10 Confessions Drug Dealers Made About Their Celebrity Clients

Drugs can be a very dangerous game. Many people use drugs to enjoy the night life. Drugs can provide a getaway from reality and the recreational users are certain they can control their effects. High school parties and college parties are ripe with alcohol and drugs. From marijuana to cocaine, the drugs at events mirror the people who attend the parties. It seems the more money people have, the greater the level of the drug. Certainly, conventional drugs aren’t the only abuses going on. People partake in prescription drug abuses as well. These can often lead to deadly consequences as party-goers mix alcohol, hard drugs and prescription drugs.

The entertainment industry has been a mecca of drug abuse for decades. The lavish lifestyles of the rich and famous have led to ample money and opportunity to abuse a wide range of drugs. Sometimes the abuses come out of boredom and the desire to have fun. These abuses also stem from issues from their past, and are used as a coping mechanism. And sometimes drug use comes from a driving need to escape the world.

Numerous stars have died due to mixing drug cocktails and abusing a variety of prescription and recreationally used narcotics. No matter what the celebrity requires, drug dealers are there to help them. Drug use is rampant in the entertainment industry and drug dealers are more than happy to supply. These drug dealers work off of referral and obviously attempt to stay well below the radar. They don’t use their real names when disclosing some of this information but they do name customers. They allege massive drug abuse with the entertainment industry and amongst its stars. These are 10 Confessions Drug Dealers Made About Their Celebrity Clients.


10 Amanda Bynes - Dirty Apartment And Loves Weed


Amanda Bynes has been a bit of a mess over the last few years. Her legal troubles have stemmed from numerous driving incidents in which she wasn’t at her best. We like to refer to her as “Little Lohan” for the similarities in their paths and issues. Bynes hasn’t quite reached the 4 rehab stints status, but over the recent years has had numerous drug- and alcohol- related problems. reported one of her disgruntled dealers dropping Bynes like a bad habit after she stole his stash of marijuana.

 In addition, Bynes had photographer Giovanni Arnold over and he told Touch magazine that he took photos of her smoking a joint. He also claimed “weed was everywhere. On the bed, all over the floor.” He also claims Amanda did cocaine while he was at her dirty apartment. He continued, “She probably gets so high that sometimes she won’t even leave her house.” Ouch.

9 Lindsay Lohan - Allegedly Spent $15,000 On Cocaine


Lindsay Lohan is no stranger to alcohol and drug abuse. She even went on the Oprah Show after numerous rehab trips to confirm her behavior. She admitted to alcohol and cocaine abuse, saying she enjoyed mixing the two to enhance her partying ways. Her drug dealer added even more clarification. Lohan’s alleged drug dealer, who calls himself David Joseph, told Star magazine that Lohan frequently ordered cocaine and pills. “Her favorite was Molly, MDMA, which was the extra pure pharmaceutical ecstasy.”

Another dealer claims to have sold at least $15,000 worth of drugs to Lohan. Yet another dealer of Lohan’s claimed he had to cut her off completely. He went on to say to Star magazine, “Lindsay wasn’t monitoring what she was taking. I feared she would do a line of coke after some pills and then be dead.” Ah, a dealer with a heart of gold.

8 Whitney Houston - Forced Dealer To Take Train Across Europe


This one couldn't have surprised you. Back in 2010, Houston purchased $1,000 worth of cocaine before a black-tie event. That's a lot of cocaine for one person. The Keep a Child Alive Black Ball in New York City was the site of the event and Houston’s former dealer told Star Magazine “she was high as hell at that black-tie event!”

Another drug dealer claimed to have heard Whitney and her daughter screaming over Houston’s cocaine habit. And another dealer told the National Enquirer that Houston, when in Europe to perform in Copenhagen, demanded he travel 13 hours by train from Switzerland to deliver $6,000 worth of cocaine and Adderall before her concert in 2010.

She died on February 11, 2012, in her bathtub. Heart disease and cocaine were listed as contributing factors, according to the coroner's reports.

7 Nicole Richie - Partied "All Night Long"


The former reality TV star and Paris Hilton best bud was known to be quite the party animal back in her day. Nicole Richie, the daughter of singing great Lionel Richie, started hitting the clubs hard during her teenage years.

One dealer revealed to the National Enquirer that Richie used to go “wild” on heroin and that she once “sent a guy to the hospital during a bathroom fight, after she slammed a glass into his face.” In addition, Richie has been allegedly cited for alcohol and cocaine usage in clubs. Richie used to like to party…wait for it…all night long. She's cleaned up her act in the last five years now that she's married and has children.

6 Angelina Jolie - Allegedly Snorted Cocaine In Front Of Dealer


Angelina Jolie always had a dark checkered past. Aside from carrying her former squeeze Billy Bob Thornton’s blood in a necklace around her neck, she also used to do some pretty hardcore drugs.

Her former drug dealer, Franklin Meyer, alleges that he met with Jolie two to three times a week to sell her drugs. He confirmed to Life & Style “she would snort the heroin and cocaine in front of me.” The good news is, Meyer is no longer in Jolie’s service and the mom seems far more focused on career and parenting these days than smack. How could she possible have the time for such an addiction when taking care of six children and tasked with a United Nations' ambassadorship.

5 Kirstie Alley - Cocaine And A Dark Tent


Kirstie Alley went through a dark period in her life where she wasn’t as active in the entertainment business. Her hiatus led to some alleged bad behavior. According to the National Enquirer, the former Cheers star was living like some crazy hippie in a tent.

Because she wasn’t working, “her life had allegedly come down to snorting cocaine and sitting in a dark tent.” Sounds terrible. Alley has since come clean about some of her cocaine usage in the past and claims she enjoyed it because it “pepped her up.” FYI Kirstie, I heard coffee does that too.

4 Matt Lauer - Snorting With The Dealer, Allegedly

Matt Lauer is a respected newsman. But much like many others in the entertainment field, he too had some alleged run-ins with drugs. According to a close friend who spoke with the National Enquirer, Matt Lauer used to buy and snort cocaine.

This former alleged “friend” stated he sold the Today host cocaine five or six times. The National Enquirer made the man take a polygraph test which he passed. In addition to selling Lauer the drug, this friend also snorted it with him numerous times. Interestingly, Matt was subject to criticism from Zayn Malik after he insinuated that the former One Direction singer did drugs.


3 Academy Awards - Backstage Party


If you think the most prestige award show pats entertainers down at the door, you have another thing coming. A drug dealer alleges that he has gone backstage during the Oscars to complete coke deals with stars. During the Academy Awards! You figure with coke in the picture, the show would go a hell of a lot faster than it does.

The same dealer also confided to the National Enquirer “I’ve been to TV sets and film sets and I could draw you a map of the mansions of the biggest stars in Hollywood.” He clearly wanted to remain anonymous to keep his business going, but it goes without saying that cocaine is everywhere in Hollywood.

2 Jack Nicholson - Allegedly Always High On Set Of Batman


Ex-coke dealer Rayce Newman wrote a book on the subject of his Hollywood drug dealings. Numerous people are mentioned and one in particular is Jack Nicholson. Newman described Nicholson as “wasted during (the filming of) Batman. The Joker, the smile didn’t even have to be painted on most times. Basically, that’s the way it was.”

He also stated that actors and actresses tend to “go hard” when they get off work. Newman also describes being invited to Christmas and New Year’s parties thrown by super producers Don Simpson (now deceased) and Jerry Bruckheimer. Held at an Aspen chateau, the drugs allegedly lew freely among attendees like Michael Douglas and Jack Nicholson. As Newman put it, actors and actresses “work hard and party hard.”

1 Charlie Sheen - Allegedly Received Kilos Of Cocaine


No surprise here as it has been reported for a long time that Charlie Sheen has partaken in a party lifestyle. Not only is he known for having a multitude of sexual partners and paying for prostitutes, but Sheen also has been involved in drugs for a very long time. A man claiming to be Sheen’s drug dealer told Ian Halperin, an investigative journalist, that he used to deliver kilos of cocaine with regularity to the actor’s home.

The dealer passed a polygraph test. Wow. Kilos. In another incident, a dealer allegedly was present for a party in the late 90s in which Sheen allegedly “had a psychotic break” and threatened to shoot himself in the head during “an all-night party.” The event took place at Charlie’s beach house and featured a lot of cocaine and booze.


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