10 Examples of Outrageous Celebrity Spending

While we all certainly can admit to having a shopping trip that seriously wreaked havoc on our bank account or purchasing an expensive item that brought on a bit of buyer’s remorse, most of us don’t make a habit of it. Truly the shopping habits of the world have changed radically with the growing popularity of online retailers at which you can make a dent in your wallet with the click of the mouse. However, most of us have a stopping point which usually coincides with our credit card balance.

Yet, when you are among the nation’s elite group of celebrity entertainers, money may seem to actually grow on trees. These guys and gals are bringing in hundreds of thousands of dollars for one event so, perhaps, it’s no wonder that they may get a little crazy with their spending. Well, really crazy! And, for them, there’s no need for buyer’s remorse because even though they may spend excessively—there’s plenty more where that came from! From dog mansions to solid gold toilets, get ready to be blown away by the outrageous ways these 10 celebs burned through their cash.

10  10. Ke$ha

Watch out crafters, you have a bit of competition! Looks like we have found the culprit who is keeping Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, and all the other craft stores booming with business. Pop star, bad girl, Ke$ha reportedly is buying up one particular craft supply by the boatload: glitter! The singer’s lyrics that imply “glitter on the floor” and “throw some glitter, make it rain” are meant to be taken literally. According to a 2011 Vanity Fair interview she spends more on glitter each month than most people spend on their mortgage payment. How much is she forking over to keep her concerts and videos sparkly? Thousands.

9 Victoria Beckham

Considering that Posh is a former member of an internationally known pop girls group and is married to soccer superstar David Beckham, we would expect no less from her than to be living lavishly. Furthermore, this ex-Spice Girl has become a raving fashion maven and she reportedly spends quite a bundle to maintain that title. Posh is said to have a $2 million and rising collection of the high-end and highly coveted Birkin bags by Hermes. She was once taking calls from a $33,000 24-karat gold iPhone 4. Plus, Posh isn’t stingy. When she was expecting her fourth child and first daughter, Harper, she went all out with a fully designed nursery costing around $240,000.

8 Justin Bieber

The “Baby” singer danced his way onto the music scene in 2010 and won the hearts of tweens around the world. No one can pinpoint whether it was his soft voice pelting lyrics of love, his baby face, or that weird yet somehow appealing hairdo that made us like the singer. While many could not mimic his voice or face, Bieber haircuts became the rage. How much does the star spend on his trademark ‘do? In an interview with Life& Style, the star’s stylist Vanessa Price says his haircut costs approximately $750 and she cuts it every few weeks. But that’s not all this good boy gone bad blows cash on. “Page Six” of the New York Post reports that Bieber spends an unbelievable $1 million dollars a month on his entourage, drugs, and partying. He even blew through $75,000 in a Miami strip-club in January 2014 in a single night!

7 Drake

Another Canadian-born musician who enjoys ‘making it rain’ in the strip-club is Drake. Many have wondered if the singer/rapper has a spending addiction because he has been fabulously known for blowing money. He reportedly rained down over $50,000 on the dancers in one North Carolina club in 2013 where there was so much cash in the air it eventually begin to pile up on the floor. That’s far from the worst spending the rapper has done. While Drake has a net worth of over $35 million and spouted the humble line of having “started from the bottom”, he is not shy to spend now that he’s rich. In addition, to maintaining a lavish lifestyle of expensive clothes, homes, and parties, Drake also owns a Bugatti Veyron worth an estimated $3.4 million.

6 Kelly Rowland

The “Motivation” singer is reportedly worth a generously cool $30 million. And she is one example of the price of having even richer friends. While Kelly isn’t usually criticized for making outrageous purchases, she changed that when her friend Queen Bey was expecting back in 2011. Now, a child of hip hop royalty is expected to have the best which is why Auntie Kelly dropped a staggering $5,200 on a Swarovski-crystal studded Baby Diamond pink bathtub.

5 Beyoncé

Making up one-half of the highest grossing couple in entertainment doesn't come cheap. Everyone splurged when it came to the arrival of Jay and Bey’s first child, including Mama Bey! She reportedly spent millions outfitting their Tribeca apartment for their bundle of joy. And when Mommy and Daddy are watching a game at the Barclays Center, Blue Ivy has her own $1 million a year nursery to play in there as well. Plus, to further celebrate the beautiful child they brought into the world, Beyoncé gifted her hubby a $40 million private jet for his first Father’s Day. But, hey, that’s no big deal coming from an extravagant star who wears a new pair of $60 mink eyelashes—every day!

4 Lady Gaga

This woman is known for her quirks and eccentricities so we can imagine she is shelling out quite a bit of dough to keep it original. From her meat outfits to a custom-made egg contraption, Lady Gaga breaks the bank on her appearance—literally. The star was reportedly spending millions on costumes for her “Monster’s Ball” tour. Her spending became so overwrought that the star ended up $3 million in debt. Fortunately, she signed a $40 million deal with Live Nation just in the nick of time. And, as far as we can see, her recent fashion choices are less daring and have toned done quite a bit. Perhaps, Mama Monster is now traveling the road of wiser financial decisions.

3 Paris Hilton

The heiress to the Hilton Hotel fortune certainly doesn’t have to live frugally. With a net worth well over $100 million this heiress can do as she pleases. Driving around in a bubblegum pink Bentley is just one of the perks of being a rich socialite. However, Paris took her spending a bit too far when she commissioned a miniature mansion replica for her pups. The heiress spent over $325,000 in 2009 for the fully furnished house that is exponentially larger than the average dog house. It has crystal chandeliers, crown molding and central air. Recently, Hilton has decided to upgrade the doggie manor to include a flat-screen TV since her pooches are growing up.

2 Kanye West

Any list of extravagant spenders wouldn’t be complete without Yeezy. In 2010, Kanye splurged by removing his bottom row of teeth and replacing them with a gold and diamond-encrusted bar which has been estimated to cost upwards of $60,000 depending on the quality of the chosen stones. Now that Kanye is a father and husband he has others whom he can spoil with outlandish, pricey gifts. For the first Mother’s Day he gave Kim Kardashian a beautiful yet excessive wall of flowers. Just days later, yet another large wall of flowers—roses, hydrangea, peonies, and turberose—was featured at the couple’s wedding in Florence, Italy. The overall flower budget for the wedding could have bought a very nice home in America at a grand total of $136,000--making up a small percentage of the estimated $3 million wedding. We wonder what happened to the Mother’s Day flowers. Hopefully, they were donated for some less fortunate couple’s wedding.

1 Kim Kardashian

It’s no secret that the socialite-turned-celebrity leader of the Kardashian clan seems to think money grows on trees. Her ridiculous spending habits have been on display for the world to see since “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” first aired years ago. The socialite and entrepreneur drops cash like its burning her hands. In 2013, together with her now husband Kanye West, Kim went shopping for the pair’s new mansion and racked up quite a bill--$767,000 on four gold-plated toilets, $444,000 on six luxury beds, and $325,000 on kitchen appliances including an over-the-top Swarovski crystal-encrusted freezer. Furthermore, Life & Style reports that Kim is running through over $1 million a month which includes a fancy $100,000 Cartier watch which she gifted to Kanye. Although the two combined are said to be worth $155 million, we’d like to think they are putting some of that monetary legacy aside for baby North’s future, and the future of any upcoming Kimye babies.

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