10 Ex-Disney Stars Who Sabotaged Their Clean Image

Disney is known for being very kid friendly. Their theme parks are world-renown for fun and excitement for the whole family. They also have amazing television shows and multiple TV channels that feature all kinds of family friendly entertainment. Stars are born on those Disney television shows. From singers to actors and actresses, Disney has produced many, many legendary stars. Some of their creations have been A-List actors and some of the hottest and best pop singers in the world. And then there are others who weren’t able to hold it together and make it after their time with Mickey Mouse. There are no guarantees, but one thing is for certain, the pressures and expectations that come along with being a young Disney star are not easy for these new celebrities.

Child stardom is not an easy thing. When your ego is fed and millions of fans are falling at your feet, it is hard to remember that you are a human being. Sometimes the celebrity status comes too fast and furious for the young talent to handle. That is when things start to go wrong and young kids become teenagers who subsequently make poor choices. With all the celebrity status and money that goes along with it, these child stars end up putting themselves in very bad situations. From drugs and alcohol addiction to other dark troubles, these Disney stars don’t always live out a magical life and there are no guarantees for a happy ending.

Here are 10 Ex-Disney Stars Who Sabotaged Their Clean Image.

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10 Zac Efron - From Musicals To Cocaine

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9 Shia LaBeouf - Nothing Even About Shia

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8 Vanessa Hudgens - Broke Free Of Disney With Nude Selfies

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Vanessa Hudgens is a difficult read. She is one of those Disney stars that felt trapped by her squeaky clean image and wanted to break free and showcase her more mature, sexual side. Hudgens landed a lead role in Disney’s wildly successful High School Musical franchise. The multi-talented actress seemed as if she was going to rise into larger Hollywood roles until nude photos of her were leaked online at three different times; many of them selfies. It was clear that Hudgens wanted to break free of the Disney image and actively was shopping her body around.

Hudgens then appeared in the movie Spring Breakers and played a character that participated in robberies, murder and threesomes. She clearly decided to go anti-Disney. We have no idea where Hudgens will land, but the young talent on the verge of bigger things seems pretty far away at the moment.

7 Lindsay Lohan - The Party Trap

Ah, Lindsay Lohan, the gift that keeps on giving for celebrity screw-up lists. Lohan was a Disney darling; she burst onto the scene by playing lovable twins in the film The Parent Trap. A young Lohan played a cute duel role and then further established herself in such teen films like Freaky Friday and Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. At this point, it looked as though Lohan was going to conquer Hollywood and soar to A-List actress status. Then came the collapse. A series of bad off-set incidents and late casting calls got her an embarrassing public scolding during the film Georgia Rules.

Since, Lohan has been in and out of rehab more than some people visit a McDonalds drive-thru. The unfortunate turn has been highlighted by both alcohol and drug addiction. Her run of partying that featured both cocaine and excessive drinking lead to some terribly embarrassing moments. The jury is still out on Lohan’s present and future, but one thing is for certain, she no longer looks like the beautiful up-and-coming star.

6 Mischa Barton - Tried To Kill Herself

5 Britney Spears - From Mickey Mouse To Sex Icon

One of our favorite little Mouseketeers of all time, Britney Spears exploded onto the world scene when she played the objectified role of a naughty Catholic school girl in a video for her hit single “Hit Me Baby.” Spears was seen as a young teenage superstar and everyone incorrectly assumed she was interested in a Disneyesque kind of image. That changed fast as Spears drove as far away from her Mouseketeer days as she possible could, turning into a version of pre-90s Madonna on the world and trying to turn her young pipes into a cauldron of sexual dynamite.

Things got weird when Spears got wasted and married a close childhood friend in Las Vegas. The marriage lasted a whole 55 hours. Then, she married Kevin Federline. She was also linked to partying with the Paris Hiltons and Lindsay Lohans of the world. She was partying while she had two young children at home. She also mixed in an impromptu head shaving and flashing her privates to the paparazzi during this phase of her life. Things have seemingly calmed down for Spears who looks more under control these days, but holy cow, we didn’t think she’d make it for a while there.

4 Miley Cyrus - Hannah Likes Pot And Alcohol

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Miley Cyrus, who exploded onto the scene with the television show Hannah Montana, is daughter to country singing star Billy Ray Cyrus. Gifted with a bit of a golden spoon, Montana does have her own talents. She showcased explosive personality and a fine singing voice on her entertaining Disney series. But she grew tiresome of the success garnered by Hannah Montana and slowly but surely broke free from the television creation. Once she successfully did so, she was taking off her clothes, partying, using at least pot and alcohol, and taking off her clothes some more.

It seemed like Cyrus was hell-bent on getting naked as much as possible and trying to get attention for just about anything she could. Her partying ways have continued but have not yet derailed her success. Although she isn’t nearly as popular today as she once was just a few years prior, Cyrus is still out there and probably taking more half-naked selfies for the world to chew on.

3 Demi Lovato - Self-Processed Addict

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Long before Demi Lovato was climbing the music charts, she was a beloved Disney star. She played the lead in As the Bells Rings, Camp Rock and Sonny with a Chance. Lovato was clearly a triple threat with good looks to go along with acting ability and a great voice. However, early success lead to numerous struggles as Lovato has had a well-publicized slew of issues that have haunted her. In 2010, her issues caused her to drop out of a Jonas Brothers tour and sent her to rehab and counseling to deal with her problems. From alcohol and drug addictions to bulimia and self-injury, Lovato has pretty much been through it all. She also has shared her issues with the public to increase awareness. These days, Lovato has turned a corner and seems primed for a Disney happy ending.

2 Bobby Driscoll - Disney's First Star

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Bobby Driscoll was considered Disney’s first ever child star. He played the lead in classic films like Treasure Island and Peter Pan. In 1950, he received a Juvenile Oscar for his outstanding performances in feature films. Driscoll was clearly a young man on the rise. But by the 1950s, fame and fortune proved too fast and furious for the star. He became addicted to drugs and Disney cut ties with the former child star.

In 1956, Discoll’s life continued to spiral when he was arrested on a felony narcotic charge. "I was 17 when I first experimented with the stuff,” Bobby explained to the LA Times. “In no time I was using whatever was available... mostly heroin, because I had the money to pay for it.” In 1968, at just 31 years of age, the child star was found dead in an abandoned apartment building in New York’s Lower East Side. Bobby Driscoll’s body wasn’t claimed for nearly two years.

1 Monet Monico - Done By Addiction

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Monet Monico was a young singer and actress who looked like one of those next verging stars in the Disney juggernaut. She starred on the television show The Suite Life with Zach and Cody and was opening for teen heartthrob Jessie McCartney (who also only had 15 minutes of fame). Things were looking up for the beautiful young blonde. But two years after having acting and singing success, she went from a teenage up-and-comer to homeless heroin addict. By her 21st birthday, Monico was under the thumb of the addictive drug. “You’re living in a park, bathing in a public bathroom,” Dr. Phil chided her during an appearance on his show. But Monet was unmoved. “All I care about is getting high.” Monet’s mother, meanwhile, who hadn’t seen her daughter in many months, broke down and sobbed as she watched taped footage of her daughter smoking and shooting up heroin. Monico hasn’t appeared in a movie or television show since 2009.

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