a walk in the forest when he became confused and lost. The man continued to wander further and further from his home until he met his death by either falling or laying down to rest. Myer told police that Tonet was actually much further away from where they had been looking. She used her senses to circle on a map where Tonet would be found. The body of Sylvester Tonet was found just 150 yards from where Myer had her vision.

3 Four Murdered in Oneida County 

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After a brutal murder in which four innocent people were bound, gagged, and shot in the head, police and investigators had very little evidence to apprehend the perpetrators of this violent crime. That’s when investigators decided to bring in psychic Phil Jordan, for help. The psychic ended up providing police with valuable information that eventually led to the capture and conviction of the people that committed the brutal crime. After Jordan’s assistance with the investigation, Assistant District Attorney Kurt Hameline said that using psychics can prove essential towards gathering evidence to catch murderers. The murders in this case ended up receiving 100 years each thanks to Jordan’s help.

2 Andre Daigle 

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Andre Daigle disappeared after a night out drinking with his friends. The young man had offered to drive a woman home and was not seen or heard from for the next four days. Andre’s sister started to get worried and decided to take a picture of her missing brother to psychic Rosemarie Kerr. When looking at the photograph, Kerr said that she had a sharp pain in her head and explained that that’s the type of pain that Andre must have experienced. She also pointed out the area where Andre could be found and described one of the men who has been involved in the crime. Andre’s brother decided to investigate the psychic’s findings and made a trip over to the area where his brother might be found. When he began his investigation, he witnessed his brother’s car driving pass. He decided to follow the car with the aid of police. Eventually the police and Andre’s brother managed to corner the two men in Andre’s car. It turns out, the two men had violently killed Andre by hitting him with a hammer on top of his head.

1 Edith Kiecorius 

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After a child called Edith Kiecorius went missing in 1961, police were frantic to find the missing girl. To aid in their search, investigators asked clairvoyant Gerard Croiset to provide any information he could about the case. Croiset, who lived in the Netherlands, asked for a photograph and a map to be sent over to him. After Croiset received the items he provided this information: “…I see a dark woman sitting in front of a window. Two houses farther on, there is a laundry and a dry cleaner’s…I see this grey building again…There are five floors…On the second, I feel a strong emotion…The child is there…She is dead!” After this information was passed onto the police, Edith’s body was found in a matter of hours. Her killer was found a week later and matched the description that Croiset had given.

Sources: articles.latimes.com

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