10 Dangerous Everyday Items Used to Get High

Stop right there. That thing you’re holding in your hand right now could be used to get high.

Okay, so not the computer mouse, but lots of other things. For real. Everyday items you might barely use but have lurking around your house could contain chemicals that can intoxicate you.

Who knew?

Well, more people than you think. And you should, too.

Not because they can get you high – we’re not into that – but because they’re super dangerous if used in any way other than what they’re intended for.

People have actually died because they have tried to use household substances to get high, and they weren’t aware of the dangers of the substances. DIED. Not cool, bro.

The worst part? It’s mostly kids doing this shit. Kids who are pressured by the social norms of teenage life will use whatever they can to get high. They might hear about something, like nail polish remover, that can provide a trippy experience and be tempted to try it themselves so they can go into school the next day and tell the popular kids about how “BA” they are. Sadly, this situation tends to turn out badly with the kid passing away or suffering permanent brain damage.

Peer pressure is a bitch. So is nail polish remover. Don’t drink that stuff.

Household items should not be inhaled, sniffed or injected in any way. If you have kids, then lock that stuff up tight.

Here are 10 dangerous everyday items used to get high:

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10 Freon

Freon is a chemical used in your refrigerator, freezer and AC units to produce cold air. However, it can also get you high if you breathe it in directly. Sound like a bad idea? Yeah, that’s ‘cause it is.

For a while, technicians and repairmen have wondered why some AC units were low on Freon. The geniuses soon figured out people were opening the unit to get to the Freon so they could get high. Freon can damage your liver, heart and brain, and it can cause frostbite on your face and in your airways. It can also cause death.

Do us a favor. Leave the Freon alone, and leave any necessary repairs your appliance may need to the professionals.

9 Nutmeg

Nutmeg is used a lot, especially during the holiday season. You add a touch of it into your eggnog or a pinch on your apple pie, and it adds that little bit of spice that’s just perfect. But anything more than a pinch will send you into a psychological panic attack. Not so festive any more, is it?

Nutmeg’s key chemical is called myristicin, which has a chemical makeup that’s close to ecstasy and amphetamine. Myristicin is a strong hallucinogenic that has a heavy effect, and it only takes five teaspoons of nutmeg to get there. You could spend hours, sometimes days, with symptoms like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness and an elevated heart rate. So please put the nutmeg down – right after you’re done sprinkling some on your apple pie.

8 Glue

You might want to replace the glue with tape for your next arts and crafts project. It might not look as good, but it also won’t affect your mind.

Or kill you. And that’s a good thing.

In case you haven’t figured this out: Glue was not made to be inhaled into your body. It’s made to stick things together. Or, if you’re feeling real crazy, to put on your fingers and peel off when it’s dry.

Glue contains many organic solvents such as acetone, toluene and xylene. These solvents are as bad as they sound. They act as depressants when inhaled into your bloodstream. And, on top of that, inhaling them can damage your brain cells and cause heart failure, which will lead to your death. Definitely not as cool as tape.

7 White Out

This is just another reason why your first draft should always be in pencil.

Correction fluid, the not-so-technical name for what we know by the popular brand White Out, has many chemicals that can make you high when you inhale it. This can cause slurred speech, muscle tremors, hallucinations, kidney damage and permanent damage to your nervous system. There have been reports of kids losing their sense of smell after sniffing too much White Out.

Add that to your list of dangerous office supplies you have lying around. If you have kids, make sure you throw it out. Or put it in the locked drawer you never even open if you’re old-school and refuse to use Microsoft Word to type things up.

6 Cough Syrup

Cough syrup is helpful when you’re hacking up a lung, but that’s pretty much all it’s good for.

Cough syrup is also known as DXM, which is a suppressant that works with your brain to get you to stop coughing. Although it is safe in doses, it can cause a serious high when taken in large portions. Since it alters your brain, drinking a lot of cough syrup can cause hallucinations and strange out-of-body experiences.

Do not take more than the recommended dosages. Those who overdose on cough syrup experience side effects such as higher blood pressure, slowed breathing, nausea, seizures, paranoia, coma and possibly death.

I mean, come on, it doesn’t even taste good.

5 Mulberries

Maybe they aren’t as poisonous as the berries from The Hunger Games, but they still have a negative effect on your body.

It turns out that unripe mulberries contain a white sap that is very hallucinogenic. It’s also a laxative.

Is that quick high really worth all those trips to the bathroom? And since you’re hallucinating, chances are you might not be able to find the bathroom anyway. It’s a lose-lose on all fronts.

So make sure your mulberries are ripe before buying them — and definitely throw them out if you see anything that might resemble white sap. Ain’t nobody got time to deal with that.

4 Whip-Its

The fact that this was discovered as a way to get high really shows that people will do anything for a buzz.

Fun fact: Whip-its are the part of a whipped cream can that forces the cream out of the can. It uses nitrous oxide to force the cream out, and people realized they could inhale this to get high. Whip-its are sold separately, but sometimes people will just take them straight from the can.

Not-so-fun-fact: Whip-its are extremely dangerous. The nitrous oxide gas can cause hearing loss, heart failure, brain damage, suffocation and something known as “sudden sniffing death.” It can also cause severe frostbite on your face.

3 Nail Polish Remover

Chances are, if you live with a woman, she paints her nails — and then removes that polish when it starts to chip. Which is like, every week.

Nail polish remover is harmless when used for its intended purpose. However, it’s dangerous to those who intentionally inhale it. Nail polish remover contains acetone, which slows down bodily functions in the central nervous system. Acetone is also found in paint thinner and other industrial materials.

Nausea, vomiting, headaches, dizziness and unconsciousness are just a few side effects to inhaling nail polish remover.

So add nail polish remover to the list of everyday items you need to store high on a shelf or in a locked drawer. Or just get your girlfriend a gift certificate to get her nails done at the spa.

2 Hand Sanitizer

Germs are bad, right? Well, turns out, so is the stuff keeping your hands germ-free. If you’re a frequent user of the stuff, and have kids around who could get into it, you may want to take your chances with germs instead.

Poison control centers have been reporting cases of young kids and teenagers consuming hand sanitizer. Your regular bottle contains 60 to 65 percent ethanol, which is equal to about five shots of hard liquor per container. Kids are getting drunk off of it really fast and are being sent to hospitals as a result.

Extreme ethanol intake could also cause seizures, hypothermia, cardiac arrest, nausea, irregular heartbeat, coma and other horrible side effects.

Use the Purell only for cleaning your hands. No chugging.

1 Computer Cleaning Products

This one has been around for a while so you might already be aware of it. Teenagers are getting high off of computer cleaners — and they are dying.

“Dusting” became popular in the mid-2000s when teens realized they could get high off of computer dusters that clean keyboards. They would inhale the content and enter a drunken state of hallucination. However, the gas would sometimes replace the oxygen in their lungs and kill them.

Hopefully the creation of tablets and on-screen keyboards will eliminate this problem in the near future. But for now, make sure your computer cleaning products are in a safe place.

Don’t Try This at Home

Please don’t go reaching for these items. They are extremely dangerous, and it’s not worth risking your life for a small high.

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