10 Famous Women And Their Naughty Fantasies

When it comes to the touchy topic of sexual fantasies every one of us, male or female, has our own personal favourites. Various scientific studies have even discovered that certain fantasies can tend to be far more common than a lot of our readers might have guessed. As many as half of the people taking part in the studies admitted to having had the same fantasies as their partners. Many of them had not even previously shared their fantasies with each other.

Whether it is a session of role-playing, a threesome involving sharing a significant other, or 50 Shades of Grey-styled bondage games, everyone has their own preferred sexual scenarios. These fantasies can range from commonplace preferences to unusual tastes. For many couples, such fantasies can provide a harmless injection of spark into a bedroom routine that has become too, well, routine.

For a lot of our readers, the idea of a tryst with one's favourite celebrity would be a fantasy in and of itself. However, a surprising number of famous females have mentioned their own fantasies on the record. Raunchy interviews have seen starlets admit to having everything from a love of everything from public sex, to their perfect threesome.Below, we have compiled a list of ten famous ladies' filthiest fantasies.

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10 Jennifer Lawrence - Game of Thrones

Blockbuster actress Jennifer Lawrence has been interviewed countless times about almost every subject imaginable. To the surprise of many of her fans, the Hunger Games starlet has admitted to having an eye on the male cast of HBO's massive television series Game of Thrones.

In a 2014 interview in the German edition of Glamour magazine, the Academy Award winning Lawrence was asked which stars of Game of Thrones she would prefer to spend a night in bed with. Initially, Jennifer decided that she would choose Kit Harrington's character Jon Snow. However, Lawrence quickly added that she would be happy to take on Nikolaj Coster-Waldau's character, Jaime Lannister, at the same time.

9 Eva Longoria - Being dominated

Actress Eva Longoria rose to fame for her role as a feisty home wrecker in the wildly popular television dramedy Desperate Housewives. Despite her fiery screen persona, Longoria, now 39, has admitted that she is more submissive in the bedroom.Longoria made the comments in an interview with The Sun, during the actress' relationship with NBA star Tony Parker. Longoria admitted to enjoying a touch of light bondage behind bedroom doors, telling reporters that she liked being dominated. The actress also displayed a taste for the extravagant in her sex life, stating that she preferred to be tied up with silk scarves in bed.

8 Beyonce - Public adventures

Equally acclaimed for both her acting and singing careers, Beyonce is a star with expensive taste in every avenue of life.

It is no surprise to learn that the famously independent Beyonce's choice of fantasy is not as submissive as the fantasies of other stars. However, the R&B songstress' preferred type of sexual experimentation is fairly extravagant, and even more unusual than most celebrities.

The Crazy In Love singer admitted in an interview to fantasizing about making love in public. More specifically, Beyonce said she had always wanted to have sex in any of Paris' many landmarks, such as the Louvre or the Arc De Triomphe.

Last year, the star visited the city with her husband Jay Z. However, no reports can confirm whether or not the couple consummated this particular fantasy.

7 Paris Hilton - Men in uniform

Paris Hilton is famous both as an empty-headed heiress and as the star of reality television series The Simple Life. Hilton has spoken openly, and in more detail than most celebrities, of her fantasies. The starlet admitted to preferring men in uniform. For many fans of Hilton's, this detail of her love life seems surprising, given that the heiress has had numerous episodes of trouble with the law.

The starlet revealed that she had a very specific fantasy in mind during an interview with Cosmopolitan. Hilton said that she loved nothing more than a man in uniform, claiming that a "hot cop is a great look. Particularly if he's got blue eyes, a beautiful face, and tight abs".

Even Paris may need quite a few more run-ins with the law before encountering an officer that promising.

6 Rihanna - S & M

R&B star Rihanna is an immensely popular singer who has collaborated with industry superstars as diverse as Eminem and Kanye West. The 24 year old star also rivals Beyonce in the stakes of kinky bedroom taste.

During her relationship with rapper and actor Drake, Rihanna told Rolling Stone that she enjoyed being dominated sexually. The singer went on to explain that she preferred a more extreme approach to bondage, saying she liked to be whipped, spanked and tied up in bed.The song "S & M" is thought to have been inspired by the singer's sexual tastes. Though the song's controversial, raunchy video seems to confirm this, Rihanna remains adamant that the song's lyrics are a satire of the media.

5 Scarlett Johansson - Backseat fun

Scarlett Johansson was originally famous in her youth for roles in Home Alone 3 and Eight Legged Freaks. The Lost In Translation star soon proved herself an example of an actress capable of carrying her career gracefully into adulthood, with films like The Girl With The Pearl Earring and The Man Who Wasn't There.

During an interview early in her career, Johansson made it very clear just how grown up she had become. The starlet frankly discussed her favourite fantasies and turn-ons. The actress's favourite fantasy was a surprising twist on the aforementioned sex in public. Johansson said that she loved nothing more than taking her and her partner's lovemaking to the backseat of a car (presumably their own).

4 Angelina Jolie - Bondage

Acclaimed actress and director Angelina Jolie may be the least surprising addition tothis list. Onscreen, the actress has portrayed icy femme fatales in countless movies. Jolie even went so far as to shoot a scene in which her character is disguised as a dominatrix for 2005's Mr and Mrs Smith.

Jolie has spoken frequently and candidly of her love for sex. She has mentioned declaring a love for bondage and previously wore a vial of ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton's blood around her neck. Jolie claimed her experiences with S & M improved her physically, personally, and spiritually. However, these interviews took place in the years prior to her marriage to Hollywood superstar Brad Pitt. Since then, Jolie has admitted that her marriage and family life have taken up the time that she used to commit to whips and chains.

3 Kim Kardashian- Sleeping with herself

Reality starlet Kim Kardashian is no stranger to having her private life made public. The socialite previously featured in an infamous sex tape with rapper Ray J.

Recently, Kardashian's fantasies have clearly been influenced by her marriage to musical genius and loveable egomaniac Kanye West. In an episode of her reality television show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim admitted that she has fantasized about the idea of sleeping with herself.

The comments were made during a conversation amongst the Kardashian sisters.Kim Kardashian admitted that, if she were ever able to live life as a man, she would enjoy the opportunity to have sex with herself, as she "just wants to know what it feels like".

2 Cameron Diaz - Constant physical contact

There's Something About Mary actor and former model Cameron Diaz has shot numerous sexually explicit scenes and psychologically complex films. The actress spoke candidly about her sexual preferences in an interview with Playboy magazine. Diaz revealed a handful of fantasies that were a little out of the ordinary.

Similar to Eva Longoria, Diaz admitted to enjoying playing a submissive role sexually. Cameron even went so far as to inform the reporter she was "primal, on an animalistic level, kind of like, "Bonk me over the head, throw me over your shoulder".The Charlie's Angels star went on to claim that she was equally keen on constant physical contact during sex, saying "I have to be touching my lover, like, always".

1 Jennifer Aniston- Domineering

Jennifer Aniston is no stranger to discussing her personal life with the press and the paparazzi. The actress has previously been married to Brad Pitt, and has enjoyed a two decade career in the Hollywood spotlight.

However, Aniston claims that she has only recently been able to embrace sexual experimentation, owing to her role in 2011's sleeper hit comedy Horrible Bosses.The film saw Aniston play the role of a domineering dentist, and the actress claims that the role offered her an opportunity to explore a previously undiscovered side of her sexuality. Aniston explained that the part let her "explore (her) weirdest and kinkiest psychological quirks". A sequel, Horrible Bosses 2, was released last year, and saw Aniston return to the role.

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