10 Creepiest Photobombs Ever Captured on Camera

Back in the day, picture taking was something you did during special events, because it was a whole ordeal just to take pictures. You needed to have a camera, film for the camera and afterwards, you had to develop the film.  Don't even get us started on how they used to take pictures before that, when the camera took an hour to capture the shot and you had to get some magic voodoo water to develop it.  In short, taking pictures was a big pain in the ass.

But with the advent of cell phones and more importantly, cell phone cameras, capturing memorable moments and not so memorable moments have become the norm. Whether it's taking a shot of a breathtaking sunset or your half eaten donut you had to share on social media because it's so good you #canteven, picture taking is now an everyday occurrence.  We've even made up whole new ridiculous words to describe certain picture taking actions such as the 'selfie' or a 'photobomb.'  (And we wonder why aliens zip right past us.)

Photobombs in particular have gained popularity as a funny way to ruin other people's pictures by putting your unwelcome face in their photo.  In the beginning, it was just people photobombing other people and then eventually, goats, cats, squirrels and other animals somehow joined in on the fun.  So it's really no surprise that ghosts want to get in on the photobombing action too.

It doesn't matter if you don't believe in ghosts or not, these 10 creepy photobombs will still keep you up at night.

14 The Newlyweds and their .....baby Gollum?!?

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Imagine taking a selfie on the happiest day of your life with your new wife or husband. You can't wait to share the news and show your Facebook friends the cute selfie that you took of .... the three of you?  This is exactly what happened to Christina and Kevin.  When Christina used a selfie photo of her and her husband as her profile picture, friends quickly pointed out the mysterious face that appears behind them.  The couple was predictably creeped out by this unexpected photobomb and still have no idea who or what it is. Christina's sister said it might have been her but she doesn't recall being near the couple when they took the picture, nor does she recall looking like a gollum baby on their wedding day.  After it was posted on reddit, one user suggested that it might be a ghostly vision of their unborn child to which Kevin immediately responded by getting a vasectomy.

13 Three's A Crowd

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It was just a regular girl's night out for Victoria and Kayley who were out drinking and having fun at the Slug and Lettuce, (which is a bar and not a euphemism for a penis and a vagina ... unfortunately.)  So like any normal 20-something-year-olds, they decided to take a selfie as they enjoyed their drinks and got photobombed by another patron from the beyond.  They didn't notice the happy (drunk?) lady in Victorian clothing behind them when they uploaded the photo on Snapchat until later.  They both stated that it couldn't possibly be another person at the bar because the bar was empty when they took the photo and that they did not photoshop the lady into the picture.  In fact, Victoria was so creeped out by the photo that she has since deleted the picture from her phone and has said she will think twice before visiting the bar again.  We don't know about you guys, but a girl who loves to party so much that she's at the bar even after death sounds like the kind of chick we'd totally want to hang out with.  Keep on partying old timey!

12 Why So Sad, Keanu?

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A popular way for hunters to determine if and when deer or game are on their property is through the use of motion activated trail cameras.  The camera is set up in the woods and will automatically snap a picture of anything that moves in front of it.  Usually, the camera catches animals but in this picture it's a ....well.....what is that exactly?  Your guess is as good as ours (Keanu Reeves).  We don't know much about this photo but we're pretty sure whoever owned the trail camera that captured this had to get a pair of new underwear shortly after seeing this.

11 Jeepers Creepers, What A Peeper

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Is Snapchat the new Ghost Hunters? It looks like it might be because another weird anomaly popped up on 14-year-old Sinead's Snapchat selfie.  After posting it, her friend noticed a strange peeper looking through the window behind her, grabbed a screenshot and sent it to Sinead.  This photo would already be disturbing if it was a real person peeping in, but the creep factor gets bumped up a few notches when you take a closer look at the face in the window.  It appears to be a ghostly, sinister, kind of hunch-backy apparition, looking like it's totally hating on her outfit.  Creepier still is the fact that Sinead and her family have noticed strange happenings in their home, such as phantom footsteps and people being "tipped." This happened in Europe, so we don't know what "being tipped" means, but in America it means IT'S TIME TO MOVE.

10 A Splash Of Color

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Maybe it's because these ghosts have learned that Snapchat photos are temporary and 'disappear' just like they do and maybe they think a fun photobomb will go unnoticed because they have no idea people can screenshot these things.  Whatever the case may be, yet another freaky weird photobomb was captured on Snapchat by Bethany Harvey who was taking a group selfie of her, her baby, her sister and another person sitting quietly in the background in a fabulous purple dress.  The only problem? That person in the back wasn't there when they took the picture.  Bethany claims that there was no one else in the room except for the three of them.  Purple dress girl begs to differ.

9 These Darn Kids

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It never fails, when you're ready to take a nice group photo a child goes off the rails and starts crying for no reason, ruining the perfect photo op.  At first glance, it seems like this is what happened with the little girl crying on the bottom right of this group photo.  But as it turns out, the little girl wasn't crying because of their poor fashion choices.  No, the little girl was crying because she said the little boy was scaring her.  What boy you say? That's what all the other girls in this photo wondered since there was no little boy in room when the picture was taken.  They had no idea what she was crying about until they saw the picture and the eerie face peeking out from between their jeans.

8 These Boots Were Made For Haunting

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Ghostly photobombs aren't limited to disembodied heads and arms, they can also appear as ....a pair of boots?  Apparently, the ghost in this picture decided to mix it up a bit and photobomb this girl by leaving a pair of black boots in the background.  A little Canadian girl was on a vacation in Japan when her dad decided to take a few pictures of her near by the beach which happened to be right across form a Samurai burial ground.  Several shots of the girl were taken at the location but the boots only makes an appearance in one photo and looks similar to boots a samurai would wear.

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7 You Can Take The Boy Out Of The Farm But You Ca ...Wait, No. He's Still There

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Home is where the heart is - apparently even after it stops beating.  This picture was taken at a farm in Hertfordshire, England and it's been said that this is the image of either a girl or a boy in old-timey night clothes that looks girly because, England.  Witnesses say this child apparition frequently haunts the property and found a photobomb opportunity when a man was taking pictures of the farm.  Is it trying to send a message? Perhaps a plea to get it a decent pair of SpongeBob pajamas so the other ghost boys can quit making fun of him? We may never know.

6 Ghosts Get FOMO Too

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FOMO, aka 'fear of missing out,' is a condition that can afflict many people, and judging from this picture, it can also affect the undead.  Two girls in the Philippines were having such a good time on their night out that a ghost, with a serious case of the FOMOs and no sense of personal boundaries, decided to join them in a fun group photo.  Both girls in the photo stated that there was nobody else near them when the photo was taken and that the photo was shot with a digital camera, ruling out the old double exposure excuse.  Bravo to this ghost for not letting a little thing like being dead hamper its social life.

5 Shriek Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace

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Marriage is a wonderful event filled with love, laughter and ....vengeful ghosts? In this old photograph of young newlyweds from Jasper, AL in 1942, something behind them doesn't seem too happy with their union.  Was it a bitter ex-girlfriend who just said fuck it to make up and combing her hair that day? An angry bridesmaid from beyond who was never a bride? Some claim the image of this angry ghoul is just a simple case of pareidolia, a trick of the light and bad photo quality that's making us see that ghostly Rachel Zoe in the trees.  Regardless of what it is, future couples take note, no taking photos in heavy shrubbery.

4 Sweet Grandma Photobomb

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The only other person who could probably love you more than your mom and dad is grandma and sometimes that love is so strong they can't help but be around their love ones even after they've passed.  Such was the case with Kasey who took a picture of her 22 month old niece, Penny, while she was babysitting and was shocked to find someone else was watching over Penny as well.  Kasey claims she was alone with little Penny and there were no mirrors or televisions in the room that could have caused any type of reflection.  Kaseys' family members say they believe the woman behind Penny looks a lot like their great grandmother who passed away in 1990.  Experts analyzed the photographed and declared that the image was not altered.

3 The Fishin' Slash Burial Hole

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Elizabeth and her husband found an amazing spot to fish on a lake in northern Wisconsin. It seemed like a quiet fishing hole that was a bit out of the ways from civilization. Elizabeth said that her and her husband hiked through a lot of brushes and weeds to even get there. Once they arrived, she took a picture of her husband fishing and didn't notice that there weren't the only ones enjoying the water that day.  When she developed the picture, she noticed what appears to be a little girl in a dress and bonnet right behind her husband who seemed curious about his fishing skills.  It should be noted that Star Lake Cemetery was nearby and is the resting place of many children who had died from the plague.

2 Mary, Mary, Stop Being So Scary

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If we had to choose what types of photobomb photos were most likely real, it would be photos taken at an old sanatorium like Waverly Hills in Louisville, KY.  Sanatoriums back in the day had a history of illness, suffering and a lot of deaths and was no doubt the location for many traumatic events and bad energy that still linger on today.  One such energy is a ghostly apparition of a girl who people suspect is Mary, a former patient of Waverly Hills.  Mary has been seen walking the halls of the old abandoned building and wasn't afraid to photobomb this photo with a ghostly fierceness that even Tyra Banks would be impressed with.

1 It Sees You While You're Sleeping ...And Takes Selfies.

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A mother comes home exhausted from work and lends her little boy her phone to play with probably so she could have a one on one intimate encounter with a glass of wine with no interruptions. When it was time to go to bed, she found her son asleep in her bedroom with her cell phone beside him.  She picked up the phone to make sure he didn't mess up any of her apps and discovered that her son had take a few selfies of himself before he fell fast asleep and then ....someone or something else took one more selfie as the little boy slept.  The woman states that she is a single mother and that no one else was in the house besides herself and her little boy.  Now if you'll excuse us, we're going to go to a well lit room and not sleep for weeks.

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