10 Crazy Things You Never Knew About Margot Robbie

When Margot Robbie was 17-years-old she made the wise decision to pursue a career in acting. After auditioning for a small part in the Australian soap-opera Neighbours (1985-) she soon became a regular on the show, proving that all she needed to succeed was her foot in the door and her talent would secure the rest.

Little did she know that she would be acting in nude scenes with Leonardo DiCaprio just a few years later. From local legend to worldwide sex bomb; this woman's career has been an unstoppable force and it looks as if the only way is up for Robbie.

From humble beginnings, she spent the majority of her childhood growing up on her grandparents farm, now she's one of the most recognisable blonde-haired, blue-eyed, on-screen goddesses of the year. Although she has only starred in just a handful films; About Time (2013), Wolf on Wall Street (2013), Z For Zachariah (2015), Suite Francaise (2014) and Focus (2014) there are already directors climbing over themselves to attach her name to all the latest projects.

2016 is going to be a huge year for the 5ft 6" Queensland beauty; we will see her transform for the role of Harley-Quinn in Suicide Squad where she will be teaming up alongside Jared Leto and Will Smith. With her also landing the coveted role of Jane in the upcoming reboot of Tarzan, starring opposite Alexander Skarsgård, this is one woman who refuses to be type-cast.

If you're looking for beauty, brains and bravery then Margot Robbie is the one for you. There are some interesting facts about this leggy blonde that are hard to find but we have them all right here...

10 Martin Scorsese Wanted To Get Her Naked


During filming for the scene where Margot Robbie's character in Wolf of Wall Street (2013) tries to seduce Jordan Belfort; Martin Scorsese suggested that when she opens the doors in her apartment to reveal herself that the actress would be wearing a robe. This level of modesty did not go down well with Robbie, it appears it just wasn't a bold enough move.

In order to make the character more realistic, she insisted on appearing nude. In an interview she claimed; "The whole point of Naomi is that her body is her only form of currency in this world. So when Marty was trying to help me out, and said in the scene where she seduces Jordan perhaps I could have a robe on, I said she wouldn’t. She has to be naked. She’s laying her cards on the table.”

The scene was shot how Robbie wanted it to be but we're guessing she really had to twist the director's arm.

9 She Was Born In 1990


Let's just put this into perspective here; when Margot Robbie was born, MC Hammer's Can't Touch This was in the top ten chart and Bruce Willis was getting his guns out in Die Hard 2 (1990). It's hard to believe the stunning actress is just 24-years-old and has achieved things in her career that others can only dream of.

Already an award winner for her acting work, she scooped an Empire Award for Best Female Newcomer and has been nominated for a BAFTA and MTV Movie Award; all for her performance as the second wife of Jordan Belfort, Naomi Lapaglia, in Wolf of Wall Street (2013). Not bad for less than a quarter of a century old.

8 She Assaulted Leonardo DiCaprio 

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Not many stars can say they made it big in Hollywood by hitting Leonardo DiCaprio, but then nobody else is a brave as Margot Robbie. When the day came to audition for the part in Wolf of Wall Street (2013) she was undoubtedly nervous, which probably caused her to lash out.

She knew she had to think of a move that would really stand out to really impress both the director and her future co-star. With her senses heightened as the pair were acting out an intense moment where the couple have a fight - she walked over to Di Caprio and swiped him straight across the face. She said of the moment;

I'm thinking, "You just hit Leonardo DiCaprio in the face. They're going to arrest you because that's assault. You're definitely never going to work again, that's for sure. They'll probably sue you as well in case there's a bruise on his face and he needs to film something else."

And then all of a sudden Marty and Leo just burst out laughing. Marty says, "That was great!" Leo's like, "Hit me again!"

7 Her Nickname Is 'Maggot'


No this isn't bullying behind the scenes, in fact 'Maggot' is an affectionate term for Margot Robbie as the nickname that was given to her by family, the star is one of four children. The name grew on her throughout school when her classmates got in on the joke too.

Maggot, sorry Margot, may have put you a foot-long together if you were in Melbourne, Australia seven years ago. When she moved, aged just 17, to the city so she could be recognised as an actress - a part-time job was secured at Subway to make ends meet and pay the bills. This is no doubt the hottest sandwich artist the company has ever employed.

6 She Was Roomies With Christina Ricci 

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Pan Am (2011-2012) was a comedy series which received outstanding reviews from critics and was dubbed by some as the 'Mad Men of the sky'. Although, even with all the good press, the show hit a ratings slump and wasn't renewed for a second season.

Margot Robbie landed one of the lead roles beside Christina Ricci where they both played stewardesses. When they were made to wear 60's retro super tight girdles, it was her roomie Ricci that would help her wrestle into costume. Robbie commented “I don’t know how women in the 1960s did it. I don’t know how women got dressed by themselves".

Robbie now lives in London with five of her close friends.

5 She's A Huge New York Rangers Fan


There's no denying that when Margot Robbie attends a hockey game she really throws herself all in. Her favourite team is the New York Rangers and is often found passionately supporting their games. Blue, red and white funnily enough are her favourite colours.

The actress is unrecognisable from her demure appeal on the red-carpet when she's sporting her oversized hockey jumper, seen above celebrating next to her long-term boyfriend Tom Ackerley. She is a self-confessed tomboy and even plays right-wing in her own hockey team. What a woman.

4 She's A Proud Feminist 

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Margot Robbie turned down huge money to do Playboy after Hugh Hefner asked for 'that one from Wolf of Wall Street.' The actress will only take all her clothes off for artistic purposes and feels no need to display her appealing figure on the cover of gentleman's magazines.

She has also commented that she isn't shy about her own body image and in fact embraces how young and beautiful she is, stating; "When I’m in my 50s I’m going to be looking back saying, 'Whoop, whoop, look how good mum looked'".

The blonde bombshell is truly at her happiest when, "Surfing or out on the farm hunting wild pigs, building cubbies out in the paddocks or riding around on motorbikes." Robbie has that stunning ability to switch from girly-girl to tomboy in just the blink of an eye.

3 Her 'Instant Chemistry' With Will Smith Landed The Pair In Trouble

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Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are one of Hollywood's most admired and long lasting couples, with a marriage that has stretched over 15 years; which, considering the professions they are both in, is a modern miracle. Things haven't always been too easy for the pair though as they are constantly haunted by rumours of infidelity and tension in the marriage.

Margot Robbie was concerned she would never land the lead role opposite Smith in Focus (2014) as nobody would believe they were a couple; however when they both met she said they both had "instant chemistry". So much so that the two were splashed all over the tabloids when they both entered a photo booth and had several snaps taken of them both lifting up their tops together and goofing around.

There was no affair, but we're sure Mrs Smith wasn't too happy with her husband's "instant chemistry" with his co-star.

2 She Pushes Many Other Huge Names Out The Way For Roles


If you're an actress in Hollywood auditioning for the same role as Margot Robbie, then you might as well just go home. She will be playing Jane in the upcoming movie Tarzan (2016) beating Jessica Chastain and Emma Stone to the part.

She also came first out of a ton of other beauties for her role in Wolf of Wall Street (2013) including Blake LivelyRosie Huntington-WhiteleyTeresa Palmer and Amber Heard. She does still know the pain of losing out on a role though as she auditioned for Susan Storm/The Invisible Woman in Fantastic Four (2015) but Kate Mara was handed the part.

For her upcoming role as Harley-Quinn she didn't have to audition, she was simply offered the role. Well, everyone knows it would have been given to her anyway - audition or not.

1 She Is Awesome At Playing Dress Up 

Margot Robbie is one woman who loves to dress-up and her Halloween costumes are hilarious. Only a couple of years ago she attended one party dressed as James Franco in Spring Breakers (2012) showing to the world that she really does have a fun side.

In 2016 when she becomes part of the Suicide Squad as Harley Quinn; the world has been going crazy trying to predict how her costume will look. Many have taken to fan sites and YouTube to draw sketches and create mock-ups but she's not revealing anything just yet until the moment is just right, leaving fans excited with anticipation.

As a self-proclaimed comic book fan herself, Robbie has always wanted to land a superhero role. Well in the eyes of her own fans - she's wonder woman anyway.

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