10 Creepy Things Pulled Out of People's Ears

As if the gunk of ear wax that we pull out of our ears after neglecting them for so long wasn't horrendous enough, you will want to check your ears every second after finding out what weird things these people pulled out of theirs.

We like to think of ourselves as fairly clean people, but sometimes gross things happen to good people. Imagine waking up to find out that an ongoing earache turned out to be the cause of a wandering cockroach. The abysses and crevices of our body can enclose many things, bugs creepily being one of them. Unknowingly, bugs enter our body in our day to day lives with you least expecting it. Urban myths say that the average person swallows eight spiders in their sleep and roughly eight insect particles when we eat chocolate. But the repulsiveness does not cease there. The FDA approves of a small amount of maggots, rodent hair, and mammalian excreta in certain foods. While this is enough to instill fear in people’s minds, these people on this list are probably traumatized for life. From roaches to centipedes, read more to find out which nasty things were removed from these people’s ears.

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9 Moth and Tick

Michael Gorman of Lee Summit Missouri, was in a surprise awakening while with his buddies one night. Out of nowhere, a moth lunged directly into his ear. Gorman explained that he felt the moth bump into his ear, and as soon as he went to smack it, it was too late. The moth found a new home and even brought a roommate-- a tick. As Michael heard the uncontrollable flapping of the moth in his ear, his friends tried to help relieve the moth with a pair of tweezers and a flash light. After struggling to dig deep inside in his ears, they were finally able to kick out the unwelcomed pair.

8 Cricket

After watching doctors remove this live bug from this patient's ear, you will probably be paranoid about any sensation you feel inside your ears (even a sensation that usually feels normal). This unidentified patient went to the doctor after feeling a ticklish feeling in his ear. And no, it was far from a good old-fashioned wet willie. After a successful removal, the doctor revealed to the patient just how big the little sucker was. That is one nightmare that will haunt you forever!

7 Impacted Ear Wax

Cleanliness is next to godliness. However this patient coming in at #8 did not get the memo. Even though earwax does serve a good purpose of keeping out dust and debris, if too much accumulates, it can cause severe earaches and hearing difficulty. This is referred to as cerumen impaction. When this happens, professional removal is required People at risk of cerumen impaction are those with hearing aids, developmental disabilities, and those with differently shaped ear canals which prevents natural wax removal. You may want to keep a wastebasket nearby if you can't stomach this video!

6 June Bug

After a night of playing cards at a friend's house, a June bug decided to crash the party by making its way inside this guy's ear. The bug crawled further and further inside his ear making it difficult to pull out. His girlfriend decided that the best option would to be to pour rubbing alcohol down his ear canal in hopes of killing the bug. The bug died, yet it was so far inside his ear, he had to visit a doctor. After two separate visits to two different doctors, the bug was finally removed.

5 Cockroach

Cockroaches. The thought of them is enough to make you want to squirm. We'll do anything to keep them away with traps, sprays, and roach bombs. Sadly, those combative methods won't rid the entire existence of cockroaches. They are said to be able to survive a nuclear explosion. In that event, they will probably duck for cover and nestle right in your ear, just like this cockroach did. Dr. Ahilasamy of Chennai removed a live cockroach from this patient's ear. Surprisingly, cockroaches are more likely to crawl in your ear, as opposed to any other bug according to studies.

4 Centipede

Envisioning a bug with 10 legs and antennas crawling anywhere near your body is enough to send shivers down your spine. However, this patient coming in at #5, got more than anyone could bargain for. After returning from a beach trip with his family, Grant Botti (14 years old) brought back a rather unusual souvenir. After experiencing an irritating sensation in his ear, he reached inside and pulled out the tail of a four-inch long centipede. What's even more traumatizing is that the bug was still alive! After visiting the hospital, doctors found abrasions in his ear canal most likely caused by the bug. As imagined, doctors said that they've never seen a case quite like this one.

4. Mosquito

You can ask anyone around, and you'll most likely get the same answer, mosquitoes are never any fun. Especially in the hot summertime, and especially when they bite. If both those things aren't annoying enough, imagine when they are stuck in your ear. Yes, that is correct. This patient coming in at #4 suffered from a live mosquito in his/her ear. Luckily, the mosquito was successfully removed. That would certainly be one mosquito bite that would drive anybody insane!

3 Fungal Debris

Paying extra attention to cleaning your ears won't hurt, but neglecting them certainly will. Doctors were called on by this patient to remove fungal debris from his/her ear. I know you are probably thinking: how in the world does somebody neglect their ears so badly to the point where fungus grows?! Well, this condition is actually quite common. It is referred to as otomycosis, and is more common in tropical countries. The two main causes behind otomycosis are mold species: aspergillus or candida. Patients with weak immune systems are more susceptible to getting this infection. You may also want to think twice about sharing headphones with other people after watching this video.

2 Fruit Fly Larvae

With sweet delicious fruit, comes annoying and gross fruit flies. But did you know if you live in a tropical climate, you are susceptible for these little guys to plant their larvae inside your ear? Unfortunately for this 48-year-old Taiwanese woman, that was exactly the case. After suffering a 24 hour long earache, doctors removed her hearing aid from her ear and found blood-stained residue all throughout her ear. Doctors suspected that the larva formed at her home, as it is common for fruit flies to thrive in warm climates. How do the larvae survive in their dwelling? Well, the larvae feed off of the flesh inside the ear. In severe cases, they can make their way to the brain and kill the patient.

1 Maggots

Flies are undoubtedly annoying and disrespectful. They can never seem to find the exit, they land all over your food, and buzz right by your ear without warning. But imagine having one laying its eggs right inside your ear. Oh the nerve! This brave patient had to have an entire colony of maggots removed, not only from his ears, but from his nostrils. Not just one single maggot, but a whole creepy-crawling colony. There is actually a term for this condition when fly larvae invade a person's nose or ears--myiasis. It is commonly found in children and the elderly. To prevent this, if you plan on sleeping inside a warm house with a lot of flies, put a protective covering over your face to prevent them from laying their eggs. However, we think the best option would to be get out of that house as quickly as you can after watching this patient's video!

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