10 Insane Asylums With The Darkest Back Stories

We can all agree that movies and TV shows that are set in creepy asylums are always good for a scare. With a dark, creepy setting, weird equipment meant to torture patients, and evil doctors and staff members wandering the halls, it is no wonder they help send a few chills down our spine. But the inspiration has to come from somewhere, and in this case, some of the most notorious asylums inspire shows like American Horror Story to dig into the past and expose the horrors that went on. Lobotomies, electroshock, abuse; it all happened at one point. Here is a look at some of the past asylums who have truly dark backstories.

10 Topeka State Hospital


9 Beechworth Lunatic Asylum


8 Athens Asylum for the Insane

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7 Fernald State School

6 Willowbrook State School


5 Trenton State Hospital

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4 Danvers State Hospital


3 Metropolitan State Hospital

2 Whittingham Hospital

1 Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

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Built during the Civil War times, this West Virginian building was considered a pretty impressive sight to behold structurally. It was designed to hold about 250 patients, but somehow got to the point where it had 2400 (which also included Charles Manson at one point). Lobotomies, overcrowding and physical abuse occurred, but it is also believed that people were also locked in cages and chained to different items. These abuses led to many deaths over the years, which leads many to believe that voices can be heard urging people to leave the grounds.


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10 Insane Asylums With The Darkest Back Stories