10 Celebs With The Strangest Ghost Encounters

The hair standing up on the back of our neck, the chill of cold air against our skin and the tingling sensation of just knowing that there is something supernatural in your presence. Yes, I think we've all once shared that physical reaction to just knowing that there is 100% some type of spirit lurking around you in the natural world. It is crazy to think that worlds collide between the living and the dead, and there have been far too many encounters to play it off as simply unreal.

When it comes to celebrities, they are no exception when it comes to supernatural visitations from the other side. Spirit has a connection to each and everyone of us on earth, and whether we understand the motives or not, we experience encounters. Since the early ages, there have been reports consistently throughout the years entailing everything from pleasant and peaceful visitations to downright petrifying and violent.

The way one handles the situation varies as well depending on what you believe and really think about the spiritual world crossing with the natural. It can be scary to some, it can be comforting to others, but either way there is some reason as to why this keeps happening. Although we may not fully understand this ghostly motives, we can control it to the best of our abilities. There are many methods made available to us that vary from extreme to extremely simple such as asking the ghost to leave versus a traditional spiritual cleansing of the house it is haunting for example. How did these following celebs handle their supernatural encounters? Read on to find out more about 10 Celebs With the Freakiest Ghost Encounters...

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10 Ariana Grande

Young pop princess, Ariana Grande, spoke about one of the bone chilling demonic encounters we have ever heard! The songstress decided to visit Stuff Cemetery in Kansas City on a haunted excursion with her friends. This cemetery is widely known for being one of the 7 gates of hell on earth.

When Grande was there, she immediately felt a negative presence and began to want to flee the scene. She took a picture at the time and when later developed, 3 demonic looking faces appeared in the frame. She claims to have shouted "we apologize...we didn't mean to disrupt your peace" before she left the chilling place. After that, she reports that she began to hear whispers around her when she went to bed. She also would see red shapes and big black masses when she would open and close her eyes. She claims to have stopped feeding into this frightened feeling after her experience as she believes those demonic energies feed off of fear.

9 Matthew McConaughey

This heartthrob is definitely living with one happy ghost. Matthew McConaughey has spoken about an old woman living in his Hollywood home. When he was getting settled into his new home, he kept hearing sharp banging noises as if coins were being thrown from a high distance onto glass tables. Having a take charge attitude, he quickly ran right towards the noises to investigate and found nothing.

Of course being Matthew McConaughey, he preformed this little investigation completely in the nude. Although he did not find anything that one freaky evening, Matthew remains to have a good attitude towards his #1 fan in the afterlife. He later goes on to joke about his elderly ghost saying: "She's a cool ghost. Maybe me being nude all the time is why we get along." Even in the afterlife, these Hollywood hunks still find a way to charm the ladies, with or without clothing!

8 Kate Hudson

This blonde superstar has confessed that she has been passed down the hereditary gift of being about to contact and communicate with the dead. Both Kate Hudson and her mother, Goldie Hawn, have seen and felt the presence of spirit both together and individually. Kate has seen the ghost of a woman with no face in her London home and explains the situation as being 'really creepy'.

This family has got handling this spooky rendez-vous down pat. Hawn explains that these ghosts are a fifth energy and that when we see one we have to explain to it what is going on. "You are suppose to tell the energy that they do not belong and let them know the year it is." she says. Perhaps the Hawns warmed up to the spirit world with all that contact? We don't know if we would all be so cool and calm if we saw something without a face.

7 Keanu Reeves

This Matrix star may always kick ass. Maybe it's because he's been training to fight off those evil spirits! Keanu Reeves suffered a chilling encounter in his New Jersey home when he was just a kid. There have been mixed reports about children and animals being more receptive to seeing supernatural entities more so than adults. Investigative reports show biological differences between children and adults factoring in their differences in seeing ultraviolet light at a different rate. Animals tend to also have a greater and more complex sense of perceiving energy and smells according to supernatural experts.

He says: "I remember just staring at this suit which has no body or legs in it as it came into the room before disappearing... I still see that figure in my dreams." Keanu was with his nanny at the time and apparently she was in shock just as much as he was. Even after his encounter as a child, this entity continues to follow him into adulthood.

6 Alyson Hannigan

Alyson Hannigan fought off vampires for years costarring in the hit show Buffy the Vampire Slayer so you think she would be a pro at handling anything freaky and out of the norm. Turns out, she is! The How I Met Your Mother star kept us laughing in the series and in real life, her comedic humor still plays on. Her Los Angeles home she shares with her husband and children was not only inhabited by them.

Hannigan hosts a friendly ghost who is a continuous resident and has even met her house guests! Her friend was visiting one day and claims to have seen a man follow them outside of the house. When told of this, Hannigan stated that the ghost was curteous and chivalrous as he let the friends go out first. It turns out that all of her years battling evil paid off as Alyson remains unbothered and amused.

5 Susan Boyle

This woman shocked the world when she showed us her amazing singing talent. Susan Boyle has opened up a soft spot in all of our hearts, because of her charisma and gentle demeanor. It only makes sense that when she voices that she has seen her late mother, she was anything but scared. Her experience embodied comfort and reassurance and she is eternally grateful.

"Her energy is still there. I've actually seen my mother in the house. I think she was letting me know she was all right. There was a lovely smell," she states. The power of scent can bring back a flush of memories, whether it's a perfume or the scent of homemade cooking. Boyle smelled her mother all over again and it was a beautiful thing. This experience goes to show that not all supernatural interactions are frightening and violent. Sometimes spirit comes to give a friendly reminder that they are still aware of your presence and love you.

4 Carrie Fisher

Via Tumblr.com

We all know Carrie Fisher from her iconic role in Star Wars. You would think life couldn't be better with her level of fame and fortune over the years, but that is just not the case. Years ago, Fisher's close friend Republican Strategist, Greg Stevens, overdosed on drugs in her home and ever since, she experienced a whirlwind of aggressive experiences in her home. "Lights would go on and off," she said. "And I had this toy machine that when you touched it would say, 'F&^% you!' 'Eat S$%^', 'You're an A$%hole!'" The entity was showing angry and volatile interactions.

For a full year, Fisher turned to drugs herself because she felt she was going completely crazy with what was going on in her home. Eventually she staged an exorcism and the experiences stopped. Her life regained balance and peace and this life changing phenomenon was finally a chapter in her past.

3 Joan Rivers

The outspoken and hilarious comedian wasn't sure what to do when it came to the haunting she experienced in her Manhattan apartment. Joan Rivers reported that she was constantly freezing within the home despite the heat being on full blast. Her dog would refuse to enter the home and things kept being locked that shouldn't be locked. At first, she thought it was all in her head, but her neighbors shared strange experiences in the residence as well. After trying to ignore and brush off the eerie things that kept happening at her home, she decided enough was enough.

She eventually found out the spirit of "Mrs. Spencer" was the one causing all the commotion. She was the original owner of the building and was upset about all the renovations the new tenants were doing on her prized mansion turned apartment building. Joan hired a voodoo priestess to carry out an exorcism for the whole building and allowed for peace. Rivers later made the best of the situation. "It's nice to know I have Mrs. Spencer to say good evening to every night," she said. May they both R.I.P.

2 Jessica Alba

We all know the beautiful Jessica Alba for her great acting and insane physical appearance. Unfortunately Jessica's supernatural experience turned very physical as well. She recalls being in bed when she was 17 years old and immediately felt a physical pressure on top of her body. The covers were ripped off of her and she was completely immobilized. Alba couldn't move or scream for a period of time. Eventually she was about to let out a blood curdling scream and raced to her parent's room. After that, Alba rarely stayed in her family's residence.

Since that experience, her parents got the home blessed with sage and no further terrifying attacks were had. It is common to have sightings or feelings of spirits happening, but to physically be assaulting is on another level. How horrid must that have felt to be in the position of complete lack of control. We don't blame Alba for shying away for the residence since.

1 Kesha

Kesha wowed the world when she expressed that she had some form of sexual experience with ghostly energies in her home. She believes she was susceptible to this because her job allows her to exude energy, so says her healer. "There was this weird energy that lived there," she said. It used to wake me up and it progressed into this dark, sexual spirit." Kesha's tales of sexual interactions between her and the supernatural world continued to weird us out when she told Jimmy Kimmel that she got a ghost meter and it would only beep when coming close to her private areas.

She believes that dead people are living inside of her, but seems okay with that as she claims to be very open to another world. She has implied that she is a strong believer in the paranormal and is open to that world. Your love is definitely a drug, Kesha!



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