10 Embarrassing Celebrity Relatives You'll Never Hear About

Unless they're flaunting their family life for the benefit of a lucrative reality TV deal, celebrities usually do their best to keep their private life separate from their glamorous Hollywood lifestyl

Unless they're flaunting their family life for the benefit of a lucrative reality TV deal, celebrities usually do their best to keep their private life separate from their glamorous Hollywood lifestyle. While some celebrities come from Hollywood dynasties, whose family trees have a long and noble history, others are self-made successes with slightly murkier pasts.

While partners and kids are typically tabloid fodder and paparazzi gold, most celebrities' siblings and parents get overlooked in the rush to the journos' ongoing attempts to dig up dirt about the world's favourite A-listers. That's why celebrities' most embarrassing family members are often successfully shielded from the limelight.

The following relatively unknown family members of high profile celebrities have all embarrassed, concerned or upset their famous relatives at some point. Some are tragic tales, some are amusing, and some are just plain cringe-worthy. The following are ten of the most embarrassing celebrity relations these celebs would probably rather you didn't know about.

10 Mel Gibson's Father - Hutton Gibson

Mel Gibson really doesn't need any help embarrassing himself, but it seems he comes from an embarrassment dynasty.  His father, Hutton Gibson, is a World War II veteran and a writer with some extreme and controversial ideas.

Now a venerable 96 year old, some have connected Hutton's views to his son's notorious anti-semitic rants. Mel's father has written widely on 'Sedevacantism', a view which rejects the reformations of the Second Vatican Council. He has been quoted as calling it a plot "backed by the Jews".

9 Noelle Bush - George W. Bush's Niece


Just a year after her uncle's inauguration, Noelle Bush was arrested. The charges against the 25 year old included prescription fraud - she was reportedly found trying to file a prescription for Xanex that wasn't under her own name.  She was also charged with possession of crack cocaine.

None of this looked good for the presidential family, and the situation became even messier when Noelle spent no more than a fortnight behind bars. Rumours abounded of judicial bribery. It was reported that the judge overseeing Noelle's case had links to a charity that had benefited from hundreds of thousands in government grants.

There might be a case to be made that Noelle should be more embarrassed by her former-President uncle than he should be of her. But whatever your political affiliation, there's no doubting that Noelle's behaviour has drawn unfavorable publicity to her high-profile political family.

8 Cheryl Cole's Brother - Andrew Tweedy


British popstar and reality TV darling Cheryl Cole came from a disadvantaged background. While her voice and appearance has secured Cole the position of a national treasure, her troubled family life is never far from the tabloids.

7 Mariah Carey's Sister - Alison Carey Scott


The story of Alison Carey Scott is a tragic one, and it contrasts starkly with the charmed life of her famous diva sister.

Alison Carey Scott is a former sex worker, and is estranged from her songstress sibling. Alison, who is eight years older than Mariah Carey told papers that she took to the streets to support her family before Mariah made it big. She has been diagnosed as HIV-positive, and at last reports Alison was in a rehabilitation facility.

6 Hania Barton


The Barton family have had their share of woes with Mischa Barton's struggles with alcohol and drugs. And while older sister Zoe is a barrister, younger sis Hania has had her own struggles. Mischa's career took off when her Irish-English family moved to the U.S. early in her life, but after wild success in TV show the O.C., Mischa's roles dried up and she  was later diagnosed with mental problems.

5 Jane Etta Pitt


Brad Pitt has been embarrassed by his family on a number of occasions. Although there's no crime in his family history, the liberal actor was publicly shamed when his conservative mother wrote an open letter for a Missouri publication. In the letter, she spoke out against Obama due to his pro-gay rights stance. Pitt has made clear that he is pro equal rights for the LGBT community.

4 Gordon Ramsay's Brother - Ronnie Ramsay


Gordon Ramsay is one of the world's most famous, wealthiest chefs and one of the decade's most notorious reality TV stars. The 48 year old Scot is worth an estimated $120 million. His brother Ronnie is homeless.

3 Reese Witherspoon's Brother - John Draper Witherspoon


Reese Witherspoon's older brother was charged with sexual battery and burglary in 2002. The incident in question was believed to have been linked to drunkenness. John was also charged with drinking and driving.

2 Alec Baldwin's Brother - Daniel Baldwin


The four Baldwin brothers have always been something of a Hollywood enigma. They are by turns talented, badly behaved and erratic. Alec, the most successful sibling, has had his fair share of negative publicity associated with mistreating his daughter and making homophobic slurs.

But it's Daniel, the second eldest brother, who has had the most negative publicity. The actor has had a reasonably prolific career, appearing in TV series Homicide: Life on the Street and in Grim in 2012. But his legal troubles have overwhelmed his acting successes.

1 Barack Obama's Uncle - Onyango “Omar” Obama


The president's uncle faced deportation to Kenya after having been arrested for drunk driving in 2011. It was revealed he had flouted a deportation order in 1992. However, immigration authorities ruled that he was a man of good character and, as he had arrived in America prior to 1972, he was eligible for a green card.

Despite the controversy stirred by his uncle's case, the President and the White House declined to comment on the proceedings or on the President's relationship to Omar Obama. Barack Obama's uncle reportedly arrived in America in the 1960s in order to study there, but when his visa expired he failed to renew it.


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10 Embarrassing Celebrity Relatives You'll Never Hear About