10Jane Toppan 

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Jane Toppan was a nurse who began her training at Cambridge Hospital. During her residency, Toppan would perform experiments on her patients with the aid of morphine and atrophine. Toppan used different dosages of the two drugs to see the effect that it has on her patient’s nervous system. However,

Toppan’s patients weren’t her only victims. In 1901, Toppan moved in with Alden Davis after his wife, who Toppan had murdered, passed away. Just weeks later, Davis and his two daughters were dead. Eventually, a toxicology exam was ordered for Davis’ youngest daughter, and the report proved that her death was a result of poisoning. In 1902, Toppan confessed to 31 murders, she was eventually committed to the Taunton Insane Hospital for life.

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