10 College Majors Having The Least Sex

We recently looked at a Studentbeans' survey on students having the most sex by area of study. The 'Inter-course League', as part of their Sex Survey each year, surveys more than 63 fields of study in which students are majored and asks by area of study, who’s having the most sex? The top 10 had some surprising finds, but so does the bottom 10. Which students would you guess to be having the least sex on campus?

Getting laid as a student is an undeniably huge part of campus life. Freshers' week, college bars, student socials and mixers by department, parties at other students' houses or even at a prof’s house - there's no shortage of places in which to meet and better get to know other students. Cute T.A.? He or she is up for grabs as well. Let’s hope all those students are being smart in the bedroom, whatever their major. Because whatever your stats as a student, high or low, most are getting some, as evidenced by the fact that the average for those lowest on the list is, in fact, still a number above zero!

So which area of study is the least successful between the sheets? They may not want you to know, but the answer is right here...

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10 Agriculture and related: 4.13 sexual partners

via http://news.cals.wisc.edu

No. 10 on our list for the area of study where students get the least sex, the irony is that these young people will often see sex on a firsthand basis. Animals do it all the time, and farmers get to choose which animals mate with each other. Not so much choice in their personal lives it seems, as their numbers come in lower than most. Is this because they have dirt on their hands? More likely it’s because they keep such long hours, working from dusk till dawn to solve problems such as feeding the world’s population, preventing soil erosion, fertilizing more than the girl next door, and finding ways to be rid of unwanted pests without killing everything else at the same time.

9 Architecture and town planning: 4.00 sexual partners

via http://www.urbansplatter.com

This field of study is so complex yet intricate, its students likely don’t have time for life’s finer pleasures. Concentrating on the structure of buildings as well as needs of surrounding areas, this discipline considers air quality, water transportation (as well as regular transportation) and distribution networks, public policy and implementation, and much more. When it comes to straightforward architecture/building design, things are anything but straightforward in the modern world. Today’s architects must plan and construct in such a way as to illustrate surrounding space, immediate and exterior, creating an ambience to reflect aesthetic considerations as well as technical, functional, environmental and social. The good news? They can make a whack load of moola, allowing them to perhaps have more time for the finer pleasures once established.

8 Science and research: 3.96 sexual partners

via http://fvsublog.blogspot.ca

To most people not in this field, just the mere phrase “science and research” sounds like a yawner. These people are no duds, however. Being trained to ultimately make decisions at the level of the FDA or other governmental health agency, people in this field will be aware of facts and details most of us are unwisely oblivious to. Cancer or AIDS research? Veritable heroes do this work. Genome studies? Definitely not boring, no matter your ethical take on things. Learning and studying a fascinating world inaccessible to most, these smarty-pants men and women are not concentrating on getting into your pants, but are working hard to ensure you maintain a level of health enabling you to stay in your own.

7 Performing arts and music: 3.94 sexual partners

via http://www.strode-college.ac.uk

It’s surprising that these folk have not made it higher on the list, as those of us not in the performing arts figure that those in the field get busy with each other on set and off. There are certainly enough stories in the news of actors and musicians and their wild ways and infidelities. Perhaps as students they haven't yet learned the ropes in terms of getting more sex. Are we calling it curtains on this area of study? Let’s hope not, because whether they're under the sheets or wearing them in Julius Caesar, we would miss all the entertainment that comes our way because of these talented people.

6 Art and design: 3.92 sexual partners

via http://www.mnprivatecolleges.org

Intense in ways many are not, people in this area of study must be intensely focused on their studies, as they will have an average of less than 4 sexual partners in 2014. For married folk and older generations this sounds like a lot! But for today’s college student, it’s sixth to last across more than 63 areas. Are students in the arts too busy painting nudes to be getting naked with each other? Designing spaces and installations instead of using their designing wiles to get some? It’s a surprising revelation to learn students in the last two categories aren’t busier in the bedroom, with their creativity, intensity and open-minded attitudes. But you know what they say about judging a book by its cover….

5 Physics and related: 3.89 sexual partners

via https://www.southeastern.edu

When we think physics, we think Revenge of the Nerds, Einstein, Niels Bohr, Isaac Newton and Stephen Hawking. Across the board smart, but not necessarily a pretty picture. If most of us had to pick a field in which we thought students weren’t having a lot of sex, this one would probably come up every time. According to the American Physical Society (now there’s an irony; not too physical after all…), the ratio of women to men in the field both in America and globally is pitifully low. We need more Marie Curies if these boys are to get lucky with their peers.

4 Environmental science: 3.67 sexual partners

via http://broadsideonline.com

As staggeringly important as this field is, it does sound like a yawner. Many know we need to worry about the environment. Some think we do our bit by recycling our many food containers and newspapers, but much like “now you see it, now you don’t,” it’s really not on our minds too much, as evidenced by results. This seems much the same for the men and women majoring in environmental science, who concentrate on a multitude of disciplines to come to the end goal of understanding and affecting the world. Physics (we know where that gets you), chemistry (no comment), geology, geography, zoology, ecology, oceanology…. Maybe worrying about the world on a macro level means the micro stuff like sex takes a back burner.

3 Nursing, midwifery and health care: 3.33 sexual partners

via http://nursing.ufl.edu

Who knew that nurses, every guy’s fantasy, aren’t getting enough action? Well, student nurses, anyway. Perhaps like those taking care of our world, these caregivers are just too busy looking out for the rest of us to think about their own needs. Performing the act that leads to having a baby, or delivering one…. The choice here is clear. Whether in an administrative capacity or hands-on, those majoring in this field of study show serious altruism by being No. 3 on the list of who’s having the least sex in school.

2 Human resources and recruitment: 3.00 sexual partners

via http://www.maastrichtuniversity.nl

Quite different from the HR angle taken by those studying Management, marketing, business and HR - which was at #5 for students getting the most sex on campuses - these students score low, with only three sex partners. Although they're studying recruitment, they are still juniors, learning the trade, or surely they could recruit themselves some skin. It seems the high numbers in the aforementioned related field on the “Most” list aren't from those on the HR track, but are from the students in marketing.

1 Chemical engineering and related: 2.31 sexual partners

via http://www.mtu.edu

Here’s the intro to the Wikipedia entry for “chemical engineering” : “a branch of engineering that applies the natural…sciences (e.g. chemistry and physics) and life sciences (e.g. biology, microbiology and biochemistry) together with mathematics and economics to produce, transform, transport, and properly use chemicals, materials and energy.” Okay! After that mouthful, is there any room for kissing and more? Perhaps students in this field are simply too overwhelmed with studies to even pause and think about such lower forms of entertainment as sex. Then again, perhaps they can’t find playmates who have anything to say to them besides, “What?”.

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