10 Disgusting Things That Will Happen If You Don't Shower

Whether it be you are too hungover, too tired or just damn right too lazy, we've all been there, deciding to just skip that shower for a personal wash instead or even just a quick swipe with the roll on deodorant. You promise yourself that tomorrow you'll have an even longer rinse just to make up for it, plus it's only for a day right? What's the worst that could happen? Well to answer your question, probably nothing, however depending on how long you go without a proper cleansing session can in reality become a dangerous unhygienic game of Russian roulette.

Thankfully it is very unlikely that you won't suffer anything short of a bad smell and disappearing friendships, yet in some cases those are not so fortunate. But how long is too long? A week long grubby, damp and mud caked festival lined with portaloos and missing toilet paper? A backpacking paradise along a blistering and scorching trail with sweat encrusted perspiration. Whatever the case, the lack of cleaning and washing yourself can truly result in some terrifying prospects worthy of you never opting out of a shower ever again.

So next time you feel too exhausted to take off your clothes and hop in the shower or that one morning you choose to skip the hot box rather than your breakfast, think twice. Here are 10 disgusting things that will happen if you don't shower.

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10 Scummy Toe Nails

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And you thought your toe nails were safe? With feet already famed for having a bad reputation among rank smells and cheesy substances, it is your toenails that are the real villain. Yes, hanging around in sweaty socks all day clearly does nobody any good, plus with the added dirt and grime your feet and toes collect throughout the day, the toenail becomes a nice house to store it in. With your toes at risk to forms of athlete's foot and cracked skin, these infections can be extremely dangerous and in worse case scenarios result in a loss of a limb. Remember that!

9 The Dirty Lurgy

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Due to the hefty amount of nasty bacteria already sitting nicely on your skin, it then becomes extremely important to wash, bathe and clean the germs that are so happy causing trouble and generally being a nuisance. With this harmful bacteria increasing in size every time you skip the shower, the result can turn into a nasty little surprise such as skin infections, eye complaints and stomach viruses. So to avoid these little nasties making their way into your system and flushing out your innards, bathe before they get you!

8 You Begin To LOOK Filthy

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If skin infections and eye goo isn't enough for you then your body will also begin to look unwashed and unkempt. Yes, the more and more you go without showering the more dirt and grime will begin to build up, cultivating in big brown stains smeared across your body and face. Gross. So when it gets to the point that you are beginning to match the appearance of human soil bank 'Pigpen' from Charles M. Schulz popular comic strip Peanuts, it is probably a good time to ditch that cloud of soot by giving your skin a welcome break.

7 Grotty Fingernails

A breeding ground for disease, your fingernails collect so much crap that it is in fact one of the most popular ways of spreading infection. With your hands taking center stage as movable dirt transporters, nothing is safe. From scratching your skin, picking your teeth, blowing your nose to wiping your eyes, your fingernails have a way of dropping off unwanted grime. So with diseases such as rhinovirus, norovirus and fungi infections paving the way, be sure to scrub extra vigilantly under those hard shells upon your fingers.

6 Navel Stones

Prepare to be grossed out. Probably one of the most vomit inducing things on the list: a naval stone, also known as an omphalitis, is a big black mass made up of sebum and keratin disposition. Basically, muck, yuck and grot from not washing like you are supposed to. Although not known to cause much of a problem, the stones have attributed to infections and inflammation of the belly button. However they usually go unnoticed, so next time you are standing in the shower or taking a nice hot warm bath, just dig around the navel area and give it that much needed care.

5 Lubricated Locks

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Although it is widely known that washing your hair everyday is ill advised, it is still better to do at least once in awhile. In fact it is recommended that you wash your hair every other day with the correct products and letting it dry naturally, and if you don't? It will continue to get dirtier and dirtier all while producing a ton of oil and giving that sexy slick Rick look from Grease. Plus if you are prone to using dry shampoo to combat that slippery shine then think again, the dirt and debris can cause irritation and will severely spoil your scalp. However if you are really brave you can follow the advice of most experts everywhere by just giving up washing all together. Eventually your hair is said to adapt, change and stop producing oil and grease resulting in the perfect self washing mane.

4 Don't Forget Down Below

Just as important for others as it is for yourself, your downstairs area should be the number one thing to take care of and clean properly. Whilst not going into too much detail, leaving those nether regions unclean and dirty can result in dangerous and severe problems down the line. For example, not only do you smell bad  (a real turn off by the way) but you open yourself up to disease and infection. With different methods for different genders, it is important to know the correct ways to wash, which hopefully you should know by now, right? And remember, both sides!

3 Spotty Skin

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We are constantly being told to wash our faces, remove any makeup and moisturize, but is there any truth in these directions? The answer is, yes, kind of, especially if you wear make up. The main thing, however, is that without the correct exfoliation the layers of dead skin builds up all while lapping up the layers of dirt and crust. Without removing this your skin becomes irritated, producing acne, dryness and a nasty grubby texture. If you are super unlucky, then your skin will then begin to produce more oil to fight the layers of dehydration, resulting in the teenage look you thought you had escaped years ago.

2 Don't Let The Bedbugs Bite!

Be warned, it's not just your body that smells bad and looks filthy, your clothes and sheets can also be affected too. With sweat, germs and layers of grime making their way from your body to your bed and various other places, the seeds spread resulting in skin infections, eczema and inflammations. Plus make sure you wash those sheets too, with the majority of bed spreads proven to be soaked in urine, perspiration and fecal matter. And it's not just your body in danger, with recent studies suggesting that child infections are likely to come from unkempt bed sheets and under cleaning.

1 You Stink!

Probably the most obvious but definitely the most concerning; everybody knows that if you don't wash you end up stinking to high heaven. With the human body containing a number of things such as yeast, fungi and bacteria, not washing it off will not only cause it to stubbornly stick but to severely smell, especially with added perspiration. Not an attractive look, sweat not only sends people heading into a different direction but will also crust over just waiting for that next batch to join it. Therefore your body smells, your feet stink and your clothes are also encrusted with whiffy bacteria. Mmmmmm yummy.

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