10 Most Interesting Animals To Break A Guinness World Record

As one might guess from the title of the yearly publication, The Guinness Book of World Records is world-famous. A crazy assortment of records, ranging from the standard to the bizarre, can be found in this massive and inclusive tome. From “Tallest man” and “Longest fingernails” to “Fastest time to enter a suitcase,” “Most albino siblings” and “Longest time survived trapped underground,” there’s always an interesting factoid to learn. While the human feats detailed in The Guinness Book of World Records are certainly fascinating, the feats accomplished by animals can be equally titillating. Included on this list are ten of the most interesting animals that have earned a spot in this world-record breaking publication. The animals on this list have earned their places for a variety of reasons, whether it’s due to their height, weight, or incredible and unique skill sets. If you’ve ever wondered what kind of unique attributes have made animals international celebrities, this is the list for you.

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10 M – Fastest Frisbee Catcher


With his owner Zhu Pan, M the Border Collie, who hails from China, make up quite the team. In only 3 minutes, M was able to catch 16 flying discs thrown to him by Zhu Pan, more than any other dog in the world. This feat occurred at a contest in Beijing in 2011, officially ranking M as the most agile dog in existence. Another category involving the most Frisbees caught in a dog’s mouth goes to the dog Rose from the USA, who can catch up to seven flying discs, one after another. It looks like playing with Frisbees is a sport celebrated by dogs worldwide.

9 Augie – Best Tennis Ball Chaser


Augie the Golden Retriever, definitely lives up to the name of his breed – he’s the most talented dog when it comes to retrieving tennis balls and holding them in his mouth. In 2003, Augie retrieved a whopping five tennis balls at once, holding all five in his mouth at the same time. Additionally, it’s interesting to know that Golden Retrievers have famously soft mouths – they can even hold a raw egg in their mouths without breaking it, so we know those tennis balls were well taken care of. Although Augie set this record in 2003, over a decade ago, no worthy contenders have been found, so Augie retains his title for now.

8 Smokey – Loudest Purr


The domestic cat with the loudest purr in the world is Smokey, a gorgeous grey British native. Smokey is a female cat, and purrs 14 times louder than the average cat. From one meter away, her purr was measured at a 67.7 dB, roughly as loud as a lawn mower. Smokey was quite the international celebrity – she was featured on several news programs and websites, and even has a book written about her, which she frequently signed herself with a paw dipped in ink. Unfortunately, Smokey won’t be able to give away any more signatures – she passed away in August of 2014, but still retains her title as the world’s loudest purr-er.

7 Happie – Best Skateboarder


Some might say Happie the goat is pretty radical – she’s a famous skateboarder! In March of 2012, Happie coasted 118 feet in only 25 seconds, the longest distance ever traveled by a goat on a skateboard. Her owners often assist her in going the distance, by walking in front of her board and holding out treats to keep her attention. In fact, Happie has the potential to skate even farther – her record-breaking distance was only broken after she ran into a parking barrier. In addition to skateboarding, Happie can also shake hands and her family says she’s an awesome pet. We think she could give Tony Hawk a run for his money.

6 Zeus – Tallest Dog


Man’s best friend comes in all shapes and sizes, from tiny Chihuahuas that almost fit in a teacup, to enormous Great Danes and Malamutes that could nearly be at home in a rodeo. In 2012, the Michigan native Zeus, a Great Dane, was discovered to be the world’s tallest dog, at a whopping 44 inches and 150 pounds – the same size as the average donkey! Zeus’ giant size reportedly masked a wonderful character and disposition: this gentle giant even acted as a therapy dog. Sadly, Zeus passed away just months ago, having made it to the age of five, but he’ll be forever remembered worldwide, in a way that most canines aren't.

5 Milly – Smallest Dog


While Zeus may have been king of the canines, Milly the Chihuahua, is something entirely different. In 2013, Milly entered the Guiness Book of World Records as the smallest dog ever documented, at a minuscule 3.8 inches high. She currently weighs nearly a pound, and, when born, was so tiny that she could fit into a teaspoon. Her owners, native Argentinians who reside in Puerto Rico, attest that caring for Milly is a full-time job, as her diminutive size leads to the tiny pup becoming lost very easily. Despite her size, Milly is reportedly larger than life, with a lovable temperament and lots of personality.

4 Hercules – Largest Cat


Zeus the Great Dane and Hercules the liger have more than just mythical names in common – Hercules is the world’s largest documented cat, while Zeus is the world’s tallest dog. Ligers, a cross between a male lion and a female tiger, are the world’s largest cat, and Hercules is the largest of them all. Although many zoos ban the breeding of ligers for ethical reasons, tigers and lions apparently show a blatant disregard for these rules and occasionally mate in captivity. And it’s a good thing they do! Hercules currently lives a happy life at Jungle Island, an animal theme park based in Miami, and dwarfs Zeus at 904 pounds.

3 Ozzie – Fastest Tightrope Walker


With a name like Osbert Humperdink Pumpernickle, you might think this mix between a Border Collie and a Kelpie is weighed down too heavily to walk a tightrope. However, you’d be wrong – this pup, called Ozzy for short, is the world’s fastest tightrope crosser. Surpassing most humans, he took a mere 18.22 seconds to cross a tightrope that was 11.4 feet. And tightrope crossing isn't the only feat he can accomplish. Ozzy is also well versed in other acrobatics, including balancing on his owner’s shoulders while his owner rides a bicycle. Ozzy has apparently been an acrobat since birth, and has been steadily improving his bag of tricks.

2 Sweet Pea – Best Balancer


Sweet Pea’s record is a little more unorthodox than simply being a large animal – the official title of her record is “Most steps walked down by a dog facing forwards balancing a glass of water.” Sweet Pea, a female mix between an Australian Shepherd and a Border Collie, managed to walk down ten steps while balancing a five ounce glass of water on her head. She set the record in 2008, at a show in Germany, although Sweet Pea calls the USA her home. With their similar aptitude for balance, we think Ozzy and Sweet Pea should team up as a dynamic duo.

1 Puggy – Longest Tongue


Puggy the Pekingese may look like a normal dog at first glance, but despite being one of the smaller breeds of dog, he has the world’s longest tongue. At 4.5 inches, Puggy’s tongue is so long that it often interferes with his day-to-day life, but it must come in handy keeping cool in the hot Texas summers. He has trouble eating with all that tongue hanging out of his mouth, so his owners have to chop his food up into minuscule pieces. Although Puggy started out life on the streets as a stray, he’s now a friendly and eye-catching international celebrity.

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