10 Celebs Who Starred In Adult Films

The adult film industry is a booming market, and has been for decades now. Adult film stars can make a killing in this racy line of work although the wages are not comparable to that of mainstream mov

The adult film industry is a booming market, and has been for decades now. Adult film stars can make a killing in this racy line of work although the wages are not comparable to that of mainstream movie actors. Little does much of the public know that some of their favorite commercial movie stars today actually did their fair share of racy films and photoshoots at the beginning of their careers. One would typically think that the reveal of such work would ruin the career of a mainstream actor, but the names below prove otherwise. Sometimes the explicitness of amateur and professional adult films will boost an individual into mainstream stardom. Not everyone may have a huge amount of respect for her, but Kim Kardashian isn’t doing too bad for herself. After leaking her sex tape with R&B singer Ray-J, Kardashian’s career sky-rocketed and she is now one of the most recognizable faces in the world.

Not all of these adult-film-starring A-Listers have done raunchy film work for the sake of exploiting themselves. A great many of them were simply young and broke actors desperately looking for work. In desperate times, which occur often in the life of an actor, desperate measures are called for. When the bank account is negative and rent is due next week, that soft core film shoot is undoubtedly extremely tempting. Regardless of their personal circumstances, the famous faces below are all highly-respected individuals who have risen to great careers in Hollywood and have acquired celebrity status. One can’t judge them too harshly for the escapades of their early days.

10 Matt LeBlanc


It may come as a surprise that the first name on this list is the man who played the lovable Joey Tribbiani in the mega-hit NBC sitcom Friends and the spinoff series that originated from the popular show, Joey. Before Matt LeBlanc hit the A-List for playing a down-on-his-luck actor on national television, he truly was a down-on-his-luck actor in real life. As a young man in the performing arts, LeBlanc was vying for any roles that would come his way. One of those roles happened to be a raunchy bike messenger in the soft core film series The Red Shoe Diaries. In the early 90s a show such as this was considered taboo and would be placed in the adult film category. Nowadays, with shows like Game of Thrones, True Blood and Orange Is the New Black, it may have been considered as just another TV show.

9 Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren is a critically acclaimed, Oscar-winning British actress who has more than proven her professional chops on stage, in television and in a great many films. To imagine the woman who portrayed the Queen of England, herself, performing in adult entertainment seems extremely out of the ordinary, but, believe it or not, Mirren has done her time in a selection of explicit adult films. One of the most noted ones that the star has been featured in was the 1979 period movie, Caligula. Bob Guccione, founder of the adult magazine Penthouse, produced and financed the film and felt it did not feature enough sex for historical accuracy. The film was a portrayal of the third Roman emperor who was very welcoming towards women, men and animals to his bed. Guccione had a number of real sex scenes filmed and put into the final edit. Mirren served as one of the principal female roles, a primary “love” interest to the title character.

8 Sylvester Stallone

There was even a time when Rocky star Sylvester Stallone had less than the eye of the tiger. As a young 24-year-old, Stallone found himself sleeping in a bus station, completely homeless. The young actor was offered a part in a skin flick called The Party at Kitty and Stud’s and after receiving the script, absolutely hated it and wanted nothing to do with it. Stallone states that he was at the very end of his rope though and was hopelessly desperate for work. It was either do the film or steal from a bank if he wanted to get his life together. The actor took the part in the soft core film and was paid $200 to bare it all. He used that $200 to get himself out of the bus station and then became one of the biggest stars in the world after getting cast in Rocky a few years later.

7 Sibel Kekilli


Game of Thrones actress Sibel Kekili is known for baring quite a bit of skin in the hit HBO series, but little is it known that the mistress of Tyrion Lannister has quite a few hardcore films under her belt. The actress is a German native and after rising to stardom in Game of Thrones, word of her adult film work surfaced. Kekili reportedly starred in these raunchy scenes over ten years ago in her early twenties and performed under the stage name “Dilara”. After working for the German government, the actress moved to Essen where she performed odd jobs, including starring in adult films. Perhaps her scandalous work history actually helped Kekili book the role of Shae, the prostitute, in Game of Thrones.

6 Hulk Hogan


The pro wrestler and reality television star, Hulk Hogan, is the next high-profile celebrity to be welcomed into the world of adult films. Hogan reportedly never attempted to serve in the adult entertainment industry, as a private sex tape of the former wrestler and an unidentified brunette woman was made without his knowing. The private video gained much attraction from the media and Hogan’s representatives were approached by high-end adult film company, Vivid Entertainment, wanting rights to buy and sell the aforementioned tape. The company stated that they understood the video was filmed without Hogan’s permission, but personally addressed him by offering to work with him, as they believed it had potential to be one of the best-selling celebrity sex tapes to hit the internet.

5  5. Cameron Diaz

Before she hit the big time in a number of A-List motion pictures, a 19-year-old Cameron Diaz shot a kinky adult film. After rising to mainstream limelight, the actress attempted to cover up her scandalous past, but, thanks to the internet, that did not happen. The raunchy film Diaz starred in features her in a BDSM-style suit, exposing many of her assets, and yanking on a half-naked guy all chained up. The video screams early 90s and can still be viewed online today. Diaz was once an unknown young performer looking for any type of work she could find like so many. It may take a while for the hot, blonde 19-year-old to make the A-List, but a soft core film shoot that pays the bills is easily accessible to the aspiring actress. What can a girl do?

4 Jackie Chan

Kung Fu movie superstar Jackie Chan has openly admitted to starring in a risqué adult movie over thirty years ago. Chan, too, states that his reasoning for doing so was to simply pay the bills, a feat that is often very difficult for aspiring artists in any field. The star has stated that he does not believe it is something to be ashamed of, as the adult film he had a part in is apparently more conservative than some of the more current, mainstream movies featuring love and sex scenes. The film Chan starred in was originally released in 1975 and called All In the Family and was described by the director as a comedic film with adult content.

3 Barbra Streisand


The Funny Girl star and Hollywood icon, Barbra Streisand, turns out to have an extensively scandalous past in adult film entertainment. The singer and actress also shares the young and broke artist story, desperately struggling to make ends meet in the heart of New York City in the late 50s. While continuously attempting to break out in the NYC theater scene, Streisand was surrounded by the temptation of prostitution in the harsh circumstances of living in the city. While she did not full-on sell her body, she did get paid to showcase her bedroom talents on camera. Who knows? Maybe the world would have never been blessed by the talents of Streisand if she had not hustled in any way possible to make her way.

2 Arnold Schwarzenegger

The all-powerful Terminator and U.S. Senator Arnold Schwarzenegger also dabbed into racy projects for the adult entertainment industry. At the beginning of his bodybuilding career, Schwarzenegger posed nude for a predominately gay-themed adult magazine called After Dark. In addition to baring it all for a male audience, the Terminator star also modeled without many clothes for photos taken by gay Spanish playboy Paco Arce Gomez. The star and his reps state that Schwarzenegger is a heterosexual man, but the gay audience provided much exposure and established a fanbase for him before he broke out as a household name. They continue by saying that the opportunity to reach a mass audience in the gay community seemed to be the most logical move for his career at the time.

1 Jane Fonda

She has been around the entertainment industry for decades now and is currently one of the title stars of the new Netflix series Grace & Frankie, but Jane Fonda also has the credit of starring in a number of amateur adult films. One would imagine Fonda would have done such a deed in the early days of her career when she was young and “innocent” like many others on this list, but the Oscar winner’s dirty works were actually made when she was in her late 40s. The star has admitted to having kinky threesomes with her first husband, French film director Roger Vadim, and filming them. So, there is no footage of a bright-eyed 21-year-old Fonda getting it on, but one can watch a 48-year-old version give it to her billionaire ex-husband.

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10 Celebs Who Starred In Adult Films