10 Dating Sites You Won't Believe Actually Exist

Online dating has exploded in popularity over the past decade, leaving behind older methods such as the classified ads in newspapers or lonely hearts pages. It has proved to be an incredibly successful and lucrative way to match up people looking for relationships as efficiently as possible. Potential couples are able to instantly view photographs of each other, examine their interests and see whether they think a potential date would go much faster and with far less effort than ever before. In a time when so many people are working long hours that leave little time for traditional dating, these online sites have jumped to the rescue by providing a trouble free way to find love.

However, as the internet has shown with its vast number of odd online communities and strange fan bases, online websites can often find niche audiences that other forms of media just cannot. As the internet provides a fair deal of anonymity and allows people to communicate with each other over huge distances, it is the perfect way for those with strange interests to meet other like-minded people without exposing themselves in public settings.

The fact that so many people with a wide variety of tastes, hobbies and interests, want to use these types of services, means that online dating sites that cater to very specific types of people are able to be set up and become a sustainable business despite the relative obscure or bizarre criteria. You might think that many of these sites couldn’t possibly exist, but they are all deadly serious and you can sign up to them right now.

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10 Dead Meet


Dead Meet describes itself as a dating and networking site for those who work in the death industry. Essentially, the death industry is any type of job that involves a professional working or associating with death. It includes the likes of gravediggers, crematorium operators, morticians, and funeral directors. There are also some more exotic roles too, such as medical historians who examine remains to try to better understand diseases, or forensic experts who have to deal with murder cases. As many of these jobs involve working alone or at unsociable hours, it’s no real surprise that they might need a dedicated portal to meet people who aren’t freaked out by what they do for a living.

9 Ashley Madison


Despite being a relatively obscure dating site, Ashley Madison has managed to appear in the media countless times throughout its history. This is because while most dating sites aim to match up people who are single, struggling to find dates or want to start up a new relationship, Ashley Madison instead caters exclusively for those who are already in a relationship. The site is for those looking to cheat on their partner who they are married to, helping them to hook up with others who also want to have an affair. No wonder it is so controversial.

8 Clown Dating


Being a clown can be a lonely business, making it incredibly difficult to find dates. They will either be constantly moving around as part of a circus travelling across the country to different towns and cities, or working unsociable hours at children’s parties or for established businesses. Clown work not only leaves very little time for traditional dating, but the very nature means that you are going to be interacting mostly with children rather than with other adults. This has led to Clown Dating being established so that those working in the industry can meet up with others and not have to worry about them understanding what you do for a living.

7 Singles With Food Allergies


Food allergies can make dating an uncomfortable and potentially dangerous activity. Dates often revolve around food, whether it be a trip to a high quality restaurant or a romantic home-cooked meal. However, if someone is allergic to a certain type of food, it can create awkward situations. Will the other person just think you are a fussy eater or be unaware of the allergy and serve you the offending food by mistake. Even if a relationship does blossom, having to constantly manage the allergy can prove to be problematic, so Singles With Food Allergies was set up to accommodate people who suffer from the issue in the hopes that they can find people who have experience with allergies or have their own specific ones.

6 Ugly Schmucks


Many people feel that they are unattractive and this low self-esteem can mean that they struggle to get the courage to ask people out, initiate contact with strangers or approach people in bars. Also, let’s face the fact that not everyone looks like a model or is inherently beautiful, and that can make life difficult for some people. Ugly Schmucks was created to cater to those people, offering support to its members and allowing them to communicate with others who know how they feel and what they are going through. This, along with a networking function to help hook people up, aims to give people the confidence to go on dates.

5 Sea Captain Date


For those who spend much of their lives at sea, finding a partner can be incredibly difficult. Whether you are a captain in charge of your own vessel, a cleaner who works for a cruise or an entertainer, the job means that you are going to spend the vast majority of your time away from land while you travel around the world. This doesn’t exactly provide the best opportunities to meet new people, socialize or go on dates. One site, Sea Captain Date, saw this problem and set up a service to connect sailors and other people who work on ships with people who either have a job in the same industry, or are understanding of your travel demands.

4 Farmers Only


Farmers Only is one of the most popular niche dating sites on the internet. It grew in popularity very quickly thanks to the fact that it tapped into a previously underrepresented market by targeting the agricultural industry. As the name suggests, Farmers Only is a dating site that only allows members who work on farms or other similar professions, allowing those who work in highly rural areas or in small towns, as most farmers do, to not miss out on the dating scene.

3 Marry Me Already


Marriage is something that couples generally don’t rush into. It can take a relationship many years before both individuals think that getting married is a good idea. After all it is an important decision about spending the rest of your life with someone, so it is a good idea to take time over it. For some people though, that is simply too long to wait. Sometimes it is because of the pressure put on a person to find a husband or wife before they are too old and in other cases, a person may simply be afraid of never getting married. Whatever the case, they don’t have time to find the right person, invest time in a relationship and then get married, they want to get hitched as soon as possible. That is where Marry Me Already comes in, letting those who want to get married quickly meet up.

2 Purrsonals


There’s a somewhat stereotypical view of women who love cats; growing old alone surrounded by their pets. These cat women are shown in television shows and films all the time, yet there is nothing wrong with liking cats. In fact, they are one of the most popular pets in the world and plenty of people, both men and women, love to own one or more. Pets though, can put some people off and if you have taken your love for cats to a level where you own multiple different animals, then it could make dating hard. Unless you use Purrsonals that is, an online dating site that aims to match up cat lovers the world over.

1 I Would Bang You


I Would Bang You is pretty much exactly what you might have imagined when you first read its name. It is an online dating site that is not interested in helping to develop relationships or assist people in finding love. Instead, it is focused solely on letting people who are attracted to each other meet up and have sex. To that end, it doesn’t focus on a person’s hobbies, interests or tastes, rather it only rates members on their physical attractiveness. The site argues that you wouldn’t date someone you wouldn’t want to have sex with, and so that basic need should take precedent over other factors.

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