The 10 Most F-ed Up Ouija Stories Ever

scariest ouija stories

When the Ouija board first came out, it was touted as a "magical and mystical device" that answered questions about the past, present and future with "remarkable accuracy." An enjoyable "family game" that gets Casper in on the fun.  However, there was nothing in the directions or the fine print that stated that your questions may or may not be answered by Satan himself.

Using a Ouija board to communicate with the dead goes back as far as 1100 AD when it was first mentioned in historical documents from China that then evolved into a parlor game in the 1890s. But around the 1920s, Parker Bros. took the simple parlor and transformed it into a board game that the consuming masses could buy and play for themselves in the comfort of their own home. With such easy accessibility to the paranormal, it's no surprise that no matter where you go, there's always someone who's more than happy to unload their scary Ouija board story to you.

As tempting as it is to side-eye most Ouija board stories, (because let's face it, nine times out of 10, someone in the game is for sure pushing that s**t around to keep you from dying of boredom),  there are some stories that are just creepy enough to keep you awake at night. Or at the very least, make you put your Ouija board in the garbage disposal. Is the Ouija really a mystical tool that opens the gates up to Satan's most depraved basement goblins, chatty spirits and destructive ghosts from beyond? Can a board game really connect you to another world? Are people really still playing board games in this day and age? (I mean, they've heard of Candy Crush right?)

All this remains to be seen, but after you read these 10 most messed up Ouija stories, you'll probably stick to playing Monopoly the next time your WiFi is down.

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10 The Ouija Gives It Wings

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"Idle hands are the devil's workshop" and when it comes to 15-year-old boys, idle hands also usually means it's also full of lube. But not so in the case of a 15-year-old boy from Perth, Australia who foolishly decided to put his hands on something he couldn't shake. (HIYO!)

The insanity began when some friends decided to entertain themselves one evening by playing with a Ouija board.  Nothing happened that night but a couple days later, one boy began waking up at 3:15 a.m., feeling inexplicably scared that someone was 'watching' him. When he found enough balls to get out from under the covers, he saw shadows on his walls that seemed to grow bigger and bigger every night.  On one particular night, he woke up to his dog whimpering at the end of his bed.  He let the dog out, thinking it needed to go to the bathroom, but the dog continued to cry under his window. The boy let his dog in again but this time, the dog seemed to growl at something behind him. Scared that someone had broken into the house, he ran down the hallway and noticed the shadows again.

Only this time, the shadows had turned into one big shadow with massive wings that chased him down the hallway before it disappeared into another room, presumably to drink more Red Bull.

9 Parenting From Beyond


Parents always seem to be right, and for Angelah Jackson, her dad was no exception - even from the grave.  After visiting a medium who made contact with her dad, Angela was creeped out by her dad's message from beyond about how she should NOT play with the Ouija board because she had been thinking about playing.  Unfortunately, her dad's advice did little to deter Angela from playing the Ouija. In fact, it did exactly the opposite.

She became obsessed with the Ouija board and one night she played the game with some neighbors while somewhere in the great beyond, her dad face-palmed himself. Almost immediately, they summoned a spirit who spelled out Angela's name. They tried to be cool and ask it regular questions but all it wanted to do was tell Angela to "die b***h." In between the over the top threats, the spirit also said that Angela would be murdered.  If Angela's dad had gotten a chance to jump into the Ouija session, we're positive he would have spelled out, "I TOLD YOU SO."

As it turns out, the spirit's prediction almost came true when Angela was later attacked by a hammer-wielding stranger who fractured her skull. Thankfully, Angela survived and decided it was probably a good idea to take her dad's advice and skip out on messing with Ouija boards ever again.

8 A Warning From Beyond


When kids reach the tween age, it can get tougher to keep them in line without some help from neighbors, friends, family and a .... concerned ghost? In 1977, Madi and Jamie were 12 years old and began to continually mess around with the Ouija board, interested in making contact with spirits. Apparently, something from beyond decided that the girls needed to be warned that they were dabbling in some creepy stuff.

Madi and Jamie, who were home alone after school one day, heard a noise coming from upstairs.  They went to investigate and saw that the water faucet in the bathroom was going full blast.  They turned it off but it turned itself back on as soon as they left. Undeterred by the strange events, the girls continued to play with the Ouija board. Finally, after an uneventful game, something frightening happened to Jamie immediately afterwards. As the girls were chatting, Jamie suddenly became very quiet and stopped responding to Madi's questions. Madi reported that Jamie had a blank look in her eyes and when Madi looked at her closer, she noticed her pupils had all but disappeared.  Madi thought Jamie was just messing with her when suddenly, a deep, male voice came out of Jamie and ordered them to "STOP DOING WHAT YOU'RE DOING."

Jamie then jerked awake after the Barry White voice came out of her and answered Madi's question as if their conversation had never been interrupted.  The disciplining ghost got his message across as the girls never touched the Ouija board again, claiming that the board disappeared from the house shortly after that incident.

7 The Face At Midnight


Hearing voices and seeing shadows aren't the only free gifts that the Ouija board can give. It can also show up in your room at midnight as a bloody torso with a face!

After playing with the Ouija board, Nick, who was 8 years old when it happened, felt a chill and woke up at midnight. He turned on his back and saw the torso face floating above his bed. The torso was the color of dried blood, but the worse part, Nick says, was the face that looked like it had a bad back-alley facelift. The skin was stretched tightly across a skull with no eyes and two horns. Nick reports that the face upped the creepy factor and smiled at him like a proud parent. In probably the most bad ass move an eight-year-old could ever make after seeing a ghost, Nick went BACK TO SLEEP. In the morning, he noticed that his digital clock and his digital watch had stopped exactly at midnight.

6 Ask And Ye Shall Receive


Stacy went against her instinct and was pressured to play with a Ouija board her friend Amy had bought from eBay (which should have been a red flag right there). Amy started the game off on the wrong foot immediately by asking  if "anyone" was there, basically opening the lines up for spirit creepers to come through, and surprise (not surprise), that's exactly what happened. Although, it didn't happen right away.

Their skeptic friend Joanne got bored when nothing happened with the pointer and yelled for the "dumb ghost'" to "show themselves already."  And as if on command, the pointer began to move in circles on the board, but forever the skeptic, Joanne was not convinced until they took their fingers off of it and it kept on moving. They decided to wrap up the game and threw the Ouija board in the trash; however, it wasn't enough to keep the spirit away from mouthy Joanne.

During the night, Joanne woke up at 3:25 am and screamed when she saw a tall black figure standing beside the bed, slowly coming towards her. Amy told the figure to go away and the figure stopped but remained standing there. Scared out of their minds, they hid under the covers, refusing to look out until Amy's mom arrived. After convincing her mom that something strange had been after them that morning. Her mom called a priest to bless Amy's bedroom, and she hasn't seen the figure since.

5 The Voice


Steve's story starts with a bunch of his friends playing with a Ouija board they found in the trash, so you probably don't have to guess too hard about what happens next.  The Ouija board didn't hesitate to start spelling out things for them right away, except this Ouija board was the Latin version and only one of his friends could read what it was saying. When he finally did, Steve says he turned white and refused to play.

But Steve's curiosity got the best of him and he continued playing to try and understand the physics of what until he felt something moving his hands around the board. That was scary enough for him to stop playing but later that night, he discovered that he contacted someone who wanted to keep playing. After Steve went to bed, he woke up at 3:oo am and found his fingers playing a Ouija board that appeared to be a sunspot on the wall. He couldn't control his movements and heard a voice in the corner of the room ask, "Why are you hurting me?" He questioned the voice and asked what it was that it was trying to say when suddenly,  his roommate jolted awake and asked, "What's wrong?" in a voice that sounded like he was gurgling phlegm before going back to sleep. Realizing he needed Jesus in his life, Steve took his Bible and read several passages before he felt safe again. Nothing has happened to him since, but Steve serves as a warning not to go dumpster diving for the devil.

4 Meddling Ouija Spirit


One of the most famous cases of Ouija family fun gone wrong was the case of Nellie and Herbert, an elderly couple from Kansas City whose lives were ruined by a meddling spirit summoned up via a Ouija board by Mrs. Kurd. The spirit told Mrs. Kurd that her husband was having an affair with a woman and that he had also given her $15,000. Then, we assumed this smart-ass ghost sat back, popped some paranormal popcorn and watched the drama unfurl. Nellie was so convinced that what the Ouija board told her was true that she began to beat, burn and torture her husband on a near daily basis in order to get him to confess to the affair and the missing money. She was so snowballed by the Ouija that she refused to let it go, even after Mr. Kurd denied the alleged affair over and over again. Desperation set in and Mr. Kurd ended up killing Mrs. Kurd to put a stop to his daily torture.

3 The Ol' Bait & Switch


Nothing kills a nice evening of smoking pot with friends like a demonic spirit threatening to kill you. A man who did exactly that confessed to still being tormented by an evil spirit that he and his friends conjured up with a Ouija board when he was a teen. The ghost they contacted appeared to be friendly and almost flirtatious at first, answering simple questions for them like Casper, The Friendly Ghost.

But it wasn't long before the spirit morphed into something decidedly less friendly. The spirit soon began to threaten that it was going to kill and eat them. The friends decided that was a good sign that the game had gone off the rails and they decided to stop playing, in hopes that the evil spirit would go on to another bunch of suckers playing the Ouija board and eat them instead. Unfortunately, strange things continued to happen, like unexplained noises and shadows lurking around outside. At one point, the man said he felt compelled to go into the bathroom and cut himself with a razor. He snapped out of it before he could do much damage, but unfortunately, one of girls in their group completely 'flipped out.' His friend decided to take her to the hospital but unfortunately, due to the darkness and inclement weather, they crashed and died before getting there. At least that's what the police said. However, the man was convinced his two friends were killed by the Ouija ghost that had predicted their death earlier that evening.

2 It Will Not Be Ignored

Fortunately for one teenage boy, the spirit he contacted was a lot less murdery and more like a clingy girlfriend. After calling the spirit out from the Ouija board and daring the spirit to prove itself real, the spirit stepped up to the challenge and followed him home. At first, it started out with the feeling that he was being watched and hearing strange voices coming from the dark corners of the room. One morning, he got really scared when he felt a pressure on his chest, like someone was sitting on him. For a minute, he couldn't open his eyes to see who it was. It felt like someone was forcing them shut.

The teenage boy soon figured out that he could keep the spirit from acting turnt as long as he acknowledged its presence. So whenever he felt someone in the room with him, he would smile to let it know that he knew it was there. But the ghost took his smiles as an invite to make its presence known even more. Soon, he began seeing big black shadows on his ceiling, and at one point, he saw a white figure peering at him from his closet.

1 Rude Awakening


What's worse than playing with a Ouija board? Making one yourself. Unfortunately, Shannon and her friends didn't get the memo about Ouija boards being scary as shit when they decided to DIY their own talking Devil board with a Sharpie and scotch tape. Homemade Ouija boards must get bad reception in the paranormal because it brought on a cranky-ass old lady who paid Shannon a personal visit after they finished playing the game.

Shannon recalls that after seeing a locked door open by itself, her and her friends stopped playing immediately. But later, Shannon just couldn't shake the scary feeling even after they all went to bed. It didn't help that she heard phantom footsteps walking all around her. When Shannon finally got the courage to look out from under her covers, she saw an angry lady in a sheer white dress, staring menacingly at her. Whether that was a ghost's way of saying "get off my lawn!" or just dreamy hallucinations on Shannon's part, it was such a traumatic and scary sight that Shannon still gets the chills when she thinks about the woman's ghostly bitch-face.

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