10 Mortifying Reasons Why People Got Kicked Off A Plane

There are many, many things that can get you booted from a flight. Starting a fight, bringing weapons on board, trying to break into the cockpit or threatening the flight attendant are but a few things that come to mind. What about things that cannot be helped, or are just downright embarrassing? What happens if you have an uncontrollable child with you who won’t stop crying, or what if you accidentally throw up on the passenger in front of you? Does that give the airline the right to just throw you off the flight? Sometimes there are reasons people get kicked off planes that just aren't of their doing, and airlines claim that it is “for the safety of the other passengers.” These are a few of those people, and some others that is their fault, but are still quite embarrassing (once they sober up, anyway). Even famous people are not immune from being stricken from flights, if public safety is compromised.

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10 Gérard Depardieu Urinates on the Carpet

Apparently, being a celebrity makes one think they are above the law and can do whatever they want on an airplane. That was the case with Gérard Depardieu, when he was aboard Air France, in 2011. Gérard had been drinking (or so it seemed), and was told that he would have to wait until the plane took off before he could use the facilities on the plane. Fifteen minutes was just way too long for him to wait, so he just decided to empty his bladder upon the carpet in front of everyone on the plane. According to reports, it took crews two hours to sanitize the plane afterwards.

9 Because She Looked Sick

Sometimes it is hard to tell whether a person is sick just by looking at them, but sometimes people just look like they are a step away from death. Are they contagious? It really is difficult to determine whether they are ill, but it is rude to assume that someone is just because they look like it. That is exactly what happened to 72 year-old Suzanne Hays when she was flying to Orlando from Akron, Ohio on Delta Airlines. Suzanne has a neurological condition that makes her skin appear much whiter than normal, and it is not contagious whatsoever. During a layover in Detroit, Suzanne attempted to explain her condition to the flight staff, but was asked to leave. During her protests she was told that if she did not immediately exit the aircraft, they would have the local police escort her, instead. Suzanne had to wait 90 minutes for another flight, so she could go back home to see her son in Florida, and was only offered a $20 voucher to be used “for soup and tea,” for an illness that she did not even have.

8 For Singing Badly

Almost everyone knows the song I Will Always Love You, written by Dolly Parton. Not everyone knows that she originally wrote and sang it; most people know the version sang by Whitney Houston. Whitney could sing beautifully, and not many can hit the high notes needed to sing the melody; but it doesn’t stop a lot of people from trying. A woman was flying from Los Angeles to New York via an American Airlines flight, when she decided to continually sing the ballad. Of course not everyone was happy with her bad attempt at singing, and she ended up getting booted from her flight. The airline had to stop in Kansas City, Missouri to let the woman off of the plane.

7 Getting Really Drunk and Defecating on the Food Cart

It is apparent that a lot of people are afraid of flying, so it is completely understandable to want to have a drink (or two) in order to relax (if you are over 21, of course). Unfortunately, though; there are some who go completely overboard with their alcohol consumption and do not know when to stop. According to reports, Gerard B. Finneran was flying from Buenos Aires to New York, when he decided that he wasn’t drunk enough and demanded more drinks from the flight attendants. Once the workers declined his requests (because he obviously had had enough), Gerard proved that he was completely out of control and tried to help himself to the alcohol. He then pushed one of the workers once they tried to stop him, assaulted another and then did the unthinkable. Gerard B. Finneran stepped up to the food cart and released his bowels on it, in front of everyone who was on the flight. Gerard must feel really embarrassed about what happened, since he couldn’t even show up at his court hearing after being arrested for the incident.

6 Even Celebrities Aren’t Immune From Fat Shaming

If you ever saw the movie Clerks, or Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, then you know who Kevin Smith is. He played Silent Bob, and is also a famous movie director, as well. It has been several years since those movies were aired, and most people can remember Kevin as being overweight in the films. He has lost over forty pounds over the years; but before he did, the actor knew of issues he would have while boarding airlines, regarding his size. In 2010, Kevin bought two airline tickets with American Airlines, both of which were for himself, since he was a larger passenger and assumed he would need two seats, to make up for the room he would need to travel comfortably. He needed an earlier flight, so he decided to “go on standby,” but there was only one seat left. Kevin boarded the plane, but was booted from the airline because of his proportions, even though he could still fit into one seat.

5 For Being a Baby



One of the most annoying things on an airplane is a baby crying, but a child cannot help it. Once a plane goes to a certain altitude, the pressure inside causes a lot of people to have ear pain. Many people say that their ears “pop,” and others have issues with headaches or not being able to hear at all, and even severe ear pain. It is especially true for small children, and even more so for babies; since they cannot communicate by any other means than crying. It only makes sense that a baby would cry when they do not understand what is happening. Some children are just scared of flying altogether. Musician Sarah Blackwood was seven months pregnant, and was flying with her two year old son on a United Airlines flight from San Francisco to Vancouver, when her son started crying for a few minutes before takeoff. Sarah and her child were kicked off the airplane because they said he was screaming and running up and down the aisles, even though Sarah reports that the allegations were completely false. The other passengers also said that it was wrong of the airlines to remove the singer and child from the flight.

4 For Having Tourette Syndrome

Michael Doyle knew of the issues he might have had while boarding an airplane in Washington, D.C., so he brought along paperwork to let people know of his disorder; just in case. That did not seem to matter, since he was not even allowed to board his flight on Jet-Blue to San Juan. Tourette Syndrome is “A nervous system disorder involving repetitive movements or unwanted sounds,” and everyone who has the disorder realizes that they have it. The problem that a lot of people have is that they try to not say certain things, but it makes matters even worse. Michael had known about the recent bombings that occurred recently before his flight, and kept telling himself not to say the word “bomb” before going to the airport. According to sources, he said the word over 100 times before even boarding the plane, and was unable to go on his scheduled trip. The airline later apologized and allowed Michael on a later flight.

3 Sometimes Being Tall Can A Disadvantage

Only being slightly over five feet tall, I have a lot of problems in life. I need a chair just to reach the top cupboard, many times I have someone I don’t even know reach things for me in the grocery store, and the only time I can see over a crowd of people is when I am at an elementary school (and even then, there are a few kids who are taller than I am). But I never thought that being too tall would ever be a problem, until I read about the man who had nowhere to put his legs while he was on an airplane. According to reports, a gentleman who was six foot, nine inches tall was boarded upon a flight heading to Canada when a flight attendant tripped over his long limbs that were in the aisle. The man most likely felt bad enough about the length of his legs, and causing the worker to trip, but was told that he had to fit his legs underneath the seat, which was impossible; and caused embarrassment for the man, seeing that it was not his fault.

2 Stinky People Can Be Removed


On a Canadian flight, one passenger was removed from the airplane because of the smell that he was emitting. Fellow fliers aboard were complaining about the odor of the man, and the people who were sitting nearby were extremely uncomfortable due to the proximity of the smell. It is unclear as to what exactly was said to the man, but apparently it is a safety concern to others when it seems as though a shower is in order. The flight was not delayed for a long period of time, and the man who was asked to leave was not identified in the reports. Who would want to be remembered as “that guy,” anyway?

1 The American Idiot


One of the fashion faux-paus these days is when men wear pants that sag well below the waist line. Billie Joe Armstrong, lead singer for the band Green Day, is one of those men who wear their jeans just a bit too low. According to ABC News, Billie was on Southwest Airlines on his way to Burbank, when a flight attendant asked him to pull his pants up. He grew upset and refused, but appeared to have been booted from the flight. The airline decided to allow Billie on the next departure, and it is uncertain as to whether he pulled up his pants for that one.

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