10 Happenings Post 2012 That Could Be Termed ‘Apocalyptic'

Yes indeed, many of us thought that we’d all be dead and never see the other side of the ominous, ‘2012’. The year was burdened with dire apocalyptic predictions, and while the means to the end always differed according to the version told, the ‘end’ as envisioned by all, was just the same. Life as we know it, would be no more!

Yet, we wonder sometimes if an apocalypse was not quite such a massive tectonic event that was supposed to have wiped out life from our planet; but rather, more of a series of events that took out scores and scores of people each time, till life dwindled and hit a zero.

Not everyone may be on board with this ‘slow apocalypse’ theory. That’s okay, it gives us a chance to make this point. Here are some of the world’s recent happenings around the globe. Some may be natural, some man-made, but each of these events have left many dead, many injured and lives altered in ways that can only be imagined. Sound like mini apocalypses, don’t they?

10 The Ebola Outbreak

9 Floods In Indonesia

8 Ukraine & Crimea Conflict

7 Mount Sinabung Volcanic Eruption

6 Missing Airplane MH370

5 San Diego Wildfires

4 Rammasun Typhoon Philippines

3 Airplane Downed MH17

2 Gaza Israel Conflict

1 China Earthquake

Just last month, a devastating earthquake of 6.1 magnitude (Richter Scale) hit China’s Yunnan province and left death and despair in its wake. The epicenter was in the Longtoushan township, in Ludian county, a region particularly characterized by steep hills and narrow pathways. The Ministry of Civil Affairs in China confirmed that about 589 people were killed, 9 were missing and more than 2400 people were hurt due to the earthquake. Road blockages hampered relief and aid functions, and the formation of barrier lakes was also a cause of concern. Thousands of evacuations have taken place, as the water levels in the barrier lake have been rising steadily. In fact, about 60 soldiers were recently trapped in the barrier lake floods and had to be rescued themselves. Overall, the earthquake has been a disaster that will take an incredible amount of time to recover from.

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10 Happenings Post 2012 That Could Be Termed ‘Apocalyptic'