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10 Celebrities Who Allegedy Hooked Up With Transgender Women

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10 Celebrities Who Allegedy Hooked Up With Transgender Women

Sometimes, we get too drunk. Sometimes we get too high. And sometimes, we troll for transgender females. Whatever a person’s sexual preference is, there are some people who have an appetite for transgender females. The subject of transgender females has been thrust into the public vernacular due to Bruce Jenner (now Caitlyn) making the “change” from male Olympic athlete into a transgender female. Some people may be asking, what the heck does a transgender female mean? It is a more difficult definition than one may think. People who are transgender identify a mismatch between their gender identity and their assigned sex. Being transgender also kicks the idea of sexual orientation to the curb. Generally speaking, transgender people can identify as heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, asexual or could say that no sexual orientation label qualifies for them. About 1 in 300 people in the United States are transgender. Transgender are people who have different physical sexual components of both male and female. For example, a man with a full set of equipment down below and DNA to boot, wants to become a female. He gets breast implants. From there, he can either have the total removal surgery where they take away his man parts and replace it with female, or stick with the grab bag of both male and female assets. It can get a bit complicated.

Now, celebrities are known as a having interesting tastes. Normally, a male celebrity attempts to maintain a masculine persona in order to circumvent any scrutiny over their sexual orientation. There is a lot of pressure for leading men to act like leading men both on and off the sets. But sometimes their preferences are not the standard or the norm. Sometimes celebrity men want something different than the characters they play.

These are 10 Male Celebrities Who Tried To Get With Transgender Females.

10. Gavin Rossdale


Gavin Rossdale, lead singer of the band Bush and former husband to Gwen Stefani, recently had to answer questions on his alleged past relationships with cross-dressers and transgender women. Rossdale was linked to cross-dressing pop singer Marilyn in his teens when the two were romantically involved. Details Magazine nailed down the truth from Rossdale and he replied with: “I think at the outset there was a sort of fear—that was right at the beginning of Bush, and I didn’t want it to be part of it. It felt like a cheap shot, so I was like, ‘I’m not getting involved.’ I’ve never wanted to appear closed about it. It’s not something I’ve talked about really because it’s always been in the glare of a tabloid world. It’s just one of those things: Move on. When you’re 17, Jesus Christ. I don’t think there’s anything strange about any form of—you’re learning about life. It’s a part of growing up. That’s it. No more, no less. You have to know what you like and I know what I like.”

9. Matt Lauer


Like most instances with Matt Lauer, this situation is very murky at best. Lauer is known to be a bit of a lady’s man. Lauer has been accused of having a wandering eye; his wife, Anette Roque, has reportedly threatened divorce on more than one occasion. One of these instances came when a transgender woman was rumored to have carried on a relationship with Lauer. From here, it gets really confusing. The transgender woman’s name was Alexis Houston. But prior to that, “his” name was Wellington Houston and he falsely claimed to have been Whitney’s brother. Then, Wellington ‘transformed’ to Alexis Houston and was a singer when rumors spread quickly about her and Lauer engaging in an inappropriate relationship. They sent out emails slightly contradicting themselves as to how well the two actually knew each other. It went from denying they knew each other to admitting they passed by one another a few times on set. However, numerous people were cited as saying they saw the two carry on a friendly relationship with one another. Either way, Houston ran for the cover. Lauer has had additional issues with other women and more divorce scares since. The whole thing is fishy.

8. Eddie Murphy


And we arrive at one of the most infamous transgender encounters of all time. Former super A-list leading man Eddie Murphy was pulled over by police one very early morning with a stranger in his car. That is when police found a transsexual prostitute inside the vehicle with Murphy. It was 4:45 a.m. when Murphy saw a “known transsexual prostitute” walking down the street. Murphy invited Atisone Seuli into his car. Seuli had an outstanding warrant and was arrested. Murphy’s spokesman claimed that Murphy felt restless and was having trouble sleeping. As he drove to the newsstand he spotted Seuli and thought he needed help. It all sounds innocent until Toni Newman, known transgender working girl, had this to say on the subject: “I never had an encounter with Eddie Murphy, but he was visiting 14th street late at night. I know at least five transgenders who did have sex with Eddie Murphy. He was interested in the girl with the biggest male genitalia.”

7. Teddy Pendergrass


Teddy Pendergrass was a wonderful R&B singer and suffered a terrible car accident in 1982. Pendergrass rose to fame as the lead singer of Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes and enjoyed a successful solo career during the disco craze. But one fateful night he suffered paralysis when he he was driving a transsexual model, Tenika Watson, home. Watson, a nightclub singer and rumored prostitute was in the passenger seat and somehow “distracted” Pendergrass as he was driving. Watson (born John Watson) had already undergone a sex-change operation by then and was working as nude model. She later described her relationship with Pendergrass as “flirty.” Pendergrass would go on to perform until 2008 despite the paralysis and passed away in 2010. He tried to slide the incident under the rug until his death.

6. Casper Smart


Casper Smart, famous for being married to sexy singer and actress Jennifer Lopez, has been accused of having multiple affairs with transgender women during his relationship to the Latin star. Smart was a dancer when Lopez came around and hooked him up with a much better lifestyle, that is, until he supposedly cheated on her with transgender women. Xristina Marie reportedly messed around with Smart after meeting him in a Miami nightclub. Marie told The Sun that she asked Smart if he knew “what kind of girl I am?” Smart replied, “I’m not stupid. My name is Smart.” (Okay, then! Although, anyone who cheats on Lopez is pretty stupid by our accounts, Mr. ‘Smart.’) Marie is the second transgender to point out “extracurricular activities” Smart had during his relationship to Lopez. Smart requested Marie on Instagram and was texting her, so there is pretty much no questioning the hook-ups. And Lopez ran for cover, kicking Smart to the curb.

5. MA$E


For those who weren’t down with Notorious B.I.G. and Puff Daddy, MA$E, once upon a time, was a protégé of Sean Puff Daddy Combs. MA$E appeared on tracks with the other two superstars and was growing in popularity. Then, just as quickly as MA$E rose, he almost disappeared out of the public eye. MA$E suddenly shunned the hip hop spotlight and turned to becoming a Pastor. A few years later, in 2007, MA$E was caught trolling a known tranny prostitute hangout in Atlanta in the Spring Street area on a late Friday night. MA$E reportedly hit another woman’s Range Rover during the cruising and that’s when things got murky. MA$E refused to cooperate with police when they arrived. The transgender prostitutes were heard shouting to the woman who MA$E hit: “Girl, girl, we seen what happened, we seen everything! Girl, are you OK? He’s been circling around here like four times already trying to pick one of these queens up.” Amen, sisters.

4. Hank Baskett


When you’re a former NFL football player and marry a former Playboy beautiful model, you would think of a fairytale kind of ending. That is not at all what happened with Hank Baskett, husband to the beautiful Kendra Wilkinson. In what was a shocking incident in 2014, it was revealed that Baskett had an affair with a transgender model (Ava Sabrina London) while Wilkinson was 8 months pregnant. Basket had this to say: “I messed up,” a teary-eyed Baskett tells PEOPLE exclusively. “I put myself in a bad situation. And everything through me brought pain upon this family.” Basically, Baskett says he ended up at a pot house trying to score weed and ended up seeing two transgender women making out. Then they engaged and fondled him and he was supposedly too frozen in shock to move. Yeah, that happens to me too when women with penises grab my package. I just freeze. Sounds like a good alibi. Since the guilty admission, Baskett and Wilkinson have gotten back together and reconciled…for now.

3. LL Cool J


LL Cool J is a rapper and actor who is best known for his tough guy persona. The smooth lyrical R&B artist and rapper was pegged by transgender Toni Newman as more than just a friend in her memoir I Rise – The Transformation of Toni Newman. The autobiography nailed a couple of celebrities in the book, one of whom was LL Cool J. Toni wrote in the memoir that LL Cool J was “a one-time encounter and very enjoyable.” Newman also went above and beyond to prove the truth behind her revelations claiming that she passed a polygraph test and LL Cool J allegedly paid off the National Enquirer not to write about their rendezvous. Newman also detailed the encounter with the $500 charge LL paid her and claimed that LL Cool J knew exactly what he was getting into: “The whole block is full of transgenders. There are no women on my block.” The allegation has never been confirmed.

2. Mister Cee


Notorious B.I.G.’s old DJ Mr. Cee is also a legendary radio station DJ at Hot 97 in New York. But scandal after scandal had him in the news for the wrong reasons. DJ Mr. Cee got picked up for soliciting gay prostitutes. He had to plead guilty to public lewdness and exposure as he continued to get caught picking up transgender women on the streets. His alleged addiction to these transgender prostitutes had gay rumors flying about and got him in trouble numerous times with the police. Due to his clear guilt, Mr. Cee was fired from his job. Later, Mr. Cee finally cleared the air and admitted that he did like transgender women and he was in fact guilty of all the accusations flying about. He did clarify gay rumors proclaiming he is not at all gay but likes receiving oral sex from transgenders.

1. Ronaldo



This one is pretty crazy. One of the most popular Brazilian soccer players ever, Ronaldo, had a huge issue arise when he was caught with drugs and transgender prostitutes in a hotel room. The incident took place in 2008 when three transgender prostitutes came forward spilling the beans about the Brazilian star. They claimed Ronaldo had picked them up and had sex and done drugs with him. Now, the sex and drugs were false. Ronaldo never got that far. In fact, Ronaldo just wanted to have sex with actual women prostitutes and didn’t realize he had picked up transgender women. When the clothes came off, Ronaldo found out. At that point, he wanted to call the sex and drug binge off. He tried to pay off the transgender prostitutes but they wanted a heck of a lot more money than the agreed upon $600. They wanted $30,000 to keep quiet. Ronaldo didn’t pay and they went public. Although Ronaldo didn’t get to sexual intercourse, there was a heck of a lot more going on than just talking which made things all the more embarrassing for the soccer star. He came clean about most of it in a nationally televised interview. This is one instance in which Ronaldo did not score.


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