10 Excruciatingly Embarrassing Celebrity Moments in 2015

Ah, embarrassing moments. They happen to the best of us, and while we like to pretend that celebrities are infallible, they have their fair share of awkward and oopsy-daisy moments just like the rest

Ah, embarrassing moments. They happen to the best of us, and while we like to pretend that celebrities are infallible, they have their fair share of awkward and oopsy-daisy moments just like the rest of us. From botched lyrics to wardrobe issues to slips and falls off the stage, celebrities have gone through many embarrassing situations. They have it worst of all because they go through the emotional turmoil in the public eye!

This list of 10 excruciatingly embarrassing celebrity moments in 2015 will leave you shaking your head and being thankful that it was not you! Even old pros like Madonna, The Edge, and Britney Spears get stuck in a bit of awk-sauce now and again. No matter the age, embarrassment does not discriminate. Everyone can relate to feeling abashed by something, but we are pretty sure that these ten moments take the cake for cringe-inducing sticky situations!

We hope you enjoy reading about John Travolta's never-ending saga of creepiness, Justin Bieber's bout of amnesia, and Kim Kardashian's super-chic clothing choice that went up in flames. You may turn red just reading about these moments of pure embarrassment! It just reminds us that the rich and famous are just like us: klutzy, forgetful, and sometimes just plain silly.

10 Madonna's Mighty Fall

Madonna is aging gracefully, but sometimes she has a slip-up and sometimes it looks quite painful. While performing at the Brit Awards, Madge took a seriously embarrassing stumble as she was accidentally pulled by her cape and went flying backwards off the stage. Talk about ouch! To her credit, it was not entirely her fault that she slipped. One of her backup dancers had stepped on her long, flowing cape, causing her to lose her balance. We can only imagine how that dancer must feel! Like a pro, Madge got back up and finished the song. 'Atta girl; way to go, Lady M!

9 Rita Ora's “Nip Slip”


Celebrities will never be without the all-too-familiar wardrobe malfunction. From too-tight dresses, to shorts that show a whole lotta booty, to trousers that split and tear, there is always a disaster to be had. So when Rita Ora's left breast decided to come out to play, it was not so much surprising as it was embarrassing. Rita's dress was classy and structured, but apparently not enough to avoid a potential “nip slip.” Her nipple was just about to pop out of her dress and the neckline looked disjointed and uncomfortable. Will we ever live in a world without cleavage? We may never know.

8 Kim Kardashian Gets Too Hot


Kim Kardashian is not afraid to make a statement, but we certainly do not think she wanted to be on fire. During an A-list event, Kim was walking around with hubby Kanye West while rubbing elbows with other elite stars. She stopped to pose with Pharrell Williams and his main squeeze for the perfect photo-op. Yet Pharrell noticed that Kim was looking particularly hot that night - too hot! Her feathered shoulder had actually caught on fire and was blazing away! Pharrell helped her put out the flame and Kim graciously thanked him in public. At least she was graceful about her embarrassment!

7 The Edge Goes Offstage

You could say that The Edge went over the edge during one of U2's concerts. Fans were shocked when The Edge was just calmly strumming away at his guitar while meandering along a narrow catwalk-type stage structure. All of a sudden he took a step and – ah! - there was nothing underneath of him! He took a step into the utter blackness and fell into the depths of embarrassment and pain (otherwise known as the floor a few feet below the stage.) The band continued playing and finished up the song, but the damage was already done. Embarrassment to the max!

6 John Travolta Continues to be Creepy


John Travolta just can't stop being creepy it seems. Scarlett Johansson fell victim to one of his creeper attacks when Travolta tried to kiss her from behind while on the red carpet for the Oscars. It was a painfully awkward moment for poor Scarlett, and her face looks both stunned and peeved. We feel for her and definitely would not want Travolta sneaking up behind us and trying to plant his lips on us! He also showed his creepiness when he touched Idina Menzel's face while presenting onstage at the Oscars. Two weird stunts in one night is just way too much!

5 Drake Gets More Than He Bargained For


When Drake was attending one of Madge's concerts, the aging pop star actually bent down, grabbed the rapper's face, and embraced him in a full lip-lock! Yes, Madonna kissed him. How awkward, gross and embarrassing! It was a painful moment for everyone; the audience was stunned, Drake felt violated and grossed out (just look at the photos and see the appalled look on his face) and Madge was left looking like a creepy cougar. This one was just all-around awk-sauce, and it is probably safe to say that Drake will not be going to another Madonna concert any time soon. Sorry, Madge!

4 Brooklyn Beckham Being Chaperoned


Brooklyn Beckham is the oldest child of David and Victoria. As the offspring of a hottie soccer player and a former Spice Girl, he is bound to be attractive. And believe it or not, little Brooklyn is already 16 years old! He is just about old enough to start dating (lucky teenage girls!) Yet, his father does not seem to think he is old enough to go on a date alone. Yep, David Beckham himself served as a chaperone for Brooklyn when he went on his first date. Aw, how cute. Or not. Let us hope the other kids don't face this embarrassing fate.

3 The Biebs Forgets the Words

Poor Justin Bieber can never seem to get a break. When he appeared on stage as a musical guest for Ariana Grande, he was supposed to help her out by singing a duet with her. Well, he made a pretty crappy duet partner – he forgot the lyrics to her song, “Love Me Harder”! The Biebs just shimmied around on stage and tried some mumbling techniques to play it off, but we all knew that he had fumbled his part in the song. Ariana was graceful with him, but maybe backstage she was able to let him face her fury!

2 Britney Loses Her Hair

Britney Spears can pretty much get away with anything nowadays, and ever since she shaved her head, there really is not much else she can do to make us question her actions. So when she performed live on stage at a show and one of her thick, blonde hair extensions fell out, we were not really phased. We just felt her embarrassment as part of her hair lay there on the stage. The fact that she and her backup dancers were all dressed in black made it even more noticeable. Yikes! We suppose that is better than a bald head; at least she had some hair still on her!

1 Jessie J Rips Her Pants


It is a good thing that pop star Jessie J was just heading to the movie theater, because she experienced a major wardrobe malfunction while there. Her gorgeous (and tight) leather pants split open at the crotch, causing an embarrassing paparazzi photo-op. Yet, the singer took it in stride and even joked about it with fans on her Instagram account. Way to not let embarrassment take over! She took it like a champ, and hey, Jessie J can definitely pull off showing some skin. We just hope that next time it's deliberate and does not interfere with some R & R, such as a trip to the movies!



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