10 Heinous Murders Committed In The Name of Love

Love can make us do the craziest things. It can make us act abnormally, distract us, and it can make us do things we would never even think of doing if we weren't under love’s spell. Love can be magical and excruciatingly painful, all at the same time, but then again, that’s what makes it so great. However, the people listed below took being in love to a whole new level. These people were so head over heels in love that they chose to kill rather than let their true love slip away. Some of these people killed their own children in order to be with someone who would never want kids, others were involved in a sick love triangle and decided to take their competitor out of the equation. Whatever their reasons for killing in the name of love, the people listed below clearly show that they don’t quite know how to handle the strong pull of love.

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10 A Teenage Love Triangle Turned Deadly

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Stacy Goff was just 18 years old when she played a major role in killing her boyfriend with the help of her other boyfriend, Alexis Cabrera. Goff was dating Alexis Cabrera and Duran Rivera, when Goff gave Cabrera the green light to kill her other boyfriend. Apparently, Goff lured Rivera into a dark alleyway where Cabrera was waiting to ambush him. Rivera was later found dead in the alley. He had been shot in three different places, the temple, spine and in his chest.

9 Deadly Love Triangle


Rachel Wade and Sarah Ludemann were in a long time feud over 19 year old Josh Camacho. At first, Camacho was with Wade but he ended up breaking up with her and started dating Ludemann, much to Wade’s dismay. From then on the pair had it out for each other. They continually threatened one another through Facebook and text messages, until it all came to a head in April 2009, when Wade left violent threats on Ludemann’s voicemail saying that she was going to kill her. After, Ludemann and a few of her friends decided to go and end the fight once and for all, but they were unaware that Wade was armed with a steak knife. As the two girls came at each other, Wade took out the knife, stabbed Ludemann and killed her. Wade’s defense attorney argued self-defense. However, Wade ended up receiving 27 years in prison.

8 A Millionaire, An NFL Player & A Money Hungry Girlfriend 


Seventeen years after the slaying of millionaire, William McLaughlin, Nanette Ann Packard was finally found guilty of convincing her NFL lover to kill her sugar daddy. Packard, who met McLaughlin after placing an advert in a dating magazine for wealthy men, convinced her lover, Eric Naposki to murder McLaughlin in his Newport Beach house. After, the case went cold for several years before new evidence opened up that linked Packard and her lover to the heinous crime. Packard stood to gain $1 million dollars from McLaughlin’s death.

7 Mother Kills Children By Rolling Her Car Into A Lake 

When Susan Smith discovered that her lover didn't want kids, she committed one of the world’s most unforgivable crimes, and killed her two sons, in order to be with the man she loved. Smith committed this terrible crime by rolling her car into a lake, while her two sons were still buckled inside. In order to cover her tracks, Smith went on to tell the police that a black man had hijacked her car and drove away with her children still inside. However, the story didn't end here. Police started to get suspicious of Smith’s tale after her story kept changing, and her strange demeanor when talking about her missing children. Eventually, Smith confessed to her crime and was sentenced to a minimum of 20 years behind bars.

6 A Mother Who Kills For Love


In May of 1983, Diane Downs had a very deep problem. She was in love with a man who was married and had no interest in having kids in his life. To fix her problem, Downs shot her three children, killing one of them, and told police that her car had been hijacked. However, after a vigorous investigation, police became suspicious of Downs’ calm demeanor after such a terrible tragedy. Eventually, Downs was convicted of murder in 1984, and was sentenced to life in prison. She did all of this in order to stay with her lover.

5 Teacher Sex Slaying


In March 2007, in order to save his marriage, Eric McLean shot and killed Sean Powell. The story goes that McLean spotted Powell outside his house. At the time, McLean thought Powell was stalking his wife, but in reality, Powell was having an affair with his former high-school teacher, McLean’s wife. Feeling that his wife was being threatened, McLean took out his rifle and told Powell to get off his property. After refusing, Powell grabbed the gun and McLean accidentally shot and killed Powell. McLean immediately confessed to his crime and as a result, was charged with reckless homicide.

4 A Teacher Love Triangle Gone Wrong 


After a navy sailor caught his fiancé in bed with one of her students, things turned deadly. Sixto Balbuena claimed that when he came home one day, he heard noises coming from his fiancé’s bedroom. Thinking that she was in trouble, Balbuena grabbed a knife and went upstairs to see what was going on. Instead of finding his fiancé in peril, Balbuena found her naked in bed with one of her students, Samuel Valdivia. In order to teach him a lesson, Balbuena started stabbing Valdivia, but accidentally delivered a fatal wound to the student’s stomach. Balbuena received 10 years in prison for his deadly actions.

3 Parachute Murder 


In 2010, Els Clottemans was found guilty of the murder of fellow skydiver, Els Van Doren. Both Clottemans and Van Doren were seeing Marcel Somers, who was also a fellow skydiver. Clottemans eventually became so jealous that they were both involved, so she cut the cords of Van Doren’s parachute before she took her last jump. On November 18, 2006, Clottemans watched her rival fall to her horrific death, after her primary and reserve parachute failed to deploy. Clottemans was sentenced to 30 years in prison for the murder of Els Van Doren.

2 A Deadly Duo 


Emilia Carr and Joshua Fulgham had a history. They were engaged and presumably had one child together. However, after Carr and Fulgham got engaged, Fulgham decided to marry Heather Strong just one month later. Throughout Fulgham and Strong’s short-lived marriage, Carr and Fulgham remained close. One day the deadly duo decided to kill. The pair kidnapped Strong, duct taped her to a chair, and suffocated her with a plastic bag. The body of Heather Strong was found one month later in a shallow grave. Carr received the death sentence for the murder while Fulgham was sentenced to life in prison.

1 Mother Kills Her Brain-Damaged Son


In 2008, Frances Inglis killed her son with a lethal dose of heroine, after he was put in a vegetative state by falling out of a moving ambulance. Inglis felt that the only way she could put her son out of his misery was to kill him. Inglis’ first attempt to kill her son was unsuccessful, but her second try stuck. Inglis was found guilty of murder and given a life sentence. Of that life sentence, she was ordered to serve a minimum of nine years. This sentence was later reduced to five. To this day, Inglis maintains that she did the right thing for her son.

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