10 Most Aggravating Acts Of Violence Caught On Camera

These videos make you want to jump through your computer to do something and help. They're anger inducing, and extremely difficult to watch. There aren't a lot of things more frustrating than helplessly sitting back and looking on as someone is unjustly victimized, but just imagine how much more frustrating it is for the victim's loved ones, to review these tapes. Many of us assume we know what we would do if ever faced in situations like these, but the more likely scenario is that we'd probably freeze. Violence and aggression is never the answer, especially when your target is defenseless and not even putting up a fight, like all of the victims in these videos.

A lot of the aggressors in these clips just don't seem to be in the right head space, and a little too amped up on adrenaline. Many of the clips are evidence of police brutality; a long standing issue most commonly and unjustly faced by minorities. Police brutality has gotten so out of control and finally brought to light thanks to the advent of cell phones, that a bill was recently passed making it mandatory for police officers to wear body cameras, in hopes that if a cop's every move were being recorded, he might think twice before assaulting innocent citizens. Below are 10 of the most aggravating acts of violence that you will ever witness caught on camera. Thankfully someone had the presence of mind to capture some of these inhumane acts that you'd never believe if you didn't see for yourself.

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10 Teacher Manhandles Kindergartner

More so aggressive than violent, this video depicts an old kindergarten teacher disciplining a young boy in one of the most inappropriate ways possible. After their 6 year old son Ian, came home relaying what had transpired that day, Anthony and Autumn Nelson say the school led them to believe the incident between their son and his teacher, Ms. Williams, was minuscule in nature, only to review the actual video tape later in absolute shock and outrage. The mother of the young boy called her own mother in tears, emotionally expressing her helplessness in the matter. The parents of the young boy had him change classes immediately, but are worried about the long term impact the act will ultimately have on him. The school's superintendent promptly suspended the  teacher without pay, and warned in a letter that she would be permanently terminated for any future misconduct.

9 Stealing Disabled Man Is Attacked By Employee

In the clip above, a Costcutters employee in London, England, is seen pulling a man who he suspects of shoplifting aside and mercilessly slapping him repeatedly. The man being attacked in the video is believed to have special needs of some sort, but it isn't clear as to what the man suffers, nor has it been confirmed. Some of the YouTube comments under the video express anger towards the sales clerk for going too far on the man, and sympathy for the shoplifter for not defending himself. In total, the man was slapped in the head 11 times, forced by the sales clerk to empty out the contents of his bag, then thrown out the store. Newham police were alerted of the videotape shortly after it went viral and the clerk was reportedly arrested on suspicion of common assault.

8 Teenage Girl Attacks Teenage Boy

It's hard to believe the girl in the clip above is only 14 years old. Referred to as a schoolgirl thug, the profanity spewing teenager in the video who (funny enough) dons a catholic school girl uniform and a pig tail, cried in court as she was sentenced to 8 months in juvenile hall for abusing the 14 year old boy in the clip. The troubled teen was reportedly attending anger management classes for having committed a similar offence previously, for which she 'served time'. Only to end up repeating her lack of self control, the judge told the young girl in court, "This was an extremely unpleasant assault on a vulnerable 14-year-old who did not seek to respond in any way. Despite your young age and the undoubtedly good sides that you have within you, the offence is so serious, in regards to your previous offending, that a custodial sentence is justifiable." The teen was reportedly arrested by police once the video had gone viral on facebook.

7 Police Officer Attacks 47 Year Old Woman

While minorities are most commonly the victims of police brutality, women and Caucasians aren't altogether exempt. In the clip above, 47 year old Cassandra Fuerstein who was booked for DUI, was assaulted by police officer Michael Hart, when he became irate with the woman, and forcefully shoved her into a holding cell. The impatiently violent move caused the woman's face to hit a concrete bench at full speed, causing profuse bleeding and several broken facial bones, just narrowly missing her right eye. Completely irresponsible of the Illinois native to be driving under the influence, Cassandra ended up requiring facial reconstructive surgery and a titanium plate in her cheek. Once the video went viral, it prompted a public outcry and over 1,000 people signed a Change.org petition calling for the officer's arrest. The officer of 19 years was subsequently charged with felony aggravated battery and official misconduct, then placed on administrative leave.

6 15 Year Old Girl Brutally Attacked By Officer

15 year old Malika Calhoun, and a friend were arrested when her friend's mother reported her car stolen, after the two had taken it out without permission. While in the holding cell, the teenager was attacked by an officer for giving attitude (as most 15 year olds are prone to do) by kicking off her shoe. In the clip above, the officer launches toward the young girl in a brutal attack where he takes her to the ground and pummels her repeatedly. After complaining of not being able to breathe after the attack, paramedics were called and determined the teenager didn't require hospitalization. Both officers are quoted as saying Malika was "really lippy" and called them "fat pigs." Malika later pressed assault charges against the violent deputy, who ended up losing his job over the incident.

5 Afroman Punches Female Fan

"Because I Got High," rapper Afroman, was immediately arrested after punching a female fan in the face for dancing too close to him. The sudden blow completely knocked the wind out of the likely intoxicated fan, who instantly hit the floor. The rapper turned guitarist just carried on playing after striking the lady, who witnesses say was bleeding and crying. When police arrived, they stopped the show and escorted Afroman off stage, arresting and then booking him with assault. The 40 year old later explained to TMZ, that he thought it was a male heckler behind him, and not one of the two females who'd been dancing on stage, who he kept asking to leave. Afroman who issued an apology exclusively to TMZ, said he hadn't had a chance to have dinner or medicate before the show and his tension was due to anxiety. He also says the venue lacked security to keep fans off stage, but acknowledges that the move was wrong.

4 Teen Girl Randomly Knocked Out

16 year old Tasneem Kabi was at the wrong place at the wrong time, when she was randomly and senselessly punched by 34 year old Michael Ayoade, while walking down an East London sidewalk on her way to school. The vicious attack was entirely unprovoked and left the teen with 3 broken teeth, a split lip, and bruises along her face. The 34 year old, who sounds deranged by these comments, later told police that the petite 16-year-old had started it because she: "didn't have a friendly face," and he was "intimidated by her," because she, "made me feel like a pauper with her facial gestures." He also asserts that he couldn't cope with, "taking an insult from a little person like that." Just mind boggling to say the least.

3 Bus Driver Attacked By 16 Year Old

Michelle Knix, a female bus driver was savagely attacked by a 16 year old male student for making an unplanned stop on their normal route. The agitated 16 year old began hurling insults and threats at the driver, who repeatedly asked him to sit back down. Finally Michelle pulled over to call police where upon she was met with sudden blows to the face. The passengers on the bus are juvenile delinquents being transported to a special school for troubled teens. The students are said to all have a history of emotional and behavioral problems. The brutal attack caused the driver to develop a hematoma the size of a baseball on her cheek and suffer a broken hand. Charged with assault to which he plead no contest, the 16 year old attacker was sent to a psychiatric facility.

2 Texas Cop Attacks Innocent Teens At Pool Party

The video of Texan officer Eric Casebolt unreasonably attacking young teens at a pool party sparked nationwide outrage when it went viral this summer. In the clip above, the cop can be seen targeting only the minorities in the clip, and over looking the white teens including the white cameraman. Later on, the cameraman himself would admit that, "it was almost as though I was invisible or something. He made all of my friends sit down but not me." While using unnecessary force on a bikini clad 14 year old girl, her male friends tried to come to her aid, running towards the officer on reflex, only to be chased off at gun point, and returned by other officers in a bloody pulp. The video is extremely difficult to watch in its entirety. Officer Eric Casebolt was forced to resign just days after the video's release.

1 Eric Garner Killed By Police

One of the most tragic police brutalities captured on video is the death of Eric Garner. The 43 year old 6'3" store owner was confronted by police for allegedly selling loose cigarettes without a tax stamp. Eric denied the accusation and expressed his frustration with constantly being harassed by law enforcement only to be placed under arrest. In the clip, the store owner is seen being unnecessarily subdued into a chokehold, even though he isn't resisting arrest, and desperately pleads for air repeating over and over, "I cant breathe." Eric's widow Esaw, had plans to file a wrongful death suit seeking $75 million if an appropriate settlement couldn't be reached. Another extremely difficult clip to watch, protests were triggered nationwide after Eric's killer, officer Daniel Pantaleo was not indicted.

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