10 Incredible Misconceptions About Mormons

facts you won't believe about mormons

They are nestled in Utah and have a bad reputation among people worldwide. They are the Mormons, and their religion is riddled with interesting beliefs and behaviors. From their views on scripture and science, to their marriage and temple rituals, this group has been the subject of jokes and assumptions pertaining to their practices. Here we have a list of 10 incredible misconceptions about Mormons.

The items on this list take a look at some of the commonly-held beliefs about the Mormons. Yet these perceptions and assumptions are pretty far-fetched. Some of them are beyond unbelievable and it can be scary to think that these are the misconceptions floating around out there. The Mormon faith was founded in the early 19th century before becoming a large-scale religious movement mostly settled in “Mormon Country” in Utah, USA. They have spread their Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and have found themselves in hot water with mainstream culture and non-believers.

While many claim that the Mormons are intolerant and hold insanely crazy religious viewpoints and beliefs, this list is by no means the truth about Mormons. You may find one or two of these to be your own misconceptions that you have been believing for years. As the saying goes, you can't judge a book by its cover.

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10 They Believe in a Different Heaven

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The Mormons are thought to have a different idea of heaven than most people. Their highest level of heaven is called the “celestial kingdom” while the other two levels are a bit lower: “terrestrial” and “telestial.” The celestial kingdom is a bright and beautiful place where only the best Mormons may enter. It is here that Mormons will be able to live with God and Jesus Christ. The other two kingdoms of heaven are less extravagant, but still desirable. Even when you get into the celestial kingdom, there are three statuses that a person can be granted. They're three parts of the same heavenly plane.

9 Sundays Are NOT for Fun

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Many folks think that Mormons have banned fun on Sunday or something. Sunday is the holy day, or the sabbath and should be kept. Mormons hold tight to the belief that no work can be done on Sunday; it is solely a rest day for God. So does this means that Mormons who work in hospitals are out of luck, or what? Other people say that Mormon children are permitted from having fun with their friends on Sundays, and television is also a no-no. In reality, the Sabbath is traditionally perceived as a devotional day to God and is meant to be a day of resting.

8 They Favor Whites 

It is widely believed that priests in the Mormon church were all white until 1978, when black males were given permission to obtain priesthood. This is an interesting fact, considering that Mormons are all about celebrating that everyone in the community is part of a family. After all, God says that every individual is His child, so why would Mormons want to exclude anyone? Well, blacks and other races have as much power as whites to become ordained and to achieve priesthood. Inter-racial marriages are also A-okay in the Church of Latter-Day Saints, which may be another wacky misconception about the Mormons.

7 Their Afterlife Rituals

This is one of the crazier misconceptions about Mormons. It says that Mormon men aspire to have loads of wives in heaven and basically pimp it up. There are also certain marriage rites that should be followed. If a husband and wife want to be together in heaven after they die, then they must have their marriage ceremony in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. This temple is the only thing that allows your marriage to be considered eligible for afterlife compatibility. A priest must also give the couple permission to be married and acknowledge that they are worthy of entering the temple and eventually the kingdom of God.

6 Women Can Only Reach Salvation if They Have Babies

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Ah yes, the baby misconception. Apparently, Mormon women are expected to be pregnant continually throughout their lives, as they can only achieve salvation through their husbands. Mormons are taught that they are spiritual children of God and were given human, earthly bodies in which to live out a perfect Mormon life. If they achieve that, then a Mormon man and his wife can obtain the bodies of gods and goddesses and can have ruling powers in the great beyond. So more children means more brownie points for heavenly fulfillment, right? Not really. This is a huge misconception that many outsiders tend to misinterpret.

5 They Look Down on Non-Mormons

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People are great at creating the whole us-versus-them mentality. Many non-believers think that Mormons have some kind of superiority complex and believe that the love and ties between Mormons are superior to that of all other people. So basically, if you are not a Mormon, you do not love your husband as much as a Mormon woman. Many believe the Mormons to be a cult community with brain-washing tendencies. They come up with ways to portray their beliefs in a bright, positive light and have elusive answers whenever they are challenged. We will just call this misunderstanding blatant ignorance on the outsiders' part.

4 They Believe God is Married

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This is an interesting misconception held by outsiders. They think that Mormons hold the belief that God has a wife and that Mormons are the children of her and God. In fact, they think that God is polygamous and so, Mormon men can be too. Also, while God's wife is not referred to as a god or goddess, rather she is the “Heavenly Mother,” since only men can become gods. Mormon men also hold the belief that they can become gods in the afterlife and have many wives if they follow a purely Mormon lifestyle on earth. Another misunderstood belief.

3 The Dinosaurs Are Not From This Planet

Here is one that people could have a field day with. So people think that Mormons believe the dinosaur fossils that archaeologists have found are not the remains of creatures that once lived on our planet earth. Rather, the dinosaurs were not dinosaurs at all, but creatures from other planets that somehow went extinct after our earth was formed. Apparently, Mormons are taught that dinosaur bones were placed there by the enemy in order to confuse and mislead people (they also believe that non-Mormon religious leaders were also sent by the devil to mislead.) Again, this is probably a tactic from haters.

2 They Try to Raise the Dead Themselves

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Misconceptions often arise from people being afraid of a certain group. Some say that Mormons supposedly practice rituals that seek to bring the dead back to their earth for visits. Among their leaders is an elder who told the story of how a newly ordained elder was able to use a priestly blessing to revive a little boy who had been struck by lightning. There is also a Mormon practice in which they baptize the dead and believe that through this practice they can help dead non-believers achieve salvation. This posthumous proxy baptism ritual has definitely been blown out of proportion.

1 They Believe There Are Others Out There

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Finally, misconceptions would not be complete without some alien talk. It is said that Mormons were taught that there are people living on the moon who look like Quakers and can live to the ripe old age of 1,000 years. Some also think these Quaker people lived on the sun as well. They are of a uniform size and shape, and are dressed just like Quakers. The description comes from a “seer” who saw these people in a vision from God. Whoever came up with this lofty tale must have been stoned and looking at a box of oatmeal or something. Just another wishy-washy misinterpretation.

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