10 Disgusting Things That Will Happen If You Don't Shower

Whether it be you are too hungover, too tired or just damn right too lazy, we've all been there, deciding to just skip that shower for a personal wash instead or even just a quick swipe with the roll on deodorant. You promise yourself that tomorrow you'll have an even longer rinse just to make up for it, plus it's only for a day right? What's the worst that could happen? Well to answer your question, probably nothing, however depending on how long you go without a proper cleansing session can in reality become a dangerous unhygienic game of Russian roulette.

Thankfully it is very unlikely that you won't suffer anything short of a bad smell and disappearing friendships, yet in some cases those are not so fortunate. But how long is too long? A week long grubby, damp and mud caked festival lined with portaloos and missing toilet paper? A backpacking paradise along a blistering and scorching trail with sweat encrusted perspiration. Whatever the case, the lack of cleaning and washing yourself can truly result in some terrifying prospects worthy of you never opting out of a shower ever again.

So next time you feel too exhausted to take off your clothes and hop in the shower or that one morning you choose to skip the hot box rather than your breakfast, think twice. Here are 10 disgusting things that will happen if you don't shower.

10 Scummy Toe Nails


9 The Dirty Lurgy


8 You Begin To LOOK Filthy


7 Grotty Fingernails

6 Navel Stones

5 Lubricated Locks


4 Don't Forget Down Below

3 Spotty Skin


2 Don't Let The Bedbugs Bite!

1 You Stink!

Probably the most obvious but definitely the most concerning; everybody knows that if you don't wash you end up stinking to high heaven. With the human body containing a number of things such as yeast, fungi and bacteria, not washing it off will not only cause it to stubbornly stick but to severely smell, especially with added perspiration. Not an attractive look, sweat not only sends people heading into a different direction but will also crust over just waiting for that next batch to join it. Therefore your body smells, your feet stink and your clothes are also encrusted with whiffy bacteria. Mmmmmm yummy.


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10 Disgusting Things That Will Happen If You Don't Shower