10 Incredible Examples Of Tiny Cooking

Cats have ruled the internet for as long as youth of the digital age can remember. But in 2015, it appears that there's a new sheriff in town. That's Kawaii (Japanese for ‘cute’), which has given birth to viral video content consisting of tiny cooking challenges performed on scaled down doll's house-style crockery sets and utensils via candle light.

Once the miniature culinary masterpiece has been created, the food is often served to food critics in the form of small, cuddly creatures such as hamsters or hedgehogs - much to the delight of millions of fans on Youtube. Viewers find the concept both bonkers and strangely fascinating in equal measure.

The combination of cooking miniature portions and cute little animals is what the Internet was made for. The idea of a hamster eating tiny burritos that have been meticulously prepared by a steady hand in a doll's house kitchen to offer the perfect animal dining experience might be an odd one - but it has captured the world’s attention.

With some of the videos attracting nearly 10 million views, it would appear that many big entertainment and food brands have missed a great opportunity here. But if watching Masterchef has taught viewers anything, it’s that cooking doesn't get much tougher than this.

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10 Food Preparation

Before involving cuddly diners, the art-form of mini-cooking deserves a little attention on its own without distraction, due to the sheer complexity and patience required.

The surgeon like steady hand required to cook these tiny meals over candlelight demands respect in its own right and only a fool would suggest throwing a party for cuddly animals without earning their stripes at the doll’s house emporium or learning their trade.

The perfect place to begin would be making pancakes on a frying pan the size of a coin and only when this simple task can be completed should anyone even consider inviting fussy diners of the cute variety

9 Mini Sushi

Just about any hipster will tell stories of how they can make sushi to die for. But the big question is; could they make it on equipment the size of a coin and portions the size of a fingernail?

The Miniature Space You Tube channel has been publishing these mini-cooking videos for several months now which have become bizarrely addictive and this fascinating creation of mini sushi illustrates perfectly the combination of patience and skill and why people cannot get enough of this latest internet sensation from Japan.

8 Tiny Birthday For a Tiny Hedgehog

With all these tiny food portions being produced, who could possible eat them? Maybe it's time to give a little back to the animal kingdom?  That was the reasoning behind the creation of this adorable genre.

The arrogance of some people means they fail to realise the importance that animals place on birthdays too, fortunately there are a few good Samaritans out there that are not afraid to provide hedgehog and his friendly hamster a celebration that they will always remember.

Sometimes it’s all about the details and with the hedgehogs friends in attendance wearing party hats will ensure that this is one birthday party that nobody will forget and for all the right reasons.

7 Tiny Hamster’s Tiny Date

Food is the language of love and only a fool would suggest that it's just humans that appreciate the concept of date night, but sometimes our furry friends just need a helping hand and maybe even one of those annoying accordion players to bring a little ambiance to the occasion.

A truly heart-warming video that is capable of melting even the coldest of hearts and could even end up questioning your own love life when witnessing how two hamsters seem to have more romance in their lives than many of the people who are watching the video could wish for which is both tragic and beautiful...

6 Tiny Hamsters Thanksgiving

At certain times of the year nothing beats good old fashioned comfort food and the offering of roast turkey and buttery mash goes down a treat every Thanksgiving. Only now do we realise that smaller pets want a piece of the action too.

Sometimes they just want to hop off the hamster wheel of life and tuck into a roast dinner and who could blame them? If only this was communicated when children bring home the school hamster for the school holidays.

5 You Want Fries With That?

For those searching for a challenge or have something interesting to say when returning to work on a Monday morning and asked the question "What did you do this weekend?" what could be better than attempting to make fries on an incredibly small frying pan by candlelight.

That kind of party trick should give anyone the tag of interesting when armed with skills that even MacGyver would struggle to pull off and with portions this size it can be a guilt free experience.

4 Tiny Hamster Eating Tiny Burritos 

Don’t for one second think that animals are only interested in bland tasting meals, just like ourselves they will select something from the menu depending on their mood type and going out for Mexican now and again is a treat that will always be appreciated.

A little time and effort is all that’s needed to create a mini burrito that Harry or Harriet the hamster would never forget.

However, rumours of the night ending with copious amounts of margarita's and tequila's along with a sex tape are yet to be substantiated.

3 Tiny Hamster in a Tiny Mansion

Taking a slight break from the mini cooking phenomenon for a moment, hamsters once again steal the show in a video that shows our furry friends having the time of their  life in a dolls house whilst feasting on nuts and strawberries.

There are no intricate skills on display here but the sight of small animals in a large dolls house remains incredibly compelling in a cutesy kind of way.

2 Tiny Lasagna

Making a Lasagne dish on this incredibly small scale has to be seen to be believed and deserves a whole heap of respect for having the patience to make it a reality.

Some say this dish is so impressive that even the tiny hamsters declared it a piece of art and said it was just too good to eat.

1 Mini Knife Set

After watching so many of these videos, more and more people want to see if they have what it takes to create something similar and a super cool mini knife set would be high on anyone's shopping list.

The pleasure derived from creating the perfect miniature scene, before making a mini meal with tiny utensils to serve to hamsters seems to have captures peoples imagination of the global community and is that really such a bad thing?

As the internet increasingly feels corporate and controlled by big business, its great to see that some aspects of the online world remain refreshingly bonkers, so next time you are throwing a dinner party, remember to invite a tiny hamster.

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