10 Celebs Who Want You To Forget Their Dirty Video Scandals

Sex is a very intimate and personal act that usually remains private between all parties involved. However, there are times when people want to “spice up” their love life. There are plenty of different ways to go about that, one of which is to make a home movie starring you and your partner. However, in the world of show business and land of celebrities, it is hard to keep anything from going public, especially a sex tape.

Celebrity sex tapes are interesting because they can either make or break whatever star appears in it. In some cases, sex tapes have skyrocketed the celebrity to even more fame. However, they can also harm the celebrities’ reputations. The following is a list of the ten most scandalous and talked about celebrity sex tapes. Most of these tapes have been forgotten by fans which is why we at TheRichest thought it would be fun to refresh your memory.

Here are the ten celebrity sex tapes that had the world talking.


10 Jennifer Lopez 

Jennifer Lopez is known as one of the most beautiful women on the planet, which is why when news of there being a sex tape with her surfaced, the world went crazy. Ojani Noa, the superstar’s ex-husband, claims that he has footage of him and Ms. Lopez doing the dirty. The singer has been involved in a complicated legal battle for the past six years in regards to this video. Although we have yet to see this video, we are sure there is something wildly dirty on it, seeing how Ms. Lopez is working so hard to have that video destroyed.

9 Colin Farrell 


Colin Farrell is a talented and sexy actor which is why when word got out that he was the star of a sex tape millions of women (and men) flocked to their computers to get a glimpse of this heartthrob in action. The video, which stars Farrell and playmate Nicole Narin, created a lot of controversy in the media. The video, which was made in 2002 had everyone talking, and although there was a court case to prevent sales of the tape, it still had an impact on Narin and her career. Apparently she stopped booking as many shoots and found it more difficult to find work. This is a sex tape scandal that many of us forgot about, but it was one of the biggest scandals of the time.

8 Chelsea Handler 

Chelsea Handler is by far one of the most uncensored women in Hollywood, which is why it is not all that surprising that this comedian has at least one sex tape floating around the world. She shared the screen of this X-rated video with Ryan McCormick several years before she hit the level of fame which she is at now. The explicit video was shot when Handler was 23, and although it was made as a “joke” she looks pretty serious on all fours. Handler has always been very open about her life including her sex life, which is why I don’t think the world even flinched when news came out that there was this kind of tape of her out.

7 Rob Lowe 


In 1988, a sex tape surfaced involving Rob Lowe and an underage teenage girl. The video brought a lot of negative press for the talented actor, especially after footage made its way on the numerous new stations. Lowe claims that drinking and partying with a mix of immaturity influenced him into making poor decisions. He remembers that during the time that the film was made, his intentions were to party and sleep with as many beautiful women as he could, without thinking that it may come back to haunt him years later. Rob Lowe was lucky, although at the time he lost some roles in a few movies, he was still able to have an incredible career in the music industry, regardless of this scandal.

6 Kim Kardashian 

Kim Kardashian is known as having one of the most famous sex tapes of all time. The home movie, which was made with her then boy friend Ray-J, is said to be what skyrocketed the Kardashian family to fame. Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian’s mother, is rumored to be the mastermind behind the video being released, although she denies all allegations.

Kim Kardashian has reached incredible amounts of fame since the video's release in 2007. Later that year, her family became subject of a reality show Keeping up With the Kardashians and the rest is history. Although she is now known for different things like being a reality star and being married to Kanye West, the world will always remember Kim as the girl who became famous from a sex tape. Now that she has children, it's doubtful Kim wants them to see her the same way...

5 Hulk Hogan 


Hulk Hogan earned his fame as a professional wrestler, but nowadays people know him as a sleeze bag that starred in a sex tape with his friend's wife. The one-time family man lost his credibility when this video was released. Heather Clem, the woman in the video, calls the moment it was released the lowest point of her life. The video, which was filmed in 2007, was only released in 2012 and the story went from tabloid gossip to being one of the most notorious celebrity sex tape scandals in history. Hogan, who is going to court with Gawker, is asking for $100 millions, calling what he went through an invasion of privacy.

4 Eric Dane 

Eric Dane is best known for his role as McSteamy on the television show Grey's Anatomy. Dane and his wife, actress Rebecca Gayheart, became the stars of their own movie, a sex tape with both of them in it. Not only did the video feature the married couple, they also brought in former Miss Teen USA Kari Ann Peniche to turn this sex tape into a dirty ménage a trois. Dane and Gayheart's lawyer claims that he will sue anyone who makes this private video public, claiming that it's “a naked tape, not a sex tape.” Either way, this video caused a lot of controversy making it quite the scandal.


3 Paris Hilton 


Paris Hilton grew up privileged. Heir to the Hilton Hotel fortune, Paris was at one time Hollywood’s biggest party girl. The one-time “it” girl has done many things. She starred in her own reality series, had appearances in films and even dabbled in the music industry, however what people will always remember about her is that notorious sex tape that was released of her.

The home movie, which was titled One Night in Paris, was by far one of the most scandalous celebrity sex tapes of all time. Although Paris Hilton was able to moved past this invasion of privacy, she received a lot of grief for the film. Hilton, who at the time was at the height of her fame, slowly fell from grace after this video was released.

2 Farrah Abraham 

Farrah Abraham is one of the most talked about reality stars ever. Abraham, who made herself known when she was on the MTV series Teen Mom, is by far one of the worst mothers on the planet. Abraham, who has been quite promiscuous since she found fame, was to no one's surprise the star of her own sex tape. The home movie, which is titled Backdoor Teen Mom, has a lot of scandal surrounding it, not only for the content but for the allegations behind the film. Abraham claims that her video was a result of force and that she was so traumatized she has had to undergo extensive therapy. Although we don’t know the truth, we do know that this video was one of the most scandalous celeb sex tapes ever.

1 Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson 


Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson are known to have had one of the most sexually infused relationships in Hollywood. The couple made the famous video while on their honeymoon, which was then stolen from their home. Anderson, who claims to have never watched the tape, revealed that she left the sex tape scandal in the past after finding out she was pregnant with her second child.

The tape became so popular because both Anderson and Lee were in the public eye and that Anderson was already seen as a sex symbol. Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson always had a passion-fueled relationship and their sex tape is demonstration of that. Although the pair called it quits years ago, they will always be in each other's lives due to their children Dylan Jagger Lee and Brandon Thomas Lee.

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