10 Most Embarrassing Celebrity Arrest Stories

People get arrested and sometimes it is funny. Yet when celebrities get arrested, there is much more at stake: their reputation, their money, their career. Sometimes celebs get nabbed by police for th

People get arrested and sometimes it is funny. Yet when celebrities get arrested, there is much more at stake: their reputation, their money, their career. Sometimes celebs get nabbed by police for the most insane and amusing things. Sometimes it is a serious offense but comes out of left field to leave us all stunned and feeling sorry for the celebrity culprit. We hope you enjoy this list of 10 most embarrassing celebrity arrest stories.

The items on this list are filled with some surprising (and not-so-surprising) arrests and violations. From a veteran actor who was pulled over for soliciting a prostitute, to a D-list celeb who just did not want to use the sidewalk, these are the stories that made headlines and shook heads. There are two (yes, two!) stories of famous people getting caught for misconduct while watching entertainment. There are also some scuffles that celebrities had involving alcohol and drugs. There is also no age limit, as the young and wealthy are not the only ones who get into trouble every now and then! Even senior citizens get nabbed once in a while!

Read these stories and learn from the mistakes of these celebs. Always use your identification, do not booze up and get behind the wheel, and think think, THINK before you speak.

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10 Pee Wee Herman


Back in 1991, Pee Wee Herman (also known as Paul Reubens) was arrested for indecent exposure. He was sentenced to 75 hours of community service. So what were the details of his embarrassing arrest? Poor Pee Wee was -ahem- touching himself in the not-so-safe darkness of a movie theater. He was arrested in Florida while watching an x-rated film. Undercover detectives caught him using the film's content for masturbation and he was taken out in cuffs. The arrest hurt his public image for a while (naturally, he hosted a kids' show!) but he has managed to recover from those embarrassing days of old.

9 Fred Willard


In yet another example of men getting freaky with themselves in dark places, Fred Willard had a moment that was “embarrassing as hell.” He too was arrested while watching an x-rated film. Police arrested him on account of lewd conduct, although Fred tried to proclaim his innocence. How does a senior citizen deal with such charges? He tries to joke about it and play the slightly-senile card. Old dudes have needs too, we suppose. Fred stood by his statement that he did nothing that was against the law. Still, the whole situation was an extremely embarrassing way to attract attention.

8 Andy Dick


For all his talk and attitude about how much better he is than everyone else, Andy Dick has some explaining to do. He was arrested for theft and police say he snatched a necklace from a guy he passed by in ritzy glitzy Hollywood. He was taken in by officers and posted bail the next morning. It was not the first arrest for Andy, though. Unfortunately he was also nabbed for disorderly conduct and drunkenness in the past. We have not heard much from Andy since his scuffle with police in late 2014. We suppose it is best to keep it that way.

7 Fiona Apple


Fiona Apple got into some trouble after being stopped at a border patrol site in Texas. The officers were just going through their routine check but found that Fiona had a stash of marijuana and hashish. Oops! The singer was whisked away and put behind bars but later posted bail. Unfortunately, she was not finished with the matter. She spoke publicly about her time in police custody, referring to unwanted behavior and some seriously “inappropriate” actions. Well, the authorities got wind of it and had their own piece. The letter to Fiona is hilarious and embarrassing, with the officer saying that the arrest re-sparked her career and she should just “shut up and sing.”

6 Mel Gibson


DUIs are pretty common for celebrities, but it was critical for Mel Gibson. The actor was arrested for drunk driving by officers with the Los Angeles police force and were the target of Gibson's anti-Semitic rant. He later issued a public apology for the embarrassing fiasco. All seemed to calm down, but then eight years after that DUI arrest, the officer involved stated that his police record was virtually untarnished before Gibson came along. The officer said that he was framed for leaking the story of Gibson's police scuffle. Just when it seemed that Mel was getting it together, this comes out in the open!

5 Scout Willis


When you are the offspring of two famous people, it is so hard to catch a break! Just ask Scout Willis. The daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, she is a high-profile target. So when she was just one month shy of her 21st birthday and wanted an alcoholic drink...she was so totally busted. Even worse, she showed off a fake ID so that she could get the booze. Ouch. Scout spent the night in jail before being released and scheduled to appear in court. Her charge? Criminal impersonation and a violation against the open container law. The $25 fine for cracking open a beer won't break her bank account, fortunately.

4 Shaun White


It almost seemed like the norm for athletes to break into the news outside of sports. So it was with pro snowboarder Shaun White, although the reason was for something quite embarrassing. White was arrested for vandalism and public intoxication. Come on, Shaun White. You are supposed to be the epitome of cool, the role model for misfit teens and tweens. The Olympian was wreaking havoc in a Nashville hotel, pulling the fire alarm and then getting into a scuffle in which he banged his head on a fence. While the wipeout was no big deal for an athlete such as himself, the charges were a different story.

3 Hugh Grant


Did you know that back in 1995, Hugh Grant had an embarrassing arrest? He was charged with indecent conduct with a prostitute on the lavish Sunset Boulevard. In the wee hours of the morning, Hugh had approached the working woman and invited her into his car. They drove a ways and engaged in some inappropriate “lewd” behavior. This was especially humiliating considering that Hugh was dating actress Elizabeth Hurley at the time. The police stated that Hugh was calm and cooperative, but the damage was already done. Fortunately, he was able to rebound after the charges and twenty years later is a veteran actor.

2 Winona Ryder


Why would a rich and famous actress need to shoplift? We would have to ask Winona Ryder, who was nabbed in 2001 after she was caught stealing from a Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills. Looks like her lifestyle of the rich and famous left her wanting more; maybe to live life on the edge? This was just a humiliating situation for a wealthy celebrity to be found stealing. Winona was mum about the whole ordeal and even distanced herself from the public eye for a period of time. She claimed that she was on weird painkillers at the time and it was an odd time in her life. It most certainly was, Winona.

1 Deena Cortese


There is always something brewing at Seaside Heights, New Jersey. In a not so surprising (yet embarrassing) arrest, Jersey Shore star Deena Cortese was taken in for not walking on the sidewalk. She was fined $106 and was scolded by her own mother. Take about humiliation! Not that she doesn't humiliate herself on a regular basis on the MTV show. Apparently Deena was arrested because she decided not to use the sidewalk and preferred to engage in her little sashay-dancing in the road, where she was messing up the funky flow – of drivers. The situation is just another reason why it is always wackier in New Jersey.


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10 Most Embarrassing Celebrity Arrest Stories