10 Celebs Who Went Off The Deep End After Finding Fame

Celebs who lost their minds

It’s no secret that performers have a higher likelihood than the average human to become addicted to drugs, alcohol or both. If they manage to evade that, there’s the onslaught of emotional issues that can often lead to depression, anxiety and full-fledged insanity. This trend is especially prevalent in child stars, who grow up being showered with attention then become disregarded just as quickly when the industry decides they’re not a hot commodity anymore after hitting puberty. Everyone in the entertainment industry has a shelf life. When the world decides that these singers or actors are no longer of interest, the swap from being adored to ignored can wreak havoc in the affected person’s life. They’ll spend all of their time and energy trying to achieve what they once had and will experience serious emotional trauma when that doesn’t happen.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of ten celebrities who went completely off the rails after finding fame. Whether their issues surfaced earlier or later in life, these stars’ lives have mostly followed the same pattern. They’ve achieved great success then hit a plateau and turned to drugs, alcohol or erratic behavior to cope with the emotional repercussions of being famous then discarded. While many of their antics may stem from mental issues attributed to substance abuse or underlying health problems, a lot of the stunts these stars pull seem like a desperate cry for attention. Whatever the case, their behavior definitely doesn’t help their cause or lend them any help in achieving what they all once had. Read on to find out more.

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10 Anne Heche

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9 Nicolas Cage

8 Dustin Diamond

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7 Gary Busey

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6 Mel Gibson

Oh, Mel Gibson. Where to start? After using the n-word in a hate filled public rant in 2010, the actor was fired by his publicist and then his long-time agent passed away the very next day. His agent had stuck with him following his anti-Semitic rant in 2006 but the agency refused to keep Gibson on board following his death. From that point forward, it seems like things took a turn for the worse. He has gone on several well documented verbally abusive tirades towards his ex-wife, made several homophobic comments in public interviews and has been ostracized by the Hollywood film industry following his behavior.

5 Tom DeLonge

While most of the world knows Tom DeLonge as the co-founder of successful rock band Blink 182, few know about his kooky views on UFOs, government cover-ups and aliens. In his spare time, he runs a website called Strange Times where he discusses the possibility of extraterrestrial life and how there are scientists working around the clock in hidden laboratories around the world to prove it. He claims that NASA and the Vatican are working together to actively hide these findings and have tapped his phone to find out what he is researching. Oh, and he named his son James Rocket.

4 Shia LaBeouf

3 Charlie Sheen

2 Amanda Bynes

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1 Lindsay Lohan

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Ah, La Lohan. The queen of all hot messes. Where to begin? The actress has been plagued with addiction issues since 2007, when she first entered rehab. Later that year, she was arrested for a DUI and possession of cocaine. From there, she’s been in and out of treatment centres and battling court charges for missing alcohol education classes and community service. She’s tried unsuccessfully to get her career back on track, but manages to miss her call time on set each day and frustrate everyone she’s tried to work with. While filming a mini docu-series about her life for the Oprah network for which she was compensated generously, the crew almost quit because there were days that Lindsay wouldn’t get out of bed or stay sober. It’s sad to say, but the former child star is now known as one of the least desirable people to work with in the acting industry today.

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