10 Most Bizarre Requests Sex Workers Have Actually Had

The industry of selling sex has, in some capacity, nearly taken over every facet of our lives from television, to movies, to the advertising of everyday products. Sex appeals to our very animal instincts, and as such it's something that we all instinctively respond to on a basic level.

The demand for sex is nowhere more evident than in the areas of prostitution and sex work; there's a high demand for this business, and it thrives even in times of recession. In countries like the Netherlands and the city of Amsterdam, prostitution is legal and government regulated. But in most countries, including the United States, prostitution is illegal - but adult entertainment is, while restricted, legal. The sex industry is one big umbrella with thousands of sub-divisions, all dedicated to meeting the primal desires of their customers. Some of the weirdest fetishes and most surprising desires that have emerged in these industries have been exposed, thanks to online communities. Sex workers have revealed stories, from the embarrassing to the intriguing, from around the world.

From bouncing on exercise balls to eating specific foods to dancing the polka, sex workers have to be skilled in a baffling range of areas that are not directly related to sex.  The following are some of the weirdest requests that sex workers have ever had, according to their own first-hand reports. Some of these requests might make you wince while others may fascinate you. Be warned, explicit content follows.

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10 Vomiting

Vomiting is a basic human function, but one we'd never normally associate with sexuality. At worst, people can force themselves to vomit, usually if they ingest something that could be dangerous, or they're suffering from an eating disorder. Shockingly for most, vomiting can be sexually stimulating for some people. Sex workers meet clients who will ask them to throw up on them - more often than any of us would probably think.

Depending on who the sex worker is, they will either happily oblige, or they will decline. Since it isn't common practice to throw up during coitus, you'll probably want to give your sex worker a heads up and make sure they're comfortable with the action before springing onto them.

9 Nearly Dead

Some sex workers will get requests that will cause them to question their personal safety more than usual. This request actually has a scientific name known as pseudonecrophilia, which means "nearly dead." This means that the sex worker is asked to play dead while their client engages in intercourse with them.

Sometimes this means that the sex worker has an easy business transaction - but many might fear the dark roleplaying could become too real. The whole practice is baffling to the majority who have no interest in the fetish, but it certainly brings a new meaning to "cracking open a cold one"...

8 Pony Play

Sex workers are used to performing some sort of role play. But this type of role play would make anyone stop in their tracks. This is called "pony play", where the client will be saddled up and wearing a bridle while the sex worker rides them on their back. If this sounds pretty fun, you might also consider that the client will neigh and snort like a real pony or horse. While nobody can judge exactly why this would get a person off, one can imagine that the sex worker has to just go along with it - probably while hiding a smirk.

7 Footjobs

Sex workers will often meet clients who have some massive foot fetishes. Sometimes this leads to innocent requests, such as wearing a specific type of shoe, or being stimulated by a foot rub. But sometimes workers will be requested to take things further, in an act that also takes a decent amount of skill and practice. This is the act of the foot job.

If you don't know what that is, think of the other kind of "jobs" that are performed in the sex industry, and replace the mouth or hand with feet. Typically performed with two feet, this weird request is apparently growing in popularity.

6 Golden Showers

In this day and age when we think about golden showers, we might think about R. Kelly and his scandal. Or perhaps the phrase brings to mind the show "Sex and the City", when Carrie Bradshaw found herself having to relieve herself on a love interest who requested golden showers.

In case you haven't caught on to what exactly a golden shower is, it's simply the act of peeing on your partner to get him or her off. They say that urine is sterile, but that doesn't stop anyone from being grossed out, including sex workers. But there are some sex workers who are completely okay with this weird request, while others can't wait to take a real shower after they're finished with their client.

5 Prostate Stimulation

When a sex worker meets a client who wants their prostate stimulated, they will find themselves having a not-so-typical business transaction. There really is only one way of getting this accomplished, and that is sticking fingers in the behind. Sex workers will usually oblige to this request, but may feel like more of a proctologist than an executor of pleasure. Typically, workers will find that their finger will be performing more of the action than their nether-regions when accommodating this request.

4 Cleveland Steamer

There is no great way to explain what a Cleveland Steamer is without grossing anyone out. It is the act of taking a Number #2 on a partner's chest. Many sex workers will vehemently decline this request, for health concerns as much as for the gross factor.

If a client were to surprise a sex worker with this request, they could be met by a very unsatisfied employee and could possibly, even, be thrown out by a bodyguard or pimp.

3 Baby Play

This particular request is not just weird, but deeply uncomfortable. "Baby play" or baby roleplaying sees the sex worker play the part of the parent (specifically the mother), while the client plays the baby.  This includes baby talk, changing diapers, and feedings.

There aren't any sex workers who can fully explain why they receive this request, but since it's all about satisfying the client, they will do what they are told to do.  Some sex workers are okay with this request, while others feel slightly dirtier than usual and try not to think about their own parents while working.

2 Food Fetishes

Many sex workers find that their clients get off on watching them eat certain foods. And we're not just talking about chocolate, whipped cream, and strawberries. Clients can get off on anything, including tacos, pizza, steak, cheesecake, crackers, bananas, and more.

Some clients want their sexual partner to eat the food naked, or even be covered in the food while having intercourse.

1 Pegging

Most women don't really know exactly what pegging is until men request it from them. Sex workers find themselves with pegging requests on a regular basis, and the request is met with varying degrees of comfort depending on the worker.

Pegging sees the female partner strapping on a phallic toy and penetrating the male partner, similar to homosexual intercourse. This is an action that is strictly for a man's pleasure, and it's one that clients must usually request permission for in advance.


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