10 Crazy Things You Never Knew About Matthew McConaughey

Very few actors possess the amount of swagger and charm that Matthew McConaughey appears to radiate naturally. Compared to many other Hollywood celebrities, he makes stardom and fame look pretty damn easy, especially considering all the trouble that some stars get in as they battle paparazzi and the media at large.

For him, it seems like it's all a breeze as he floats from one A-list red carpet to the next. Very few people can pull off that type of easy affluence and even fewer can pull it off without wearing deodorant, which is something that Matthew doesn't believe in. Only Kate Hudson has ever complained, offering him a natural rock salt deodorant, which he promptly refused.

Everybody else seems to be totally cool with his stink as he continues to evolve as a great actor who has recently picked a bunch of fantastic roles for himself, including great characters in Interstellar, Dallas Buyers Club, True Detective and The Wolf of Wall Street.

These are some of the most ridiculous facts about his journey from his days as most handsome guy in high school to his current status as one of the biggest and most successful actors of this era.


10 The McConaissance Moves Lincolns


McConaughey channeled the carefully crafted persona of Rust Cohle from True Detective when he starred in a series of car commercials for Ford's Lincoln MKC brand of sports utility vehicles.

Jim Carrey spoofed the ads brilliantly on Saturday Night Live, poking fun at the commercial by quipping "take a big step back, like go from winning an Oscar to doing a car commercial.”

Matthew, who starred in the Lincoln Lawyer, influenced a huge surge in sales for the Lincoln MKC and for the brand as a whole, with sales increasing by 25% the month after the ads and the parody aired.

9 He Likes Bongos... A Lot


In 1999, when police responded to a complaint of loud music coming from Matthew's house in Austin, Texas, they found him dancing around naked while a friend of his was clapping.

The two gentlemen, who had "glassy and very bloodshot eyes", also aroused suspicion due to the presence of a marijuana odor around the home.

Both of them were cuffed, but McConaughey ended up getting arrested for "resisting transportation" after allegedly attempting to push one of the officers, who deflected the shove by grabbing Matt's arm and twisting it around the actor's back.

Thirteen years later, when The Cult played a show in Austin, McConaughey jumped on stage and played the bongos with the band for two songs.

8 Unusual Audition Technique

In 1999, Woody Harrelson, Jenna Elfman and Elizabeth Hurley teamed up with McConaughey in the reality-show comedy EdTV, a movie about a video store clerk who has his life filmed for tv for a day. According to The New York Post, EdTV  was "Hilarious! Great fun!".

In order to win this role, he auditioned in front of producer Brian Grazer, who eventually recommended Matthew to director Ron Howard.

The first time McConaughey met Grazer, he poured Coke all over the producer's coffee table before drinking it off the furniture. This impressed Grazer, earning Matthew the referral and eventually the role.

7 Lost a Lawsuit Due to Most Handsome Guy Award


As he graduated high school he was declared the most handsome guy in his school by his peers. Three years earlier as a 15 year old, he had a few zits that his mother attempted to treat with mink oil, which had the effect of releasing a full blown rash of acne that required medication.

McConaughey's mother filed a lawsuit against the mink oil company, asking for $35,000 worth of damages for emotional distress. In the meantime, McConaughey won most handsome guy award at his high school.

Years later, as the court case proceeded into depositions, the lawyer representing the company presented a picture of McConaughey and his most handsome award. Soon after, the lawsuit was dismissed.

6 Tried Out An Aussie Accent

After Matthew finished high school, instead of joining his father's oil business, he decided to take part in an exchange program in Australia.

He spent time as a 19 year-old doing a variety of jobs while living in the country, including working for a bank, helping golf pros and even learning to be a carpenter.

In addition to falling in love with cricket, he ended up adopting the accent, saying Australian things like “I was working on a pea farm in Narrandera and we’d come in for smoko, and put the cricket on."

After a year or so, he returned to the United States and even kept the Australian accent for a while, which must have been hilarious to witness.

5 His Dog's Name is a Sexual Activity


While director Christopher Nolan did admit that he "didn't find him funny in the slightest", Matthew McConaughey and his family definitely have a great sense of humor when it comes to naming their pets and kids.

During a tribute to McConaughey, Jennifer Garner, who worked with Matthew in Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, revealed that his dog is named BJ, which doesn't stand for Billy Joe.

When Matthew's brother Michael had a son, he decided to name the boy Miller Lyte McConaughey in tribute to the popular American brew.

Only time will tell if the rest of America will catch up to the unique pet and baby naming trends of the McConaugheys.

4 Catch Phrase Inspired by The Doors


Few actors can boast that the first words they spoke on screen became a popular, enduring catchphrase and an opportunity for an additional stream of revenue through t-shirt sales with his JKL brand of clothing.

When McConaughey said "Alright, alright, alright" while accepting his Oscar and Golden Globe awards for playing Ron Woodroof in Dallas Buyers Club, he was going "back to actually move forward" by referencing his debut in Dazed and Confused.

Before he shot the iconic scene, McConaughey revealed that he was listening to a live album by The Doors. In between a pair of songs, lead singer Jim Morrison exclaimed "Alright! Alright! Alright! Alright!", inspiring Matthew to do the same when the camera rolled.


3 How He Met His Wife


McConaughey has been linked to dating celebrities such as Ashley Judd, Penelope Cruz, Janet Jackson and Sandra Bullock, often getting together after working in a movie.

He met his wife, Camila Alves, under completely different circumstances. Despite his obvious celebrity, she didn't know who he was the first time they bumped into each other at Hyde in Los Angeles. Matthew was rocking a Rasta hat and a long beard and, according to her, he was completely "covered up".

When Lance Armstrong showed up to hang out with the two of them, Camila realized that the man talking to her was her future husband, Matthew McConaughey.

2 Intense Role Preparation


Matthew McConaughey endured intense preparation for his Oscar and Golden Globe winning turn in Dallas Buyers Club. In the tradition of suffering for your craft, McConaughey lost about 25 percent of his body weight, cutting about 38 pounds for the role.

For more than three months, he ate a small amount of pudding, a bit of chicken, two egg whites and a couple of diet cokes to achieve rapid weight loss - a diet recommended by nobody.

His preparation to play Rust Cohle in True Detective was a bit more cerebral than physical. Matthew put together 450 pages of notes that outline the progression of the life of his character throughout the story, helping him better understand his role.

1 Hero in Real Life


In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Matthew McConaughey worked together alongside a doctor to help rescue over fifty pets that were left behind after the levees broke and flooded New Orleans and Louisiana. He was dispatched along with a camera crew by Oprah soon after the disaster struck.

In 2006, while riding around the affluent Sherman Oaks neighbourhood in Los Angeles, he saw a group of idiotic kids holding a feline down while dousing it in hairspray.

As the kids tried to set the cat on fire, Matthew jumped out his vehicle and saved the feline from tragedy while yelling at the perpetrators. He took the poor animal to a local shelter to recover from its ordeal.



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