10 Facts You Probably Have Wrong About Satan

things you didn't know about satan

Satan is one of the most talked-about beings in history. He is a topic of discussion and disagreement for both Christians and non-believers. From atheists to Catholics to everyone in between, it seems that just about everyone has something to say about Satan. We have even adopted phrases that allude to Satan. How many times have you said “the devil made me do it,” or something is “sinfully good”? Odds are, you have some preconceived notions about Satan; who he is, what he does, and where he goes. Yet have you ever really thought about these beliefs?

Well, this list of 10 facts you probably have wrong about Satan may blow your mind. From his supposed omnipresence to his relationship to God, these are ten things that you may have had no idea were wrong. According to scriptures in the Holy Bible, as well as Christian experts and leaders, many of the things we believe about Satan are pure misconceptions. We hope you find the items on this list to be eye-opening and a learning experience. If anything, it may give you a new perspective and something to think about as you further develop your own beliefs, whether you think Satan exists or not.

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10 Satan is not in charge of hell

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In fact, Christians will tell you that no one is in hell right now, because God does not judge the living and the dead until the day of judgment, which has not happened yet. On that day, God will take everyone and judge them before His eyes. If you had lived a life with Jesus Christ as your savior, then you may live with God the Father in heaven. However, if you had not accepted Jesus into your life, then you will be sent to hell. Another tidbit? Satan himself will be cast into the lake of fire in hell on the day of judgment. So there you have it; Satan is not in charge of hell and he will in fact be reprimanded and sent to burn in it.

9 Satan is not a guy in red with horns and a pointy tail

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Halloween costumes may depict Satan as looking like a red-faced demon with horns, a pointy tail, and a pitchfork, but those are not depictions that match up with the Bible. In fact, the scriptures tell us that Satan was originally an angel crafted by God and his name was Lucifer, which means “bright morning star.” Satan was the most powerful angel that God created and was full of beauty and wisdom. Yet, pride got the better of him, and he became the Satan we now know as cunning and deceitful. Satan in the Hebrew language means “the accuser.” Satan tried to outdo God, but only ended up banishing himself from God's kingdom.

8 Satan is not the evil counterpart of God or Jesus

As much as people (Christian or otherwise) like to believe, Satan is not some evil twin of Jesus. He is not a complete opposite counterpart of God. Rather, Satan was created by God and was created in goodness. Yes, Satan was in fact, a good angel. As an angel, he could never have the kind of power that God wields. Rather, Satan is totally limited and can never get anywhere near God. Many people like to refer to Satan as a fallen angel; one who was created as good but then went bad. This does not mean that Satan is equal in his evil power or able to outshine God's good power.

7 Satan is not everywhere, like God

While God is omnipresent, Satan is not. Only God can be everywhere all the time. God is always there, but Satan cannot be. While Satan is strong, he can never be stronger than God, his creator. Satan is swift and cunning and he is highly deceptive and intelligent, but he can not come anywhere near the intelligence and omnipresence of God. People often think that Satan can be everywhere because there is so much evil in the world, and people are always being tempted to do wrong or dishonor God. Yet, the truth of the matter is, people are naturally sinners; they were born as sinners and only God can save them from that.

6 Satan is not all-knowing

Only God knows everything. While Satan is very smart and can figure out a lot of things, he is not able to know everything about everyone. Think about it: if Satan really knew everything and was aware of the past, present, and future, why would he go against God and deal with all of the hatred associated with himself? It does not make sense, right? That is because Satan does not know everything! Only God does, and only God is able to overcome Satan's devious and sneaky ways. It might give people more peace of mind to know that Satan is not able to know all of our thoughts.

5 Satan cannot get into your consciousness

Just as Satan cannot know the thoughts of all people, he does not have the ability to get into our heads. Satan cannot penetrate our consciousness and control our minds. People may have a habit of saying “the devil made me do it,” but the fact is that Satan cannot place a bad seed or thought in your mind. There is no little devil sitting on your shoulder telling you to do bad things. Since Satan cannot get into our heads, he cannot put thoughts or ideas there. As stated earlier, human beings are fallen creatures. We are by no means perfect, but that does not mean that Satan is in our minds working the control panel.

4 Satan does not have unlimited power on earth

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Some people may think that Satan may not have power in heaven, but he does have power on earth. Well, according to Christians, only God has unlimited say in what goes on with his earthly beings. He is the one who controls what happens and when it does. He is the one who has things planned out for each person on this planet. Satan cannot control what happens, and there is even evidence of this in the Bible. In one of the stories, Satan wants to tempt a human man, but he has to ask God for permission. Hah! There you have it! Satan does not have the power; God does!

3 Satan is not responsible for all wrongdoing

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Christians will tell us that we need to stop putting the blame on Satan every time we have a lustful thought, a fit of rage or some other sinful thought or action. Even natural disasters and life-changing events that are horrific are not the result of Satan's work. Just because something terrible happens, it does not mean that Satan is behind it. In fact, saying that all bad things are the work of Satan is like giving him omnipresent and all-knowing power, which we already established he does not have. The next time something happens that you do not like, try to look at it more objectively and see that Satan does not always have to be the cause of it.

2 Satan does not make you sin

As followers of Jesus Christ will tell you, Satan is not behind every single one of our sins. Human beings come into this world as broken people. Christians hold the belief that all of God's children are broken pieces, but they come together to form a body of Christ, or the church. Since sin is in our nature, there is no doubt that we are going to do bad things. But that does not mean that Satan has won the fight. Thanks to the grace of God and the death of Jesus, Christians are able to join God the Father in heaven. Every human being is destined for hell, not because Satan decided that, but because we are fallen people.

1 Satan cannot ruin God's plans

Finally, people may think that Satan is always plotting to overthrow God and take over his kingdom. Yet, many believers in Christ hold the belief that Satan does not have that much power. He is simply not strong enough to take over God. The Father in heaven has the supreme power and he is way stronger than Satan, especially since he created Satan himself. God is always in control, and Satan is never going to change that. We may blame horrible things on Satan, but essentially, it is part of a bigger plan that we just do not understand. God has got this under control, and there is nothing that Satan could do to derail God's plans.

Sources: whatchristianswanttoknow.com

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