10 Daredevil Stunts That Almost Ended Tragically

Extreme sports has become a multi-billion dollar industry. Whatever you’d like to do, there’s something in extreme sports for everyone. The list includes earth sports such as mountain biking and snowm

Extreme sports has become a multi-billion dollar industry. Whatever you’d like to do, there’s something in extreme sports for everyone. The list includes earth sports such as mountain biking and snowmobiling. Air sports - base jumping, and sky diving. And water sports like surfing. Adrenaline junkies everywhere are cashing in on the experience. And each year millions of people put their lives at risk for the greatest thrill to feel alive in the moment.

There were more than 4 million injuries in extreme sports between the years 2000 and 2011. Between 2000 and 2010, of the 2.6 million parachute jumps made in the United States, 279 people died. In base-jumping, there is 1 death per every 2,300 jumps. Does that sound risky to you? You can weigh the pros and cons!

With any extreme sport, preparation is key. You must have the necessary skills and training. You'll need to know the proper ways of the game before attempting anything. And medical help should always be available. Confidence is not enough when attempting any of these types of activities.

We can learn a lot from daredevil stuntmen. The extreme team of our world can teach us that there are no limits to what human beings can do. These extreme people push their bodies and brains to the greatest extents even if it means their own demise. Here are 10 Daredevil Stunts That Almost Ended Tragically.

10 Sky Diver Forest Pullman’s Near Death Airplane Collision

This rarely happens. Almost never. But when it did, quick thinking and expert knowledge saved the day for Pullman and his passenger.

“It is common for the pilot to dive the plane at a safe distance. On this jump the pilot messed up in a big, big way. We all are very very lucky. If the wing did hit us it could have crippled us or killed us easily. When I did realize he was going to hit us, all I had time for was to ball up for impact," he said following the incident.

"After the wing had ripped my drogue off, I had no choice but to pull my reserve... Otherwise we would have accelerated past a safe opening speed.”

9 “The Birdman” Crashes Into Table Mountain Flying Over 120 MPH

But a small miscalculation nearly cost Jeb his life. He ended up crashing. “I broke my right ankle. I broke my left ankle. I broke my left fibula. I tore my ACL out of my left knee. I de-gloved both thighs. All of the flesh was ripped off the bone on both sides. I tore a huge monster chunk of flesh out of my shin, which needed skin grafting.” said Corliss following the incident.

8 Base-Jumper Survives 1,000 ft. Free-Fall

“In the hospital, we regard major trauma as a 12 ft fall. A major trauma means we call the whole team. We get surgeons and brain surgeons.” said Dr. Chris Van Tulleken when interviewed about the fall.

“You can condition your body to take impact. And it may be the case with a lot of these extreme sportsman…that they actually get stronger and more robust soaking up impact,” added Tulleken.

7 Martyn Ashton’s Paralysis-Inducing Accident While Recording “Road Bike Party 2”

“I hovered and fell backwards as I had nowhere to step to," he said following the incident. "I fell headfirst downwards with a lot of rotation as well, so as my head and neck hit the ground my legs were still spinning ‘round. They effectively snapped me in half."

6 Laverne Everett’s Semi-Nude Sky Diving Plummet Towards The Ground

5 Troy Hartman Almost Dies In A Free-Falling Car

“That did not go right at all” said Troy, to shocked crew members after the incident. “I tell you what, everybody on the crew thought I was dead, and it was an absolutely horrific moment.”

“One of the guys pushing the car out, [he] accidentally cut the drogue static line. It turned into a more violent free-fall than expected,” he added

4 Richard Henriksen Almost Somersaults To Death

Henriksen and crew were filming an acrobatic stunt for “Normal Madness,” A Norwegian TV show. As soon as a crew member yells, “Whoohooo!,” a bit of trouble sends him flailing off a 4,000 feet cliff. Henriksen narrowly misses hitting his head on the edge of the cliff. And then begins tumbling thousands of feet towards the base of the cliff.

Luckily, Henriksen managed to pull his parachute and escape with his life. Henriksen had time to reflect on the incident with camera crews, stating that “It could well have been that the children could have been without a dad.”

3 Michael Holmes Plunges 15,000 Ft With No Parachute And Survives!

“I’m dead. Bye” are Michael’s last words as he plummets 530 feet towards the surface of the Earth. A broken left ankle. A collapsed and punctured right lung. And broken ribs. This is the only outcome of veteran skydiver Michael Holmes' 2-mile plummet towards the ground. After the incident, Michael describes himself as “one of the luckiest people ever, really.”

2 Professor John All Gets Trapped In A Freezing Crevasse

Things took a turn for the worse when John fell 70 feet into a small crevasse. Luckily, landing “on an ice ledge probably 3 feet wide which saved me from falling further into the crevasse.”

He suffered 1 broken arm, a dislocated shoulder, and broken ribs. Using his 1 good arm, John managed to message for help.“Please call global rescue…I’ll try to survive tonight.” This was his message. Sent to the American Climber Science Program’s Facebook page.

1 Guerlain Chicherit Goes For The Longest Ramp Car Jump Ever

On this particular day, Guerlain wasn’t feeling well. He was going for the longest ramp car jump in history, to take place in Tignes, France. The world record was 332 feet. Chicherit was looking to do 360 feet.

What happens as he goes for the record is all caught on tape. With amazing footage from GoPro, the world can see the face of Chicherit right before impact.

His car flips over seven times. His body jars violently inside the car. Chicherit escapes with only minor injuries.


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10 Daredevil Stunts That Almost Ended Tragically