10 Female Celebs Who Were Caught Cheating

With songs like “Before He Cheats”  and “Hit ‘Em Up Style,” it seems like only men cheat on their partners. Expressions like “boys will be boys,” “men are dogs,” and “he has to sow his wild oats!” confirm these suspicions. But guess what, boys? Ladies need to sow their wild oats, too. Just because she’s poised and pretty, it doesn’t mean that she won’t scheme behind your back, relish the time you spend showering to Snapchat her side-beau, and generally get buck wild. Oops.

Furthermore, although sometimes we forget it, celebrities are real people, as well. They wake up with bad breath. They forget their laundry in the dryer. Despite the teams they have controlling their public images, they are occasionally going to get caught being imperfect, and that includes cheating on their significant others. Sometimes, though, they don’t even need to get caught. Their fame has inured them to a complete lack of privacy and they trumpet their infidelity without provocation. Oh, well - fun for us.

Are you curious? If so, keep reading to find out which ten female celebs have betrayed their beloveds.

10 LeAnn Rimes 

In 2009, LeAnn Rimes cheated on Dean Sheremet with her Northern Lights co-star Eddie Cibrian. She and Sheremet had been married since 2002 when the country singer gave into the seven-year itch.

Presumably no longer satisfied with her backup dancer husband, Rimes decided to do a Tinseltown trade-in for something a little bit more glamorous. Although he wasn’t a movie star, Eddie Cibrian still had more star-power than some guy pirouetting in the background. Plus, with gay rumors about Sheremet floating around, who can blame her?

9 Meg Ryan 

In 2000, America’s sweetheart Meg Ryan wrecked her own home by cheating on husband Dennis Quaid with her Proof of Life co-star Russell Crowe. For years, she silently accepted her reputation as a hussy. But then eight years later, in 2008, Ryan finally decided to clear things up.

It turns out Quaid had been cheating on her as well. Although Quaid said that he found it unbelievable that Ryan kept re-hashing and re-writing the story of their relationship, he never denied the claims. Maybe Blu Cantrell was right and revenge is best.

8 Kristen Stewart 

Back in 2012, Kristen Stewart cheated on her Twilight costar turned boyfriend Robert Pattinson with her much older and, more importantly, much more married director, Rupert Sanders. The two were working together on Snow White and the Huntsman.

The story broke in July of 2012 when Us Weekly published an explosive photo spread of them making out in his car in L.A. Stewart later apologized, saying she was deeply sorry for having jeopardized her relationship with Pattinson. Sanders said he was distraught by the pain he caused his family. Well… maybe they shouldn’t have done it, then!

7 Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling recently admitted on the second season of her show, True Tori, that she slept with her current husband Dean McDermott the first time they met. That wouldn’t seem like anything but haste if both of them hadn’t been married at the time. That’s right: Tori Spelling was, at the time, married to Charlie Shanian.

She and McDermott met on the set of the Lifetime TV movie Mind Over Murder. At the end of the exercise, Tori and Dean ended up getting married. But still, neither one wasted any time double-timing their spouse.

6 Heidi Klum

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This is an interesting one. While “Kiss From A Rose” singer Seal insisted in 2012 that his then-wife Heidi Klum was sleeping with her bodyguard, or “fornicating with the help,” Klum promised that she “never looked at another man” while she was married to Seal.

She says that they broke up in part due to Seal’s uncontrollable temper and that her relationship with the bodyguard began only after they had broken up. Although we like Heidi, we can’t believe that things are ever that tidy and choose to believe Seal on this one.

5 Katharine McPhee 

Once again, he claims she was cheating; she claims not. In October of 2013, Katharine McPhee was photographed kissing her Smash director Michael Morris. According to McPhee, the couple split up in March of 2013, meaning she was single or at least available when she canoodled with her boss.

But Nick Cokas, McPhee’s ex-husband, says that the true date of separation was May of 2014, with emails and texts to prove that they were still together. We hate to presume guilt, but if Cokas has a paper trail, he simply has a better case. Cover your tracks, Kathy…

4 Madonna 

Madonna is known for having a very controlled public image. Although she sometimes seems sloppy, like when she kissed Drake at Coachella in 2015, there is a clear, steely calculation to her presentation. That’s why when in 2008 rumors arose about an affair with Yankees star Alex Rodriguez, they remained mere rumors.

There are, however, certain undeniable facts: A-Rod and his wife announced they were getting divorced in July of 2008, Madonna and Guy Ritchie announced their marriage was over on October 15th, 2008, and that same day Us Weekly said that Madge and A-Rod were “definitely romantic.” You tell us if you think they weren’t fooling around…

3 Whoopi Goldberg 

Back in 2010, the world found out that Jesse James had been two-timing his wife Sandra Bullock. While discussing the events on The View, Whoopi Goldberg was a little more sympathetic than the other women. She admitted to having cheated on her husband.

In her words: “"I did it five or six times… Yes, I screwed around while I was married, yeah. I made mistakes too. It happens sometimes. Maybe he was trying to find something different too.” Although we can’t fully condone cheating, we do appreciate someone who isn’t a weenie about past mistakes. Atta girl, Whoopi.

2 Kris Jenner 

In her 2011 memoir Kris Jenner… And All Things Kardashian, Kris Jenner reveals that she cheated on her first husband Robert Kardashian, patriarch of the Kardashian fortune and deceased father of Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, and Rob.

She says the man’s name was Ryan, but many believe that it is producer Todd Waterman. She admits to having had “wild sex everywhere, all the time.” Her poor kids; not only do they have to have her as a mom, but they also have to hear stories of her incessant and ubiquitous adulterous intercourse. Yuck.

1 Princess Diana 

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In an interview with Panorama, Princess Diana admitted that she had had an affair with James Hewitt, an English former household cavalry officer in the British Army. After Diana gave the interview, Hewitt receive intense media scrutiny, including obvious questions about Harry’s paternity.

A new West End play from this year shows the cavalry officer admitting that he started an affair with Diana 18 months before Harry was born. Although Harry insists that it’s all “bollocks” (probably), the two bear a slight resemblance, plus he looks nothing like his brother, Prince William, who closely resembles Charles.


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