10 Insane Bathrooms You Won't Believe Are Real

Back in the day, before the most basic and private washroom facilities were introduced, people would simply throw their wastes on the side of the road. This naturally caused insane amounts of sickness where methods of hygiene was needed to be established as soon as possible. When it comes to taking a little trip to the powder room, society has come a long way from how it used to once be and we are definitely thankful for that. Visiting the bathroom has transformed from the natural need to relieve yourself and freshen up, to becoming an entire experience and adventure on its own.

From restaurants and hotels to offices and households, restrooms have become a statement and there are no limits. Whether they are decked out entirely in 24 carat gold or submersed undersea, they have people talking and never forgetting their memorable trip to tinkle. Not only have bathrooms physically transformed, their purpose has as well. They have become a room of refuge to relax during a stressful day, sometimes allowing you to take in the scenery with impeccable views.

With all the damage us pesky humans do to the earth, some washrooms have become intensely environmentally friendly as a way to keep up with the problems of this era. Keeping up with the trends also includes adapting to better suit the real estate market of today. These bathrooms are works of art, sometimes literally being placed in extreme public sectors gaging human reaction to it's extremities.

Want to see 10 of the craziest restrooms from all over the world? Read on...

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11 Mosaic Bathroom

Via baltimorebrew.com

This bathroom was featured on the popular network TLC's show Insane Bathrooms. It looks incredibly intimating and almost dangerous to be in. We can't help but think we would cut ourselves on basically everything within this bathroom. It is covered top to bottom in shards of glass and tile. It was created by artist Loring Cornish who says everything has been smoothed over and will not hurt you despite what you see. The bathtub is extravagant and Cornish believed it to be "the biggest thing in the world." This bathroom project of hers was not planned out immensely over time. "I just do it. I don't plan it, I pick it and place it," she said. We don't know how relaxing it would feel to be inside this mirror looking room, but it is definitely something that we don't see everyday. Some bathrooms were built to be seen and not to be used. Either way, we will never forget this one!

10 Swiss Army Bathroom

Via dailymail.co.uk

When designer Paul Hernan created this washroom, he had the idea of real estate. He wanted the most compact washroom in size to better suit the smallest apartments and homes on the market. Having such a small washroom allows architects to build a smaller bathroom and expand other rooms. This space conscious bathroom is all steel and 8 feet tall, weighing 150 kilos and holding a price-tag of roughly $14,000 USD. The bathroom folds up completely vertically and stacks all of its features. It includes a toilet, a sink, water cistern and 2 showers; one for adults and one for children. Both showers rotate at 180 degrees and all other features rotate at 360 degrees. Also known as 'the vertebrae', it is quick to assemble and easy to maintain. All that is needed is a wet room to put it in. Although this does sound quite simple, reportedly, its known to have floors reinforced in order to fit this compact vertebrae.

9 A Viewing Platform Restroom

Via boredombash.com

Located in the Columbia Tower in Seattle, this 76th floor stall holds one of the most amazing views. It looks out onto the Seattle skyline and is in impeccable condition. It has marble floors, counters and solid brass fixtures. It was designed to be a woman's only facility with the intention of an "escape for a woman's busy day." Do men not need escapes for their "busy days" as well? Well, apparently so, because reportedly many men visit the sanctuary to get a glimpse of the spectacular view just as much as women do, even though it was for women to begin with. This bathroom is known to leave you with a sense of adventure being so high up, it can bring your mind a sense of calm and relief. The view is peaceful and visual triggers can snap the brain to a different mental place. Male or female, both seem to enjoy this available escape to anyone's busy day.

8 Space Bathroom

Via indianapublicmedia.org

This international space station bathroom is like no other. NASA had to build special pumps and airflow in order to use a washroom in outer space. As we all know, there is no gravity in space causing the most simple process to be very tricky. The pumps and airflow were designed in order for waste to be flushed as water doesn't stay down. Special tubes, pipes and ducts were altered to take care of the waste. The geniuses at NASA also were able to convert the waste into potable water because the spacecrafts are never close to any water treatment plants during missions. The entire device relies on air and contains other interesting features. It has foot straps and bars that help to anchor the astronaut down to the seat. This is essential as nobody would want to float away mid-business as that can get very messy!

7 Restroom Is A Hidden Room

Via popularmechanics.com

Going to the bathroom can be fun! Can you imagine? In Milkwaukee, WI a spy-themed restaurant has incorporated the washroom into the fun and games of dining at their establishment. The whole experience at this restaurant resembles a secret agent on a mission atmosphere. One must crack the clues to the mysteries and be on their A game as there can be many twists and turns throughout the night, even on your trip to the loo. It is an apparent 15 minute process (if you're James Bond) to crack the codes into getting access to the washroom. This wouldn't be so pleasant if you're in one of those runny and urgent situations if you know what I mean! There are passwords, hidden rooms, disappearing ink and trick doors throughout the way. Built in 1966, this bathroom is definitely one of the biggest adventure spots. Just don't forget to pack the pepto.

6 Mountainous Brook Bathroom

Via designbuzz.com

This bathroom is all about being at one with nature. It's entire concept revolves around feeling like you are in a natural atmosphere. It is usually built within urban settings, so the hustle bustle of the busy city is drained away once entering this oasis. It is quite compact including a shower, toilet and basin all together as one. This saves room when there is limited space. It is made up of ceramic, plastic and glass particles. The plastic has been designed in curve shapes so that when water flows, it resembles streams of water and rivers. The water submerges within the design in order to resemble waterfalls as well as mountainous brooks. When showering, the design has been altered to mimic as if it is raining on you realistically and not just the typical shower water spurt. The transparency highlights the water causing a beautiful reflection and color scheme. Redo Studio is responsible for this natural experience.

5 The Floating Bathroom

Via roadtrippers.com

This bathroom not only does the job of providing a place for relief, but has also caused quite a stir and controversy among those who use it and those who do not. Lake Powell, Utah is not the only location of these facilities. California has incorporated them onto their lakes in the past as well. The intent behind these washrooms is for people to not relieve themselves in the lakes and on land as it causes major contamination and is unhygienic. It's used in order to protect the water, the land and the people. It costs roughly around $100,000 to install but has not been so well received. It has an unsightly look and is not a main attraction when taking a swim in a beautiful lake. The first time this type of bathroom was seen was in Lake Natoma, CA and people wanted it removed right away. It was thought to distract from the environmental beauty. Yikes!

4 A Pure Gold Restroom

via pinterest.com

Hong Kong holds one of the most expensive bathrooms in the world. It is located in The Swisshorn Gold Palace and designed by Chinese jewelry mogul, Lam Sai Wing. The entire room consists of 380 kg of pure gold and 6,200 gemstones. All the fixtures are also pure gold. The total cost of this restroom is roughly $3.3 million dollars. In 2008, the room was purposely melted down because of its worth except the toilet. The washroom has had so much popularity in the past and is still known today as something of such extravagance. It seems a little much to put so much money into a bathroom, but it was Mr. Wing who couldn't help himself. Perhaps working so intricately with his jewelery designs, his work transferred over into this bathroom project. Either way, it was a beautiful work of art that will always be recognized as one of the nicest bathrooms throughout history.

3 The Underwater Suite Aquarium Bathroom

Via news.buzzbuzz.com

Located in Atlantis The Palm in Dubai, this underwater bathroom is engulfed in a fish filled aquarium. It has complete floor to ceiling windows outlooking the underwater lagoon of colorful fish and deep blue water. There are two main suites to which these bathrooms are included called Poseidon Suite and Neptune Suite. To stay in one of these suites, it will cost you a pretty penny at roughly $8,168 per night. The lowest cost room starts at $600 a night. Included in the room is 24/7 butler service, a steam room, sauna, pool and spa. The room is 1,776 square feet and is one of the main attractions within this 46 hectare underwater themed resort. Though going to the washroom publicly may shy some people away, we are sure the fish aren't taking too close of a look! At least you have a great view while relaxing in the tub if you are too shy for other amenities.

2 The One Way Glass Bathroom

Via dailymail.co.uk

This bathroom experience was more of a work of art and social experiment rather than an amenity for public use. It was created by artist Monica Bonvicini of which she named this art project as "Don't Miss A Sec". It is a glass cube facing The Tate Britain Gallery in London. Once you're inside the washroom, the outside world is completely visible when you think everyone is watching you. From an outside perspective, it just looks like a mirror. A spokeswoman for the project attested that, "It will arouse curiosity because people can just come and use it, although there is a question of whether people will feel comfortable doing so." Bathroom rituals can be very private and it is rare that one would feel so comfortable having anyone see them in the act. Would YOU have the guts to use this washroom!?



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