10 Most Embarrassing Moments in Beyonce's Career

Oh, Beyonce. She is a treasured pop culture icon in the United States and abroad. People of all ages, genders, and backgrounds love this pop star diva, with her wild mane and curvaceous body. She has garnered praise and acclaim for her independence, no-nonsense attitude, and inspiring songs and quotes. Who knew that the teenage girl with the voice of a strong woman would grow up to become one of the most revered and successful pop singers of all time?

Beyonce has been making waves for over ten years. She started out in the girl group Destiny's Child, before making her way through a fabulous solo career. She then married rap mogul Jay-Z and has given birth to a pretty little girl, Blue Ivy. Queen B is doing quite well for herself! That does not mean that she never has a slip-up. Yes, sir, Beyonce has had her fair share of "uh-oh" and "oopsy" moments. From tripping onstage to hair and wardrobe malfunctions, she usually tries to take it in stride.

Yet, there are those times when she just wants to run into a hole and hide her face for all eternity. Hey, we have all been there! Have fun reading 10 of the most embarrassing Beyonce moments!

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9 When Her Hair Was Caught In a Fan Onstage

When Queen B was performing in Montreal back in July 2013, she had a hair malfunction. Yet, this is Beyonce we are talking about; she does not let something as frivolous as hair get in the way of a stellar performance. In the middle of her gig at the Canadian show, the singer got her long locks trapped in a blowing fan, but continued to power through her vocal masterpiece. She was lauded for her dedication to her work, even with a tangled mess flying behind her head. She looked a bit taken aback by the trapped hair, but she managed to finish her song “Halo,” even with a halo of tresses behind her.

9. When She Says Less-Than-Intelligent Things


One of the reasons we love Beyonce is that she is a great role model, usually. Her most publicized persona is the independent, strong, take-no-bullcrap woman who has the power of strong vocals and a killer body to boot! Yet, sometimes Bey just says things that make us take a step back and realize, yeah, she is kind of just another human being, huh? For example, when she said : “Y'all are so cute and y'all talk so proper over here. I love England.” Or, “The more successful I become, the more I need a man.” Did that come from one of the most influential girl-power heroines of pop culture? What about this quote: “The great thing about McDonald's is that they have a lot of different things on their menu. I love their salads.”

8 When Her PR Team Demanded That Her Weird Facial Expressions Be Taken Off the Internet

It turns out that Beyonce is quite protective of her weird and bizarre faces. It is also true that when she is performing, she totally gets into it, and that results in some odd facial expressions. Hey, it is not her fault; she is fully committed to giving a great show. And if she needs to form some strange facial expressions to deliver those kinds of vocals, well, then we are okay with that! Still, once the photos of her silly faces hit the Internet, her PR team got to work on demanding that they be taken off the web. Ain't nobody gonna embarrass the Queen B!

7 When She Tried To Be an Actress

Via swotti.com

Hey, she cannot be good at everything, after all. With such powerful vocals and a commanding stage presence, it kind of makes sense that Beyonce is not so stellar on the big screen. She first tried to act in 2001, and has appeared in movies such as Carmen: A Hip Opera, Austin Powers: Goldmember, Dreamgirls, and Obsessed, which was the last film she appeared in, back in 2007. She did do some voice work in Epic, and there was a lot of praise for the Dreamgirls movie, but Beyonce's co-stars always stole the spotlight. It is okay, though. We understand that Queen B is after all, human.

6 When Her Hair Swing Backfired

Beyonce is known for a lot of things: her curves, her marriage to Jay-Z, her booming voice. Then there is her hair. While she has sported many different hairstyles throughout her career, Bey is loved for her curly, out-of-control locks. When she takes the stage and is showing off a wild mane of curls and waves, the crowd loves it. During one of her performances in Orlando, she was swinging her head around in a crazy fashion, music was blasting, and the crowd was eating it up. Then Beyonce ate the floor. She must have been a bit dizzy from her hair-swinging, but she managed to get right back up and just keep singing.

5 When She Had a Wardrobe Malfunction at Super Bowl 2013

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When we think of Super Bowl wardrobe malfunctions, most of us think of the Janet Jackson-Justin Timberlake debacle. Yet, during her 2013 Super Bowl performance, Beyonce had a subtle clothing uh-oh when one of her breasts was exposed. She was clad in a skimpy little number, looking sleek in an all-black ensemble. Yet, while she was grooving and shaking it, one of her buddies decided to come out and say hi! The nipple-appearance was very short, and it would take a quick eye to spot it during the energetic performance. Fortunately, Beyonce did not take much flak for the nip-up. We mean, slip-up.

4 When She Lip-Synced At the Inauguration

On January 21, 2013, Beyonce sang a stunning rendition of The Star-Spangled Banner for President Obama's inauguration ceremony. However, she later revealed that she did not belt out that marvelous tune on her own; she had lip-synced for that performance. We can see why she might have made that decision; after all, singing for the President of the United States is quite nerve-wracking! Even so, it was embarrassing for such a high-profile and talented singer such as Beyonce to admit she had lip-synced for the Prez and the First Lady. Bey later said that she would make it up by singing live at Super Bowl 2013.

3 When She Found out Princess Eugenie Did not Know Her Lyrics

What a royal blunder! Queen B journeyed to London and performed for the crowds, among whom was Princess Eugenie. The 23-year-old royal was standing stage-side and was bopping to the beat of Beyonce's hit tunes. When the song Irreplaceable was being performed, Beyonce shouted at the audience to sing the lyrics for her. She then came up to Princess Eugenie and pointed the microphone in her face, assuming the Princess would sing along. Nope. The royal just stood there awkwardly and either did not know the lyrics or was too shy to sing. No big deal, Beyonce – you just thoroughly embarrassed England's royalty!

2 When She Was Exposed For Photoshopping Her Instagram Pics

Via mirror.co.uk

This one is a biggie, especially for a woman who is so rampant about calling out body-shaming. Queen B has actually been attracting a lot of media buzz for her supposedly photoshopped Instagram pics. On several occasions, the singer has been called out for retouching her body in her Instagram photos, which show her having fun, partying, or just looking gorgeous. Some of her Instagrams show a Beyonce with whittled-down thighs, which is sad, considering that the star is admired for her curvy figure and unapologetic softness. Fans everywhere were disappointed in it, so hopefully Queen B can reign supreme again soon.

1 When She Can't Blow Her Nose While Onstage

Beyonce was once asked by a fan about her most embarrassing moment. The star reacted by chuckling to herself and looking quite sheepish. It was actually really adorable. Bey admitted that she often gets a runny nose, and when she is out on stage performing, she cannot exactly whip out a Kleenex and blow her nose. So, she has revealed that her most embarrassing moment is when the “occasional bubble” pops out of her runny nose! The crowd was almost rolling on the floor laughing, and it just goes to show us that even Bey is gross at times!

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