The 10 Biggest Secrets Women Don't Know About Men

It's often said that women are the more mysterious sex. Supposedly, some men try their whole lives to grasp female behavior, believing that their wives or girlfriends are just unendingly complicated. While that may be a fair assessment in some cases, that doesn't mean that men don't sometimes leave women scratching their heads too.

Women may like to believe that they completely know their boyfriend or husband inside and out. Just like women though, all men are different. Even if you spend years with one, some unanswered questions will linger. There will still a handful of things he does that makes any woman wonder; what's he thinking?

A man of few words - and that's a lot of them - is an even tougher nut to crack, try as women may. As women favour verbose communication, and men tend to be more strong and silent, it can sometimes feel like men and women are speaking completely different languages.

So what's he hiding from her? Even if a man did begin dropping hints revealing any of his little secrets, some of them are pretty tough pills to swallow. Women; if you're feeling brave and you want to be ready to approach your next date or partner argument with the upper hand, these insights could be good to know.


10 Adult Entertainment Is Never Off The Table


A lot of women are uncomfortable with their man watching explicit adult entertainment. There's the fear that a guy may be more attracted to an x-rated actress than his wife or girlfriend, that he may think that sex is really like it is in those videos, or that he may develop some kinky, unsavory tastes from what he watches.

As a result, some women might be tempted to ask their boyfriend or husband to stop viewing adult entertainment altogether. Sure, he may quit the habit for a while only to resume it after the argument blows over. Or he may just become sneakier about it so his significant other won't find out. Even if you do convince your guy to leave adult entertainment behind, he may become bitter.

With more and more women admitting to watching adult material themselves, it's potentially hypocritical to be as tough on guys who enjoy it. Unless a man would rather hang around on his computer or tablet than experience real intimacy with you, there should be no problem with it. Couples should try watching some saucy entertainment together one night, with the possibility of even picking up a few ideas.

9 They Always Like to Appear Financially Secure


Equality in all areas is still something that society is striving towards. However, some men just can't help but feel troubled and inferior if their girlfriend or wife makes considerably more money than them. Even if you two bring in about the same amount of dough, if a man can't manage his finances, he will go to great lengths to hide this information.

This isn't likely to be personal. Instead, men need to feel like providers; it's evolutionary hard-wiring, in the same way men like to fix broken items around your apartment, or get your car running for you again. Therefore, if his bank account is in the red, he's may feel pretty second-rate.

8 Men Hide Their Lack of Direction

Everyone has experience indecision before; switching a major a few times, trying out a job or two before settling on your current career. Men and women are both prone to the same indecision and confusion about their future - you're just not likely to hear men talking about it.

Like it or not, the world has a certain view of men and the way that they should act in any given situation. They're supposed to have all facets of their lives together. Anything that could chip that facade, such as contemplating changing careers or feeling directionless, would somehow make a man less masculine.

Your guy may not feel too sure of his professional future for any number of reasons. He's more likely to try to figure it out himself though than ever involve you. It's not necessarily personal though.

7 Men Need To Be Reassured About Their Looks


Few things are better in life than when your better half compliments you in a sincere way. It boosts your confidence, lifts your spirits, and makes you feel like you can conquer the world. However, you have to make sure that the affection isn't one-sided.

Although there's far less emphasis placed on vanity in a man's world, boyfriends and husbands still need to feel attractive and desired by their other halves. However, he probably wouldn't ever tell you something like that, so it's up to you to be intuitive enough. Don't lay on the compliments too thick, because that can come across as disingenuous. Instead, a man will love it if a woman tells him how handsome he is from time to time and really means it.

6 They Hate It When You Don't Participate

Generally, courtship rules as old as time dictate that the man chases the woman, who is a prize to be won. Today, everyone still believes in this somewhat outdated ideal; the woman waits for the man to text and call first during the early dating stages, and even typically allows the man to plan most of those first outings.

However, once in a relationship, the two parties need to split the effort. Men will most likely respond favorably to the woman taking initiative - and if he doesn't, then you might want to be wary of his antiquated standards. Men will grow to resent having to do all the work while women remain passive, especially if a woman who doesn't actively participate then complains about the state of the relationship.

5 Men Have Sexual Fantasies Too


Yes, a lot of men are just happy to be having regular sex with an attractive woman, but that doesn't mean that there isn't more beneath the surface. Just as women have that perfect sex scenario that they would love to try out someday, guys do too.

There are a few reasons why he may keep them to himself. Perhaps the fantasy is all about his needs and he doesn't want to come across as selfish, or perhaps it's a more extreme type of sex and he doesn't want to spook you. If you really want to know what your man's sexual fantasies are, bring up yours sometime and then ask if there's anything he would love to see happen. You just may be surprised.

4 Men Love Feeling Like Men

These days, when a man holds a door open for a woman, he could get one of two reactions. She may either thank him and go about her way or she may insist that she can handle it herself. While women are quite capable of opening their own doors (and pulling out their own seats, and fixing their own flat tire, and anything else), there's still something in good old fashioned chivalry. As long as it doesn't come with old fashioned sexism, of course.

Men love to feel like men. When women do every little thing for themselves, it may make guys feel a little emasculated. While sure, that's not exactly fair, if you want your guy thinking that he's able to handle anything, let him do some handiwork from time to time.


3 They Need Their Space


Nothing is worse than two people who were independent with their own friends and hobbies when they were single discarding all of that after getting into a relationship. Whether you live with your love, you two see each other every day, or you're long distance and can't get together as often, you both need to have separate lives.

Spending every last waking second with your significant other is a bad idea. Men and women both like to have time to unwind and be alone, but men might be scared to say this to their significant other in case it causes insult.

2 Yes, Men Think Women Talk Too Much

Do you ever have that feeling, when telling your boyfriend or husband about that funny one-liner your friend said last week or that crazy thing that happened at work yesterday, that he's tuned out and just isn't listening? It's more than a feeling.

Of course, you may have found yourself a chatty guy who's just as comfortable having lengthy conversations as you are. If so, you probably have a keeper. However, not all men are like that; men are known for being less verbally communicative than men, so sometimes those long chats aren't going to work.

1 Men Really Do Check out Other Women


You've probably heard that just because you're with someone doesn't mean that others stop being attractive. Still, girlfriends often get mad at their boyfriends for checking out that other pretty woman at the restaurant/bar/grocery store/etc.

Of course, women have wandering eyes too. It's part of everyone's ancient brain to seek out the best possible partner, but that doesn't mean your partner will act on it.

Of course, if it constantly seems like your boyfriend or husband would rather ogle women than spend some one-on-one time together, you should certainly bring it up. But a little glance at the barista or the waitress doesn't have to be the end of the relationship.

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