10 Children's Names Banned For Being Absolutely Ridiculous

When growing up and going to elementary school, sometimes we will get teased about almost anything that kids can think of. Why would someone deliberately cause added stress to their own child by giving them a name that is utterly absurd? A lot of celebrities have been giving their children strange names for decades, but it doesn't make it right. Sometimes these names are just too ridiculous to be taken seriously, so the government has had to step in and stand up for these kids (and even some adults) before it's too late. Just because you can name your child after a pizza, doesn't mean that you should.

For over 35 years, China has had a policy that families were only allowed to have one child per couple. This was for population control, and it is difficult to understand why parents would give their only child a crazy name. They finally changed that law, so now China allows two kids per couple, but most of the families in China give their children appropriate names. Usually.

10 Burger King – Sonora, Mexico

9 Pieandsauce – Australia

8 Akuma, or The Devil – Japan

7 Talula Does the Hula From Hawaii – New Zealand

6 Smelly Head, or the Malaysian Version, Chow Tow – Malaysia

5 Nutella – France

4 Santa Claus – Ohio, U.S.A.

3 They – Missouri, U.S.A.

2 Anus, Monkey and Pluto – Denmark

1 Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116 - Sweden

For some reason these Swedish parents thought they would give their son some randomly-spelled name with (what seems to be) a million letters and numbers, but tell everyone that it is pronounced “Albin.” In 1996, these parents claimed that they did this in rebellion against the government getting involved in naming children. It appears that this would more than likely cause the child issues later in life, rather than causing problems with the government. It doesn't matter, anyway, the name was denied and the parents had to just name him Albin. Or maybe just Bob, it didn't really say what they ended up naming him after they were denied the strange name they picked out for him in the beginning.


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10 Children's Names Banned For Being Absolutely Ridiculous