10 Crazy Things Done To Raise Money For Charity

It’s not easy to raise money. The more creative people are, the more money they are able to raise. Charities sometimes have a bad moniker because people assume they may be corrupt. Honestly, who knows where every cent goes? That is one of the most difficult prospect when it comes to trying to strategize the best way to raise money for charities. And lord knows there are a ton of causes out there to try and raise money for. Charities are everywhere in the world and they represent nearly every cause imaginable. From the Chilean Charity Prostitutes to the Naked Clowns Charity, there are definitely some strange things out there. But the main purpose of charities is to raise money for good causes.

There are many people and many afflictions worth donating money to. People walk for all kinds of causes to raise money. Children with life threatening diseases pull at people’s heart strings and help open up their wallets. There are charities that pop up after natural disasters to help traumatized families try and get back on their feet. No matter what the cause, there are usually people around to help out.

Charities could entail a run, a walk, bowling, an event, or any activity that can help raise money. These are the norm. But then there are other kinds of charitable events that make people scratch their heads. People go to extremes to get noticed and raise money.

Check out the 10 Crazy Things Done To Raise Money For Charity.

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10 Locked In Spider-Infested Store For 3 Weeks

Via herbeat.com

Spiders are enough to scare the pants off of almost anyone. Australian Nick Le Souef does not share the same fear of spiders. He went the extra mile to try and raise money for a children’s charity. Le Souef locked himself behind a glass store window for 3 weeks to raise the money for his charity of choice, Variety. The catch was Le Souef was sharing the real estate with 300 poisonous spiders. That’s right, one man in a small glass enclosed window with 300 poisonous spiders. Sounds crazy? Well, when you consider that Le Souef holds the Australian records for doing different three week stints in: a snake pit, a shark tank and a cage filled with red-back spiders, it all starts to make sense. Le Souef is one insane dude.

9 Non-Stop Bieber On A School's PA System

Via thebrainmethod.com

There can be a bit of backlash when it comes to some artists’ music becoming popular. To say that this was the case with Justin Bieber’s “Baby” would be an understatement. The students at Evanston Township High School in Illinois had a very interesting way of conducting their charity drive. When they had to raise money for their arts center, they subjected their fellow students to Bieber’s “Baby.” They played it constantly, over and over and over again through the PA system. They made other students at the school pay to stop the song from playing. The students trying to raise the money were given one week to pull off the charity stunt and raise their goal of $1,000. Good news for them, it only took 3 days and students surpassed the $1,000 to put an end to the audio trauma they endured. Apparently, Bieber’s singing was just the motivation they needed to raise money.

8 Biking On Water

Via dailymail.co.uk

We have heard of the mythical “walking on water” but riding on water? That’s right. Matt Whitehurst, a 16-year-old student in Papcastle, Cumbria in the United Kingdom has the photo snapped of him riding atop a 75-foot deep lake. Whitehurst posted the photo in an attempt to raise money for a charity he himself set up to aid his flood-damaged hometown. Whitehurst has been questioned over the photo for its authenticity. He has sworn the photo has not been doctored and is real, but will not say how he managed to peddle across the top of the deep lake. But one thing is for sure, the kid’s heart was in the right place. Well done, Matt.

7 The 365-Days Dress

via stolaf.edu

Normally when someone doesn’t change their clothes after one day, they are known as the stinky one. However, one New York woman took wearing the same clothing to a whole other level. Sheena Matheiken concocted the strange plan to wear the same dress every day for an entire year. She wanted to raise money for the Akanksha Foundation. The foundation is geared toward educating impoverished Indian children. Matheiken followed through and did wear the same dress for all 365 days, only changing her accessories each day (and hopefully her underwear). By the end of her one-year campaign, Matheiken had amazingly raised over $100,000 in donations.

6 The Infamous Eyebrows

via stirileprotv.ro

People will do strange things when it comes to raising money. An Illinois man took strange to another level. The man, Si Burgher, was known in town for his extremely bushy eyebrows. In fact, his eyebrows were virtually legendary in his town. Burgher’s eyebrows were so thick and long, he had to brush them every day before leaving the house. So, when an opportunity arose for Burgher to donate himself, in particular, his eyebrows, for charity, he jumped at the opportunity. The town was amused and also reacted. Burgher helped the Bloomfield Rotary Club raise $1,600 for their polio eradication campaign by shaving off his eyebrows. It was an impressive score for a pair of brows.

5 Donate Toy, Receive A Lap Dance

via foxnews.com

Strip clubs are well-known for catering to male-dominated audiences. Women of all kinds fill the stages of the clubs. Often times, the women have bountiful breasts and strip to the audience’s delight. Strip clubs offer all different types and flavors of women (and sometimes men). During the month of December, The Admiral Theater in Chicago takes a different kind of charitable approach. Their pseudo “Toy For Tots” program allows customers to bring in a new wrapped toy to be donated to a local charity in return for a free lap dance. That’s right, bring in a child’s toy and get a sweaty stripper to grind it out right on your lap. All things considered, that’s a pretty good deal!

4 Jump From A Burning Building

Via dailymail.co.uk

Rocky Taylor is a legend in the movie business. Although he isn’t a household name, he has been in a ton of big budget movies. The Brit is one of the most famous stuntmen of all time. During the filming of Death Wish 3, Taylor suffered a terrible injury. He was leaping from a burning building when he fell and fractured his spine. The injury didn’t stop Taylor from getting right back up on the horse when he got better. He continued on with his successful career. And 25 years later, the fearless Taylor repeated the stunt that nearly killed him. He leaped off a burning building once again to raise money for Remember a Charity.

3 Date An Actor

Via slideshare.net

We have seen the cheesy auctions where a handsome man or beautiful woman is auctioned off for charity. The event is usually held for a lunch or dinner date. However, very rarely have we ever seen celebrities auctioned off like cattle. CharityFolks.com sponsored an event that featured Oscar winner Morgan Freeman. Freeman agreed to take the highest bidder and a friend to lunch. The bid began with $5,000. Also auctioned off at the same event was Billy Baldwin who was going to treat the winner and a friend to dinner in New York City. Baldwin’s dollar amount also began at $5,000 but we’re betting Freeman went for a heck of a lot more. Freeman’s pretty badass.

2 The Stache For Cash


Actor Nick Offerman is hilarious. The actor has been known for numerous small movie roles. But his biggest role has been Ron Swanson on the hit television show “Parks and Recreation.” There, his mustache-sporting character became a cult-like figure. To support a pediatric cancer charity, Offerman boldly shaved off his signature mustache. The mustache was reassembled and glued back together, and then mounted behind museum-quality glass. The big production became a high-end memorabilia item and was presented to the winning bidder. All the money went to the pediatric cancer charity. Well done, Nick!

1 Squeeze Breasts For Charity

Via mynewswatchingtimesng.com

There are many events that have raised money for AIDS awareness. It is a devastating disease that has killed so many people. In 2012, the Japanese adult film channel Paradise TV decided to get in on the charity game and hosted a live 24-hour event online. The charity push was coined “Erotica Will Save The World” (And I always thought it was the Kardashians that were going to save the world).

All the donations from the event were given to STOP! AIDS. A donation to the cause got you a shot to squeeze the breasts of one to 10 Japanese adult film actresses. Of course, you had to be 18 years of age and sanitize your hands prior to the cupping. If you wanted to squeeze the breasts more than twice, you had to fork over more money. Hey, that’s a pretty easy second base without having to buy anyone dinner!


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