10 Eye Opening Facts About Watching Adult Entertainment

If you’re a man, it’s likely you’ve seen "adult" entertainment. Actually, it’s likely you’ve more than seen it. It’s likely you watch it. And it’s likely you watch it pretty often, at that. The odds, if taken regularly at the casino, would clean the place out! This isn’t just us making assumptions about you and all the other men out there. It’s actually science.

A number of studies and copious amounts of research have been conducted into the effects and the viewing habits of adult entertainment, and the results are really something else. Curious about the impact of the industry on your relationship? On what day of the week it is watched the most?

Whether it’s curiosity or commitment, millions of people are searching the internet for adult content every day. Read: every day.

Despite how familiar you might be with all the top sites, chances are you haven’t seen a lot of the information we pulled together for you in this list. Take a quick break from whatever sexy vid you’re watching and give it a read. We expect it will open your eyes. And with your eyes open, well, it’ll be easier to watch more of the films you desire!

No more time to waste, ol’ chap! Onward to our illuminating adult entertainment-watching list (which is, we are sorry to report, devoid of adult entertainment!)

10 Men Watch It At Work

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9 Americans Watch The Most

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Two thirds of the total online visitors are men, but there is still a growing women's market. Men in a committed, faithful relationship are 38% more likely to be watching the films than men in a cheating relationship. The suspicion that men replace their adult fantasy and escapes with actual, live-action sexcapades, may not always ring true!

8 What Day Do We Watch It Most?

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If you’re not one of the many men indulging at work, when do you typically watch?

Well, the day with the least amount of visitors to adult sites is Thanksgiving. A nice thought, everyone being with their friends and family instead of getting some high-quality alone time. Save that for New Year's!

7 The Role Of Obama?

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A Harvard study looked at online subscriptions from a political affiliation standpoint. The study discerned that conservative states have noticeably higher online subscriptions than liberal states.

And allegedly, after a presidential win, there’s a correlation in regards to the amount of adult entertainment being searched in the states affiliated with the president. When Bush won in 2004, red states saw a noticeable search spike. Same for blue states after Obama took office. I guess that is one way to celebrate the new president!

6 The Origin Of "Stag Films"

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Nowadays, over 12% of sites on the world wide web are centered around adult entertainment. After some quick math, that’s about 25 million webpages worth of content to surf through! The average age to start watching these films is around 11 years old. Kids are watching it before they hit puberty. So they aren’t even using deodorant yet!

5 Women Are Paid More Than Men

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You may watch a film and wonder, just how much these people are being paid. As a result, number five deals with men (and women) in the industry. Since it’s safe to assume industry actors watch their industry too, we’ll just dive right in.

It turns out that, although there is an unfortunate inequality in pay between men and women in America, there is an industry where women come out on top. For heterosexual content, women get paid significantly more than men. Usually at least twice as much, if not more.

4 Impact On Relationships

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As we mentioned earlier (rather briefly) there is a correlation between staying faithful and watching adult entertainment. When the Illicit Encounters website conducted a survey, they found that 72% of men watched adult entertainment before their infidelity. After the men cheat on their partners, that number drops to 34%!

3 Potentially Negative Effects

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Another study found that exposure to adult entertainment can have an adverse effect on a man’s feelings toward his partner. Throughout the study, researchers discovered a number of surprising character and relationship fluctuations.

Men were found to have a decreased level of satisfaction with not only the way their partners looked, but also with the way their partners behaved sexually. Men also had less real-life, live-action sex with their girlfriends. They became less attentive to their partners. They also exhibited more dominating characteristics.

2 Adult Films and the FOMO

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The same study had some answers. It ties in to FOMO, or the Fear of Missing Out (to be clear, the study did not call it FOMO). A very valid fear, to be sure. So much is happening all the time, there’s no way to do it all and you may always wonder if you are with the best partner for you. Though spoiler alert, you should ideally have more confidence in your partner than that.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand! The study suggests that, because adult entertainment exposes men to this near-infinite number of highly desirable sexual partners, these men (and to be fair, it happened to women in the study too) realized all the sexual partners they were missing out on. This kind of awareness pulled them out of the moment and put them into a kind of agitated FOMO state.

1 Hardwiring

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We figured we needed to throw you one bone on this list. You’ve earned it. You haven’t watched adult films for the whole time it’s taken you to read the article! We assume, anyway. We really have no way of knowing. Do what you have to do.

So it turns out, all the adult films and habits associated with them could be a survival and procreation advantage! Men might actually be genetically hardwired to perk up at the slightest slip of a nip. If we are easy to arouse, we can guarantee we’re ready to “go” as soon as the time is right.

Researchers suspect this could be the work of mirror neurons. It’s a situation where neurons fire the same way when an action is actually being performed as when the action is just being watched. So, yes, we could just be hardwired to enjoy watching adult films. There really are no shortage of advantages that came with evolution!


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10 Eye Opening Facts About Watching Adult Entertainment