10 Hot Kim Kardashian Look-Alikes to Follow on Instagram

It's sad to say and I hate to admit it, but the world has been taken over by Kardashians. Every magazine, website, and television station has either something to say about them or something of theirs to show. There is a saying (I believe it's from Spider-Man), "with great fame comes great responsibility," and although Kim Kardashian may not be the first person I want my daughter idolizing, the reality is that she is a huge part of pop culture in this generation, sadly making her very influential.

When a person reaches the same amount of fame as a Kardashian, often they will have admirers (and haters) around the globe. There are so many girls on this planet that do anything and everything to resemble Kim K. From dressing like her to getting the same hairdo as her, people have become obsessed with this reality star. As you look through social media, it is hard not to notice how all girls are starting to try and resemble the celebrity superstar.

This is why we at TheRichest came up with the idea to find the ten woman on Instagram who look the most like Kim Kardashian. There is even a girl in here who spent $30,000 to look like the star, and another who looks so similar, she got sued by Kim! Sit back and enjoy the 10 hottest Kim K look-alikes on the internet.

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10 Metisha LaRocca – @Metisha

Via plus.google.com

Metisha LaRocca is a beautiful model and actress who shares an insane resemblance to Kim Kardashian. Not only does she have similar facial features to the American celebrity, but she also has a similar body to her's. Metisha LaRocca is undeniably stunning, and arguably even hotter than Kardashian. Not only is LaRocca beautiful, but she is actually extremely good with languages. This beauty speaks 5 languages fluently, which means she has more than just beauty. With close to 400,000 followers, we here at TheRichest are not the only ones who see a resemblance between Metisha and Kimberly.

9 Claire Leeson - @claireleeson_xx

Via newstreasure.com

Most people may recognize this look-alike from the news. This Kim Kardashian obsessed civilian spent around $30,000 on plastic surgery to look like her idol. Not only did she undergo an array of procedures, she even wore pants which enhanced her behind to resemble Kim's. In 2009, Leeson's life changed after watching Keeping up with the Kardashians. About Kim she stated, “She was so beautiful I wanted to look just like her.” Even with all her efforts, sadly, Claire Leeson still is not Kim Kardashian. That being said, we can still see how she can be mistaken for her on the street!

8 Sandy Raquel - @Sandyrraquel

Via bustle.com

Sandy Raquel is an aspiring model and bartender in New York City who has a crazy resemblance to Kim Kardashian. The curvy brunette beauty has over 10,000 followers on Instagram and her number is just growing. Follow her on Instagram if you love Kim's look before she had so much work done. Raquel resembles Kardashian a lot, but has a more natural look than the celebrity does. That, in combination with her New York attitude, is what makes her someone to follow. Not only does she resemble Kim but she is also a fan of hers, maybe secretly she tries a little harder to look like her than we thought.

7 Chantel Jeffries - @ChantelJeffries

Via hollywoodreporter.com

I mean look at her, there is no denying that Chantel Jeffries and Kim Kardashian share an incredible amount of physical similarities. Born in 1992, this young Kardashian look-alike has started to make her move in the world of show business. This world renowned model has had links to numerous celebrities such as P.Diddy, Lil Twist and everyone's favorite Canadian, Justin Bieber. The California native is so young and has so much ahead of her we don't even know where to begin. The youthful-looking version of Kim Kardashian has gained over 1.7 million followers, which is incredibly impressive, even to us here at TheRichest.

6 Jessenia Vice - @Jesseniavice

Via 1080.plus

The next Kardashian look-alike has a lot more to offer the world than her similar features to Kim. This awesome female is an advocate for self-love and body issues. As a child, she suffered from obesity and she was able to not only change her life but save her life. Nowadays, this makeup artist and TV host spends her days trying to make the world a better place. Her heartwarming story and her obvious compassion are just more reasons why she is awesome. Jessenia Vice should not be compared to Kim Kardashian, she is truly her own incredible being, even without her looks.

5 Naya Rivera - @nayarivera

Via latina.com 

With over a million followers, there is a reason why this Kardashian look-alike is so well known and popular. Not only is Naya incredibly stunning, she is also fiercely talented. For those of you looking at her photo wondering where you know her from, the answer is Glee. Yes, this beauty played the character we all loved to hate, Santana Lopez, on the hit television series. She is also ex-girlfriend to rapper Big Sean, giving her another similarity to Kardashian. Rivera is almost like a talented version of Kim Kardashian and although they are not identical, there is an uncanny resemblance that no one can deny.

4 Lilit Avagyan - @Lilitsstyle

Via jockington.com

Once upon a time, Kim Kardashian dated Reggie Bush. Now, it just so happens that he is married to what many would call a Kim Kardashian copy. Lilit Avagyan is an Armenian beauty, yes she is Armenian, just like Kardashian. Many people have made comments about the resemblance between Bush's ex and his wife and although it is almost uncanny, he claims not to see it. The weirdest part of it all is that Lilit and Bush's child looks exactly like North West, Kim and Kanye's eldest child. I guess everyone looks more like each other than they thought.

3 Marianna Hewitt - @Marianna_Hewitt

Via glamour.com 

Ever heard of the blog La La Mer? Well Marianna Hewitt is the brains and beauty behind the blog. On top of that, Marianna is being called Kim Kardashian doppelganger and we at TheRichest can see why. Scroll through her Instagram and you will also see the uncanny resemblance. In 2011, Hewitt interviewed Kardashian and made it very apparent how big of a fan of the Kardashians she was. So the question is, does Hewitt try to look like her favorite reality star, or is it all just a strange coincidence? Who knows, all we can know is that Hewitt looks a hell of a lot like Kim Kardashian.

2 Claudia Sampedro - @Claudiasempedro

Via instagy.com 

Claudia Sampedro is one of the original Kardashian look-alikes. With close to a million followers on Instagram, there is a reason why she is number 2 on this list. This mother has one of the most incredible bodies we have ever seen, even hotter than Kim Kardashian herself. Her Instagram is filled with photos of not only her but of her life in general. The fitness-obsessed Instagram sensation is beyond beautiful and just one glance at her profile will show you why people think she is a clone of Kardashian. Oh, and not only does she look like Kardashian, but they have kind of similar taste in men! Claudia is the baby mama to a professional athlete, no real surprise there.

1 Melissa Molinaro - @melissamolinaro

Via instagy.com 

Remember when Kim Kardashian brought Old Navy to court because their new model looked like her? Well, Melissa Molinaro is that model, which is why she is number 1 on this list. Kardashian sued Old Navy claiming that their model, Molinaro, looked so much like her that people were going to think it was her. Although Kardashian and Old Navy settled the suit, the fact that even Kim thought this girl looked that much like her must be one heck of a compliment. This model got her fifteen minutes of fame after this incident and although she is not as successful as Kardashian, the must feel satisfied in knowing that Kim is in a way threatened by her.

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