10 Creepiest Recent Encounters With Mythological Creatures

Summer is over. That means the end of roller coasters, swimming at the beach, and even though going to the park is still a great way to spend time; the weather makes it a little chilly to enjoy the ex

Summer is over. That means the end of roller coasters, swimming at the beach, and even though going to the park is still a great way to spend time; the weather makes it a little chilly to enjoy the experience. The one thing that makes this all tolerable is the fact that Halloween is just around the corner. Along with the holiday are pumpkins, spooky ghost stories, scary movies, haunted houses and endless hours of folklore about mysterious creatures that may or may not exist.

Some of the creatures that people have seen are easily explainable, while others are just outright spooky. It is hard to say which beings are real and which ones are purely fables, but to those who have admitted to have seen them, they believe that the beings really do exist. There are stories of creatures all around the world; from the monster who seemingly lives in Loch Ness, to the mermaids who once swam in the oceans (or so we are told). It doesn’t matter if you believe these stories or not, as long as you enjoy reading about the tales that have been shared.

9 Banshee Sounds and Sightings

A banshee is a female Irish mythological creature that is said to appear (or cry loudly) when someone is about to die. Normally the person who is about to enter death is not the person who can see or hear the banshee; it is customarily someone close to the doomed individual who comes in contact with the creature. There are many stories of those in ancient Ireland who have told their tales; but in more recent years (the latest being in the 1950s), there have been people who claim to have encountered such beasts.

8 Jikininki (AKA Wendigo), the Human-Eating Ghost

In Japanese folklore, the Jikininki is a former human who lived a selfish life and is doomed to all eternity by devouring corpses. It is said that the ghoul is terrifying (when referring to its looks), with a tall, thin frame, bright glowing eyes, and extremely sharp claws that appear to be able to tear a person apart. The creature is forever in the undead state, devouring the dead and stealing anything that may belong to the corpse, in hopes that they can trade anything of value in exchange for freedom from their unpropitious fate.

7 El Chupacabra

In March 1995, residents of Puerto Rico reported seeing a creature that had a “reptilian body, oval head, bulging red eyes, fanged teeth and a long, darting tongue.” It immediately was deemed the name, Chupacabra, also known as El Chupacabra. Farmers would find their animals completely drained of their blood, with holes in their leftover bodies from apparent fangs that punctured them. Over the years, this beast has been seen all over the world, and has even been captured a few times, even though the animals that were apprehended were later to be determined mangy dogs or wolves.

6 The Mothman

During World War II, there was an area in West Virginia that was used for testing, and was later referred to as the “TNT Area.” This was a spot where a creature (later referred to as “The Mothman”) was first spotted in the late 1950s. The Mothman was around seven feet tall, brown, had eyes that were similar to reflectors you would see on a car and had a wingspan that spread out almost ten feet wide. Gravediggers in the area had spotted him, a man with his dog had seen him, and a couple driving on the freeway reported to have seen someone with the same description. They were followed by the creature as they were driving on a local freeway. The man with his dog had later lost his dog, and a few years later The Mothman was spotted 70 miles north in the Ohio area. The mythological man was seen near a bridge that later collapsed, killing many people. It is said that The Mothman can predict impending doom, and there was even a movie that was made about it that was called, The Mothman Prophecies.

5 Sasquatch, A.K.A. Bigfoot

Bigfoot is the nickname given to the giant, hairy creature seen all throughout North America, also known as Sasquatch. He is usually described as being around ten feet tall, unusually furry and exceptionally ape-like. There have been hundreds of reports all throughout the United States for decades; with people (normally campers) that are in the woods, and find footprints that are two to three times the size of normal, human ones, and there have been photographs of supposed Sasquatch that are highly blurred. Yet, no one has ever captured one or taken a coherent picture of Bigfoot that proves its existence. That doesn’t mean that Bigfoot isn’t lurking around the woods somewhere, because there are scientists that have dedicated their entire careers to finding out where he (or she) might be located.

4 Encantado

3 Goblins in Zimbabwe

The legend of the goblin has been circulating since the middle ages. In the 14th century, the name “goblin” was first used to describe a tiny creature that was similar to a brownie or a gnome. These creatures are commonly portrayed as being mischievous beings who like to steal gold and jewels from the unsuspecting. Goblins are also not very bright; as the tales have told throughout the years. Not much has changed concerning the description of the goblin, as they have been mentioned in many books, movies, games, comic books and even cartoons throughout the centuries.

If you live in the United States and you tell your teacher that you just saw a goblin and want to be sent home, chances are highly unlikely that you will get the rest of the day off. Your parents may receive a phone call, or you may even receive a referral to see a psychologist, but that is about all the time you will need to realize that goblins are not real. However; in some parts of Africa, a lot of people are convinced that goblins are real and some are even taking over their lives. In 2012, several students were sent home from school after claiming that goblins were attacking them. A few girls had collapsed after seeing them, and they all believe that goblins can only be seen by those in which they are confronting.

2 Manananggal

1 The Black-Eyed Kids

For the last four or five decades, there have been reports of specific types of children who seem to be lurking around neighborhoods. In some stories, these kids only visit dark, abandoned-type areas, while other tales mention full residential neighborhoods. In every event, these are children that range from five or six to sixteen years old, with dark black eyes and have either pale or extraordinarily light blue skin. The witnesses who have encountered these black eyed kids (or bek, as often referred to) have said that the kids will knock at their door, asking for help, and speak highly eloquently for children of their age. These people, even though they are suspecting of the children, will allow them in their home, and sometimes in their cars. It is said that these kids are similar to vampire legends, where they will not be able to come in unless asked.

Out of all of the creatures on this list, the existence of Shadow People is the most believable. There have been stories since the beginning of time where people have stated to have started seeing dark shadows that resemble people. These shadows appear out of nowhere; sometimes they walk or run, and most of the time just disappear into thin air after a brief time. These entities are usually harmless, and are able to walk through walls and other objects.

There are hundreds of stories of people who claim to have seen them, including my own children. My son used to talk about being followed when he was a young child, by a strange black figure that gave him an eerie sense whenever it was nearby, although it never physically harmed him. My daughter has also had the same type of experiences, but she saw them in her bedroom. The accounts retrieved from the internet are basically the same; someone sees a strange shadow that resembles a person, they get an odd feeling, then the creature disappears.

Stephen Hawking, who is an English theoretical physicist cosmologist, had written a book on relativity, and explains the shadow people and how it is simply another dimension that we are crossing over, and those are just people (or creatures), that we are seeing. Stephen is an atheist, and does not seem like the type to believe in other-worldly souls; so his scientific-–*** evidence should be regarded as fact when it comes to the shadow people.


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10 Creepiest Recent Encounters With Mythological Creatures