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10 Commercials Too Sexy For TV

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10 Commercials Too Sexy For TV


Advertising is an incredibly competitive market in which companies attempt to outdo one another. The challenges of putting out a great catchy advertising campaign lead advertising agencies to push the entertainment envelope. Digest some of these numbers for a moment. Some of the top advertisers for 2014 were as follows: Protcor & Gamble Co ($3.134 billion), Comcast Corp ($2.188 billion), General Motors Corp ($1.96 billion), AT&T ($1.792 billion) and L’Oreal Sa rounds out the top five with $1.585 billion.

These companies are spending massive amounts of dollars to drive consumers to their products. As a whole, the retail industry comes in at number one with a collective $19.345 billion. With so much money going into advertising, it’s no wonder companies are desperate for a return on their dollars.

So big corporate entities ask advertising companies to give them their best sales pitch on how to peddle their product to consumers all around the world. One of the biggest mediums for advertising is commercials. Commercials provide a visual representation that allows for the kind of dramatic display which gives a product additional “pizazz.”

By adding music, models or movie stars to an interesting ad, companies hope to grab the limited attention span of their target audience and drive them toward their products. That is where sexy comes into play. The display of the female figure has been a launching point for numerous companies with successful track records of advertising their products. Not accounting for nudity in some of the raciest commercials produced around the globe, these are the Top 10 Sexiest Commercials of All Time seen on your television sets. Note, some were so racy they were banned after only a few airings.

10. Skechers – Kim Kardashian Gets Pumped

Fresh off of her legendary sex tape, Kim Kardashian and her brain trust came up with a brilliant strategy. They decided to capitalize on the free PR. Never afraid of any overexposure, a young Kardashian, as seen in this commercial, is sinfully sexy as she gets worked over by a “trainer.” While Kardashian is wearing a tight spandex outfit, the trainer bends her over and around like a sexual pretzel. Glistening with close-ups on her best assets, Kardashian sizzles in what is a comical take on her sex tape – a Skechers’ commercial. The ad scored big for both Kardashian and Skechers. We approve of this ad.

9. New Yorker – Peeping Grandpa

What do you get when you have a commercial featuring an old rich man marrying a younger sexy woman? Well, you get a commercial for New Yorker, a fashion giant, showcasing what looks like the honeymoon night for the oddly paired couple. The old man creeps on the sexy young woman while she is in the bathroom undressing. She knows he is watching and plays it up. She puts on a stripper like dance show in the bathroom for him knowing full-well it could put him in the grave. And of course, she succeeds. He has a heart attack watching her sexual exploits in the bathroom. She steps over him and has a victorious drink. To be honest, she is quite a good dancer. I give her a 10.

8. Victoria’s Secret – “Favorite Things”

Nothing says Christmas like a Victoria’s Secret commercial spot. Let’s be honest here, Victoria’s Secret could easily fill up a top list of sexy commercials all on its own. We’re talking Victoria’s Secret best models strolling around in almost nothing set to awesome music and amazing choreography. And that’s pretty much every one of their commercial ads. But if we’re picking one, we’re focusing on 2012 for this holiday spot featuring the sensational Candice Swanepoel joined by Lindsay Ellingson, Barbara Palvin, Doutzen Kroes and Erin Heartherton. These ladies BRING IT for Victoria’s Secret and all combined in one singular spot set to a sweet melody is a wonderful Christmas present for us all.

7. GoDaddy – Danica Speeds



Internet domain home GoDaddy has come a long way since its first ads. It teamed up with Danica Patrick in more recent years to produce an annual creation of exciting commercials which got extra exposure due to Patrick’s standing as a professional race car driver. She got slack for her appearances while GoDaddy got tremendous ongoing exposure. In this commercial, Danica gets pulled over by a crazy sexy cop who does her best “GoDaddy Girl” impersonation. The commercial got banned for obvious reasons, but we give it big props. It’s worth noting that Candice Michelle first appeared in GoDaddy commercials and lit the television screen on fire with her crudely configured hot spots starting in 2007. Michelle definitely did her part helping to launch the brand. We could have chosen one of Michelle’s hot moments, but we can’t get away from this director’s cut featuring Patrick in her car as she is danced around by a very hot stripping police officer. It’s sexual dynamite.

6. Carl’s Jr – Sexy Paris



Well, this ad will forever be infamous, drawing too much attention to Paris Hilton washing a car in a limited amount of clothing. To reward herself for doing such a fine job soaping up and washing the car, she is able to feast on a Carl’s Jr. Spicy BBQ Burger. This commercial was naturally banned from television for inappropriately attempting to seduce a car. But in all seriousness, Hilton does a fine job here as one of the original girls for being famous for being famous. She is one of the originals who got the ball rolling with the Carl’s Jr. sexy ads. We are very grateful for that and Mr. Junior’s food.

5. Miller Lite – The Catfight

Miller Lite used their “tastes great,” “less filling” mantra for this epic male fantasy battle. This is honestly one of the most ridiculously gratuitous awesome commercials of all time. The two beautiful models, one brunette and the other blonde, naturally get into a fight over their description of their favorite alcoholic beverage. The fight is an epic duel in which the women go flying into a nearby pond. Naturally, they strip one another of their clothing as their fight ensues. After that, they find their way into a mud pit and they start to mud wrestle. With numerous chest bumps and about fifty boob shots, this is a whopper of a sexy commercial. Definitely one for the highlight reel.

4. Carl’s Jr. – Kate Upton Heats Up The Screen

In 2012, Upton shot a commercial for the Carl’s Jr. brand. Upton wasn’t the first to shoot a hot commercial for the fast food joint, but she was the best. After just arriving onto the scene with Sports Illustrated covers, Upton made a career out of this commercial, sending her into the stratosphere of hotness. The scorching commercial features Upton scantily dressed and eating a Southwest Patty Melt that left her so hot, she had to start taking off her clothes. Her black thigh-high stockings were a brilliant touch and also come off during the strip session. The commercial proved too hot for the television censors and got banned. It does however have a strong lifeline online and you can take in the heat yourself on YouTube. Personally, I’m all about the Western Bacon Cheeseburger. And Kate Upton absolutely sizzles here!

3. Bavaria Beer Ad – Brazilian Beauty



Bavaria Beer is the second largest brewery in the Netherlands behind Heineken. Bavaria Beer is a favorite of Latin and South Americans and this ad shows why. As two men hang out on the beach, a beautiful sexy Brazilian model emerges from the ocean. The man holding his bottle seemingly controls her movements as she sexually poses for them. Near the end, they have her nearly taking off her bikini bottoms until she stops (but not before she unties them). It should come as no surprise that the sexy commercial scores high with male viewers and definitely brought the heat.

2. PETA Commercial – Good To be A Vegetarian



PETA wanted to make a big expensive statement. They created a Victoria’s Secret-esque commercial with scantily-dressed models for a Super Bowl ad. But instead of the women strutting their stuff and posing in their sexy underwear, these models were using various vegetables to get off. Yes, you read this correctly. This wannabe Super Bowl ad that got banned, featured beautiful half-naked women going to second base with heads of broccoli (amongst other veggies). The heath-conscious PETA organization may have wanted people to fall in love with their vegetables, but instead, it looks like the Veggie Tales gone bad!

1. Pepsi – Cindy Crawford Classic

The classic Super Bowl commercial from 1992 was brilliantly developed by Pepsi and starred one of the hottest models of her generation, Cindy Crawford. Set to “Just One Look” by Doris Troy, Crawford strolls in just a tight white T-shirt and equally tight jeans over to a Pepsi machine to get her much needed fix of the soda. Two young boys watch in awe as she overly enjoys the Pepsi, virtually having foreplay with the can. A very edgy commercial for its time, this classic is easily one of the sexiest commercials in the 1990s.

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