10 Innocent Websites With Heinous ‘Urban Dictionary’ Definitions

Being part of the first generation of suburban teens to surf the Wild, Wild Web, in that chaotic time before most authority figures got hip to parental controls and pen registers, I am most assuredly not the only one that inadvertently traumatized himself. In the early days, people mostly figured out where to point their browsers by reading top-sites lists printed in actual paper publications like MacWorld and PC Magazine, or they trusted their friends to steer them right or “hilariously” wrong--beyond that, it was every p*rn-addicted adolescent for himself.

Wading this unregulated digital sea of manga and message boards, snuff films and Playboy pictorials, chat rooms, anarchist cookbooks, and Angelfire-hosted personal pages, even with the best intentions, odds were you would run across something that could not be unseen. In contrast to the filth that somehow instantly flooded the Web once it went public, the Internet also brought us playfully vulgar websites like A depository of humorously defined sex moves, racial slurs, and other slang terms that no decent human ever needed to know, but now so many do.

This is a list of innocent websites or domain names with alternate meanings that range from silly to dry heave-inducing.













When talking about that sad trombone sound, the ‘wah, wah, waaaah,’ sound that means somebody just killed the good vibe of a conversation, most bloggers and writers like to make up the fact that everybody thinks this sound originated from, rather than was just popularized by SNL’s “Debbie Downer” (Rachel Dratch) sketch. is one of several sites that hosts a royalty free streamable .wav or .mp3 of this sound. A sad trombone, however, is a variation on the rusty trombone: Give a combo reacharound-r**job and you’ve got your classic rusty trombone; add crying to the mix and there’s your sad trombone.



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10 Innocent Websites With Heinous ‘Urban Dictionary’ Definitions