10 Minor Injuries and Annoyances That Can Have Serious Consequences!

There is something just extra annoying about a minor injury or inconvenience. Sure, if you break your arm, it would really be awful. Yet doesn't something just grind your gears about getting a really bad paper cut? Or the feeling of regret when you go to stretch out on your bed after a long day at the beach and realize you forgot sunscreen? (Uh Oh!)

For every minor injury that we come across in our everyday life, we hopefully have a very minor reaction to it. You stub your toe, and you yell out 'Shit!' and move on with your day. Other individuals are not so lucky. What may have originally seemed like a minor thing, can quickly become fatal or require expensive hospital visits. Many of the things on this list were events that were completely out of the control of the individual, and that just makes the concept of little bumps and bruises all the more terrifying.

Other items on here are everyday things you do, that may not seem like they are annoying, but can still have some dramatic circumstances. You don't mind yawning? Well, I hate to break it to you, but even that can cause some serious complications! You really might be better off just wrapping yourself in protective bubble wrap.

I don't mean to make you paranoid, but there are items on this list that you have absolutely done in the last week. Perhaps items you have done in the last hour! Just don't write to me with fears that your stubbed toe is going to lead to an amputation. Instead, sit back and relate to the idea that everyone suffers from minor annoyances or injuries in their everyday life. It's just part of being human (albeit a really annoying part!) but it hasn't killed you yet! And that makes you pretty lucky (evidently).

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10 Getting Hit In Your "Manhood"

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There is no joking around when it comes to being hit in the testicles. Whether the attack on your manhood was intentional or not, there is no doubting that it may put you down for the count for just a little while. With hope, a little ice and some time and you will be right as rain. Unfortunately, for one man in China, he was not so fortunate. The man was 42, and a shop owner for a district in China. When a woman got into a confrontation with the man over a parking spot, she reportedly squeezed his testicles so hard that he fell to the ground, and died shortly after.

9 Blisters

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Blisters are the worst. They are even worse if you consider that you might be getting it after you had a super awesome workout or went for a great run outside. It’s like, c’mon body, I just worked out, why do you need to punish me? I don’t recall ever getting a blister because I marathoned Netflix too hard! If you want to avoid blisters, make sure that you are often wearing shoes that fit you properly. For a 12-year-old boy, it was not wearing socks with shoes that led to a friction burn then and a blister which got infected. The blister put the boy into toxic shock and caused his organs to start to fail, before an operation on his foot was done and removed the infected tissue.

8 Sneezing

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It might sound silly, but sneezes are nothing to mess with! If you are not prepared, it can throw your entire body out of whack. In my 25 years on this planet, I have never seriously injured myself with a sneeze, but you better believe it's interrupted a fair share of my class presentations. Unfortunately for several professional baseball players, sneezing has caused them some significant harm. The Toronto Blue Jays lost reliever Ricky Romero to the 15-day Disabled List in 2009, after the pitcher strained his right oblique muscle. Romero is far from alone, as legendary player Sammy Sosa is one of several others who have had sneezes keep them out of games.

7 Hiccups

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How do you like to try and cure the hiccups? There are a lot of solutions out there, and hopefully you have something that works for you. While they are not the most annoying thing in the world, they can absolutely get painful if they continue for too long. On top of that they are incredibly inconvenient; there is never a good time to get the hiccups. For Micky Cheney from Maine, he must have tried every trick in the book to eliminate his hiccups which hospitalized him for weeks in 2012. Micky was unable to stop hiccuping and once it continued into the night, he started to throw up. Cheney ended up losing over 14 pounds and had issues sleeping. He required scans over his body to try and identify the source of the recurring hiccups.

6 Sun Burns

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There is absolutely nothing fun about getting a sunburn. For some people it may tun into a golden tan, but I don’t even get that benefit. I literally go from very pale, to burned, and then back to pale. If you spend a lot of time outdoors this upcoming summer, make sure you wear some form of protection! For two young boys at a daycare, they did not get provided sunscreen during a field trip. Both boys suffered 2nd and 3rd degree as a result of the improper protection and required hospitalization. The sun is nothing to mess with! Don’t let a burn ruin the happiness of getting to spend a day in the sun.

5 Mosquito Bites

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I absolutely hate mosquito bites. When I was growing up, the place where I spent most of my summer was absolutely swimming with mosquitos. While it was something that I eventually tried to get used to, it still drives me up the wall whenever they are around. I am fortunate that I have never had any serious complications as a result of a mosquito bite, but others are not so lucky. 39-year-old Michael Murray passed away after developing typhus. Typhus is brought on by a combination of Rickettsia bacteria and dengue fever which can be contained in a mosquito bite. Unfortunately for Murray, mosquito bites on his legs became infected which led to his death.

4 Yawning

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There is nothing quite like rocking a solid yawn right before bedtime. You stretch out your entire body, relax and let the entire world around you know that you are ready to hit the hay. Unfortunately, for one man, this simple act of yawning almost turned fatal. Ben Shire, aged 34, was yawning one evening when his jaw dislocated from the impact of the yawn. If not for medical staff being there to resuscitate him using a suction device, Shire would have died. It still took the doctors 4 hours before they were able to reset his jaw. Definitely a word of warning for all sleepyheads out there!

3 Something Is Messing With Your Eye

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Your eyes are incredibly valuable. You use them constantly and at the end of a long day, it may feel natural for your eyes to start feeling a bit heavier and sore. For people who wear contacts, they may know the feeling when they need to take their contacts out. This does not always have to be a painful experience, but it can be a dangerous one. For Lucy Garrod, bacteria on one of her contacts lenses led to losing vision in one of her eyes after an ulcer developed. Thankfully, over time her eyesight was slightly improved by different contacts lenses. Her vision was finally restored through laser eye surgery. A happy ending, to what would be a terrifying ordeal.

2 Stubbed Toe

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There is nothing worse than when you stub your toe on something, and then get so frustrated that you try and kick said item across the room. Only guess what, your foot is now stinging in pain so that really did not work. Stubbing your toe is something that everyone experiences in their life, but rarely does it have a lasting impact. Unfortunately for a war veteran, it was stubbing his toe that eventually led to an infection and gangrene developing. This led to the man being hospitalized for 10 weeks before needing his foot amputated. Given that the gentleman, Eric Baker (age 67), used to run a 4 minute mile, you can only imagine the frustrations felt by his new limitations.

1 Paper Cut

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If there is anything that proves that reading is overrated, it is the existence of papercuts. They sting and they are so tiny that nobody ever really gives you the sympathy that you deserve. Not to mention, if it was on something that you needed to read (such as an article) you now need to pick that piece of paper up and re-face your demon! This minor annoyance became disaster for a 60-year-old man, Toby Williamson, who died after suffering a paper cut. After suffering the papercut on his arm, a blood disease known as necrotizing fascilitis developed, which ended up leading to his death.

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